This morning October 17th, 2016 as the rains came down in Los Angeles , California. I awoke from a very powerful dream, it’s power was in the sense of reality that I felt while it was progressing. I won’t describe the dream but I will say that it evoked a continuing and recurring spiritual manifestation that has come to my mind occasional over several years. “I’ll say praise God… ‘Cause God is Good and Greatly to be Praised”. Hooray and Hallelujah !!!

I am literally a few days away from participating in the upcoming Bicentennial Commemoration of the British Fort Historic Landmark at the Apalachicola River, also known as the Negro Fort. This historic event will be put on by the  United States Forest Service. I was originally invited by Rhonda Kimbrough, the Heritage Program Manager and I have since then also been in touch with Staff Supervisor Erika Davis and Supervisor of the Forest Kelly Russell. I am a Seminole Maroon Activist who is currently featured in the Smithsonian Museum’s book and exhibit, entitled : “indiVisible”: African-Native American Lives in the Americas.

I was informed by Ms. Rhonda Kimbrough that I could participate in the event as long as I was connected to the Negro Fort. Since four branches of my  family trees were either in or around the Negro Fort, I qualify. They were Fixicos (Mikasuki),Bowlegs (Seminole Maroon) Bruner and Rentie African Creek. A documented and very identifiable  connection was the fact that my g-grandfather Caesar Bruner who later became the Bruner Band of Oklahoma Maroon Band Leader was married to the most famous Black Freedom Fighter in Fort Negro’s History and in the History of the Seminole People. That man was Prophet Abraham. “Papa” Caesar was married to Abraham’s daughter Nancy ( I recently received a family tree that corrected my belief that Nancy was Abraham’s granddaughter). Abraham lived with his daughter Nancy and my g-grandfather Caesar Bruner for much of his life in Oklahoma Indian territory) It is believed that Papa Caesar as a Seminole Maroon Leader had 19 children. It is well documented that he and Mama Nancy had 8 children, 7 boys and one girl. My grandfather was Pompey Bruner Fixico one of Papa Caesars children outside of his marriage ,which was totally allowable. Therefore, Prophet Abraham’s grandchildren were half brothers and sisters to my grandfather whose mother Dinah Fixico was a Full-Blood Mikasuki Wind Clan Seminole  ,Dawes Rolls #900.

My research leads me to believe that my grandfather was meant to be an anchor baby between the Seminole By blood and the Maroons. Dinah Fixico’s father was  Osa eneha Fixico  (meaning one who speaks for the chief who was Octiarche) and her mother was Lucy. Caesar Bruner and Osa Eneha had fought together in the First Indian Home Guard a Union Regiment, which participated in 21 battles during the US Civil War. My connection would also have been increased by the likelihood that my Bruner and Rentie Ancestors came down from Alabama Creek Territory after the Redstick War and Bowlegs Ancestors who left the Alachua area would have traded at the Negro Fort before taking refuge in Suwanee and later Angola.  The Negro Fort was truly a beacon to the refugees of the Hawkins/Jefferson Era. Yes I’m connected.

As the event draws near I want to thank Rev. Jesse Jackson ,including his daughter Santita for allowing me to speak about the Negro Fort Event several times on their “Keep Hope Alive ” Radio show on Chicago’s WVON radio station. I owe so much to my dear friend and Brother in the Struggle WOLDC Radio Host Mr. Carl Nelson. He knew what his listeners didn’t know which was the importance of this recognition of Fort Negro by the United States Forest Service. Carl allowed me to get a plug in, countless times on the his show. Don’t get it twisted, my Activism has operated off of a “Vow of Poverty”. This is not a money making endeavor for me, it’s about the Sacred History of my Ancestors.

This morning after my dream , I called into the “Frontpage”  program, which is Mr. Stevie Wonder’s # one Black Talk Show in Southern California. It is hosted by Ms. Dominique Diprima and Assistant Producer Angela Hoffman. Today’s guest was the premier Scholar and prolific Author Dr. Gerald Horne. Below is a transcript of my call into the station: ( Dr. Horne’s replies will be paraphrased)

“Greeting’s Dr. Dominique and Dr. Horne. Dr. Horne, I know that you have written about it. Why is the United States Government, now ready to publically recognize the Fort Negro Massacre? I have been invited by the U.S. Forest Service as a Fort Negro Era Descendant to participate in the ceremony. I’d like to get your take on it”.(my call ends) To paraphrase Dr. Horne, he said that he hadn’t heard of it. He also mentioned that he opened his book “NEGRO COMRADES OF THE CROWN ” with the Negro Fort Battle. In his conclusion and answer to my question he said” If the caller is correct, it is overwhelmingly POSITIVE that the US Government is about to recognize it”.

The photo above, is of my g-grandfather Caesar Bruner the man for whom the Caesar Bruner Band of the Oklahoma Nation of Seminole still carries his name today.

Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico                                                                         Seminole Maroon Descendant








Well, it’s Friday night in the City of the Angels, that’s Los Angeles, California . I hope the Angels like helicopters because they have been hovering above, quite a bit lately. I guess it’s the sign of the times. What times are these that we need so many eyes in the sky and boots on the ground?

I heard early this morning  on Mr. Stevie Wonder’s “Frontpage” Talk Show  that tonight at L.A.’s # 1 Black Book Store, Eso Won Books, a panel of experts would be convened to discuss Mr. Nate Parker’s film “Birth of a Nation”. The experts were : Ayuko Babu (Executive Director, Pan African Film Festival and Commisioner of the California Film Commission), Erin Aubry (Writer, LA Times and LA Weekly),Gary Phillips (Writer and  Community Activist) and Jasmyne Cannick (Journalist, Writer and Community Activist. All four of the panelists I might add were scholarly and erudite. When they all spoke to the same question each one had their own take on it an all of there answers were lively and compelling.

The house was packed with standing room only. When I finally got a chance to make a comment , I took the opportunity to speak on the upcoming Bicentennial Commemoration at the British Fort and Historical Landmark on the  Apalachicola River in Florida, this site is of course better known as the Negro Fort. The eager attendees hung on every word said by every speaker. They were also  interested in what I had to say, just as I was, when noted Director Mr. John Singleton shared his experiences. He addressed the details of what he went through,  before, during and after the making of the movie :ROSEWOOD which was produced and released by Warner Brothers Studio in 1997.

The Rosewood plot read like this , “Rosewood, Florida a small. peaceful town with an almost entirely African-American population of middle-class homeowners, until New Years’s Day 1923, when a lynch mob from a neighboring white community storms the town”. It starred, Don Cheadle, Ving Rhames, Jon Voight and Estter Rolle.  Since “Rosewood” and “Birth of a Nation” were both Black Resistance Genre films, I conjectured that the audience that had gathered into the Eso Won book store in the Leimert Park area of Los Angeles would be  interested in the upcoming Commemoration of the Fort Negro Battle and Massacre.

I had to leave before the event was over and on my way out , I stopped to speak with Mr. Singleton about the Negro Fort and I even gave him a copy of the Press Release that had been written by Mr. William L. Katz the Author of the Classic book, “BLACK INDIANS” A Hidden Heritage. Thousands have learned about the Negro Fort from his book including me. So I made my Sidewalk Pitch to Mr. Singleton about Fort Negro even though he told us that he couldn’t get work for 3 years after the making of “ROSEWOOD”.

We must never forget our History lest we repeat it. We certainly don’t want to repeat Tulsa, Rosewood or the Negro Fort.

Honor and Respect,                                                                                          Phil Pompey Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant ,







Friday October 7, 2016, I called in to Radio Station WOLDC and  spoke to the award winning Host Mr. Carl Nelson. He has been so generous in allowing me the opportunity, to inform the public about my upcoming “PEACE MISSION” to “Fort Negro”. below is a paraphrased transcript of my words on Friday.

“Greetings Bro Carl, Hillary Clinton  may not be Eleanor Roosevelt, but her presidency would be much less disastrous than Mr. Trump’s. I agree with Mr. Trump that no matter what he does or says , there is a voting block that will remain loyal to him. Due to changing demographics society is approaching the end of the White Male Political Dominance Era”. (I don’t Blame White Males for voting for Mr. Trump).

“As far as the Nate Turner Uprising Movie is concerned, that story has always been allowed because it FAILED”! (The paragraph below is not part of the transcript, it was added after Ms. Mitchell was offended by my use of the word failure.)

A Writer by the name of Juliette Porter took issue with my characterization that the Nat Turner Uprising Failed. My answer to her, is to alter my Blog, by saying , any show of RESISTANCE in the face of Oppressors,should not be described as a failure by the Freedom Fighters who put their lives on the line. Ms. Porter is a native Virginian and was twice offended by my treatment of the Nat Turner Uprising. I was wrong to call it a failure and I apologize to any and all, who were offended  by my statement. I don’t want to spoil anyone’s day at the movie. Transcript begins again, below:

“The most successful Black Uprising in our history happened when Black Seminoles won their FREEDOM to go to Indian Territory under “General Jesup’s Proclamation”, which was the 1st Emancipation Proclamation”.  I will end this transcript here.

As a caller on a Radio Show you really don’t have much time to make comparisons. I have been frustrated for many years by the fact that the Victors write History and  tend to showcase not only uprisings that failed but, almost all that weren’t successful didn’t succeed because one of the members informed on the others. This gives me a chance to mention Fort Negro, readers of the details can certainly say that since Fort Negro was destroyed, that the uprising also failed. I think that one of the many things that made the defenders of Fort Negro victorious is that they refused to surrender

When I speak about the changing demographics, I mean that as the immigrant’s children become voter’s and as the population shifts, White interests will become less guaranteed . This is obvious and the words that Mr. Trump said to another Dominant White Male on a “Hot Mic” shows that as my Great Acting Teacher, Academy Award Nominated Beah Richards intimates  in her Signature Monologue, “A Black Woman Speaks” that the White Woman herself was included in Slavery.

In memory, of Beah Richards, I ask the question : “What did Thomas Jefferson tell George Washington about the 14 year old child and female Sally Hemings , after all HE OWNED HER?

Never Forget, Fort Negro or the fact that the U.S. Forest Service will put on a Bicentennial Ceremony at the British Fort Historic Landmark on the Apalachicola River in the Apalachicola Forest. We must thank people like Rhonda Kimbrough, Erika Davis and Kelly Russell who are high ranking officials of a United States Government Agency. They are working tirelessly to allow this much needed eventto happen. I fervently believe that it’s occurence will lead our country towards the Healing and reconciliation of a part of our History that is overdue .

Honor and Respect,

Phil “Pompey” Fixico ,

Seminole Maroon Descendant


Last night on October 4th, 2016, I watched the Vice Presidential Debate on-line. I haven’t watched Television since 2010. The  reason is that when I moved into a different location I didn’t pay for the Digital Convertor box needed if one has an (Old) Analog TV. Well, I figured since I mostly concern myself with doing Historical Research, maybe I could get a few more hours of study time in without the temptation of countless “24 hour news-cycles”. In causal conversation with friends ,when they discovery that I don’t have a functioning TV, they always gasp : “That’s dangerous you won’t know what’s going on”!!!!

I do watch current News programs, that have been posted on-line , these of course don’t match up to endless updates that usually are only nuanced tweets to the original news story. I guess a few other “OLD F@#TS” like me (I’m 69 years old, who don’t have a LIFE) live a version of what I’m doing. Oh yea…I also BLOG. I have written and posted over 100, they average between 500 and 900 words. If I have a life, it’s as a Seminole Maroon Descendant Activist. Yea…that’s who I am LOL. Some years ago a Scholar scoffed at my efforts by saying : “You are only saying what other people have already said that you read on the computer”!

WOW ,that was a well aimed ZINGER. However, while it was  not far  of the mark, it was not entirely TRUE. Seventeen years ago at age 52, after finally confirming the identity of my biological father and being welcomed into the family, I began my systematized search to discover who were the people that our Ancestors belonged to. In over a half century of UNKNOWINESS where did my innate character/personality traits and physical characteristics come from?

I had not been raised in any of the Seminole Maroon Communities in the Greater Diaspora and that was problematic on one level but as  I found out later, it was  a tremendous opportunity to gather a small library (35 books) and find out what History and the Scholars said they had learned. I not only did this I reached out to Scholar’s like Kevin Mulroy, Ph.D. to create a correspondence with a recognized expert . Dr. Kevin Mulroy, was the “World’s Leading Authority on Seminole Maroons” and Dr. Mulroy introduced me to (via computor)  Dr. Richard Price the “World’s Leading Authority on Maroons”. He wrote the landmark  book : “Maroon Societies” Rebel Slave communities in the Americas. My friend and mentor, Dr. Kevin Mulroy , became my Smithsonian Institution Researcher for the book and exhibit: “indiVisible”: African-Native American Lives in the Americas.  Professor Joseph Opala , who is currently preparing Bunce Island as a Museum played a role in my development as did Dr. Heriberto Dixon and of course so did, Mr. William L. Katz  the distinguished author of : “Black Indians A Hidden Heritage” he added much to my tutelage. He even added my name to the dedication of the latest edition of his classic book “Black Indians A Hidden Heritage”. in the the photo above I am presenting a copy of it to Congresswoman Maxine Waters at a Cinco De Mayo Celebration in Gardena, California a few years ago.

My own research and my scholarly contacts prepared me to take advantage of a very important leg up that I had , it was that I had became an “Informed Descendant”. Once I interviewed my family’s Matriarchs and Patriarchs of each branch I was in a wonderful position to reconcile their narrative Oral History with my library, computer and a myriad of primary source documents , letters, newspaper articles, obituaries, pictures and etc information.

Now on to the title of this Blog, After President Barack Obama became President ,during his second term I heard an expression concerning African-American progress since his election. It was ,  “THE ILLUSION OF INCLUSION”, I believe, meaning it’s an illusion to think that since, we have a Black Man and Family in the White House that as a race “WE HAVE ARRIVED INTO AMERICAN SOCIETY AS A FULL PARTNER”. I will not support or deny the entirety of this catch phrase and I ask African-Americans not to surrender their better judgement into believing what I have termed as Mr. Trump’s well aired Campaign Slogan “I Will Build A WALL”.

This could set some of us in  the African-American  Community to assume what I call the “ILLUSION OF EXCLUSION” belief.  Here’s how this work’s, many African-American’s believe that Latino Immigrant’s are the source of our community’s lack of job’s and general economic stagnation. While that scenario is not hard to fathom but we must be careful not to make the leap of faith that this “EXCLUSION”of one group automatically guarantees that we will be the recipients of what the then expelled group leaves behind. The “Map is NOT the Territory” as Hayakawa says.

Consider this sequence, Mr. Trump builds a “WALL” and like Prohibition, when Alcohol became illegal, it created the era known as the “Roaring Twenties”.  The value of BOOZE went up astronomically because it was against the law.  How many ways can a wall be comprised and how many unethical people can profit by it’s vulnerability. So , Mr. Trump, who is a Genius for enriching himself by his own words and reliable reports say, for holding on to his riches at the cost of Society, not only will, if allowed have and control a Wall, in many other Mr. Trump Properties he also has a Mall . Here’s a nightmare, those Blacks who voted  for the Wall will not be hired in the Mall or even in Mr. Trump’s Gambling Hall. As Mr. Trump as already informed us in the Black Community we are trapped in a STALL which is where we live . He doesn’t show us the new jobs or new  community that will automatically become ours . We shouldn’t buy into the “WALL,MALL, STALL” hustle .

Finally ,if we forget our History we will repeat it. We can’t afford to forget ,Emmett Till, Martin Luther King, Jr. ,the Tulsa Massacre and the “Fort Negro Freedom Fighters”. we also shouldn’t forget that During the administration of Franklin Roosevelt, the then Negro Community’s  Best friend in the White House was Eleanor Roosevelt, she stood up for the Negro Community in a way that her Democratic President Husband Franklin Roosevelt could not . Check our History,  if it were not for Eleanor Roosevelt there NEVER would have been a heroic military unit known as the TUSKEGEE AIRMAN,  nor would Marian Andersen have been allowed to perform in Washington DC..

Much of the Racist dogma and doctrine as espoused by Hitler (by his own admission) was inspired by the works of the American   Eugenicist Madison Grant. Hitler said that Grant’s book the “The Passing of the Great Race” was bible bible.   Hitler said that he liked the way America handled their “Wild Indian” problem and his “Final Solution” plan certainly draws parallels to Grants and other International Eugenicists belief in Darwin’s concept of Natural Selection that led to the Social Engineering Techniques used by 19th and 20th century Dictators.  Speaking of dictators, Hitler used a democratic process to gain power and in a matter of months used a national Emergency to take power.

In closing, I submit , that President Bill Clinton by the African-American Community should be given credit for passing under his administration the : National Underground Railroad/Network  to Freedom 1998 Act. This public Law states that  America must never forget the Underground Railroad   or the Network to Freedom  . That was a great achievement made possible by the Clinton Administration . I know because, I am a Private-Sector-Partner   for the National Underground Railroad / Network to Freedom  and recently I have become an Official Volunteer for the United States  Forest Service  and I will be participating in the Bicentennial Commemoration at the British  Fort and Historic Landmark at Prospect Bluff . On October 22nd 2016 Descendants  ,with an Agency of the United States of America, including other interested parties, we will exercise our legal right  to seek Healing and Reconciliation  of the “Fort Negro” Battle and Massacre .

Honor and Respect ,

Phil (Pompey) Fixico ,Seminole Maroon Descendant



Amiri Baraka, Dominique Di Prima and Dr. Kellie Jones all won the Mac Arthur Fellowship “Genius” Award. Well not exactly…yes, there is only one name on the actual award. However, in the opinion of millions of readers, lookers and listeners around the world one thing that these three Human Beings hold in common is that each one of them has captivated Humanity with brilliant things to read, look at or listen to. The other thing that they share is DNA and GENEALOGY because while the great genius and Co-Founder/Father of the BLACK ARTS MOVEMENT in America is Amiri Baraka,  he is also the biological father of Dr. Kellie Jones and Ms. Dominique Diprima two rock solid Geniuses/Genii in their own right .

I get it, maybe these people are descendants of  a powerful pair of GENIES, who were Masters of Creative Arts. Hmm… well there is another very notable off-spring named Mr. Ras J. Baraka who is a well received and highly acclaimed Mayor of Newark ,New Jersey. I refrain from mentioning all of Master Amiri Baraka’s children  because, if I keep going I’ll have to change the title on this blog and turn it into a book .

We all know that Ms. Dominique Di Prima, is and has been on the “MIKE” at Mr. Stevie Wonder’s Radio Station FM 102.3 for many years. She is the Award Winning Host and Producer of the “Number One Black Talk Show ” in Southern California the Legendary “FRONTPAGE” Show. Ms. Di Prima brings a massive arsenal of talents and experiences to the table and it is thoroughly understandable why Mr. Stevie Wonder has appointed her to open the “Business Day” for his Radio Station, 5 days a week from 4:30 am to 6:00 am. Each day begins with an incredible array of themed topics that includes “Hot Topic Tuesday” and Radio Free Friday”. On these two days she allows “loads of listens” to call in with current national events and local topics of interest. With her able crew and intrepid Associate Producer Ms. Angela Hoffman,  they can and do handle anything thing that comes their way.

On to Dr. Kellie Jones, she is an Associate Professor of Art and Archaeology at the Institute for Research in African-American Studies (IRAAS) at Columbia University. Dr. Kellie Jones has a PH.D from Yale University and has won prior awards from the Warhol Foundation and a Driskell Award. She is a noted and distinguished  scholar by International Standards. Let’s talk a bit about her latest achievement, the MacArthur Fellowship better known as the “GENIUS GRANT”. This award is given annually to those who have shown “extraordinary originality and dedication in their creative pursuits and a marked capacity for self-direction” and who are citizens or residents of the United States.  According to the grant’s website: “the fellowship is not a reward for past accomplishment, but rather an investment in a person’s originality, insight and potential”. It further states that “the current prize is $625,000 paid over five years in quarterly installments. What is so significant about the award is that the recipient can do whatever they want with the money WOWWWW$$@@$$!!!!!!!!!!!

Master Amiri Baraka himself was also an award winner during his reign, he won the “OPEN BOOK Award  a very prestigious literary achievement. His work ranged from but was not limited to Black Liberation and White Racism. He worked professionally as a Poet,Writer,Music Critic, Actor, Theater Producer and Director. He received a B.A. Degree from Howard University and taught at both the University of New York at Buffalo and University of New York at Stony Brook.

This morning October 3rd 2016, I had the privilege of calling into the “FRONTPAGE” Show as Ms. Di Prima was interviewing Dr. Kellie Jones who has recently had involvement with the “New” National Museum of African American History and Culture. My question to Dr. Jones was ,did she know if the NMAAHC would be including the “indiVisible”:African-Native American Lives in the Americas to it’s collection as a traveling exhibit ? She felt that it was an exciting idea. It was a wonderful interview and Dr, Jones’ comments were all very positive and upbeat.

On a final note , we need Master Amiri Baraka’s VOICE to tell the world about  the British Fort Historic Landmark at Prospect Bluff also known as “Fort Negro”.  I’m performing a Peace Belt Ceremony in behalf of the Victims and the Descendants at the site on the Apalachicola River in the Apalachicola National Forest on October 22nd 2016 Thanks to The United States Forest Service, represented by Ms. Rhonda Kimbrough, Ms. Erika Davis and Supervisor of the Forest Ms. Kelly Russell, we will after 200 years       publically seek Healing and Reconciliation.


Honor and Respect,                                                                                          Phil “Pompey” Fixico ,                                                                                    Seminole Maroon Descendant  and                                                                US FOREST SERVICE VOLUNTEER

The Photo above includes myself on the Lt. and Master Amiri Baraka (Rt.). We are holding a copy of author William L. Katz’s classic  book entitled: “Black Indians A Hidden Heritage”. We are at the Leimert Park Book Fare a few years ago. Within the pages of Mr. Katz’s book, thousands of readers including myself have learned the true story about “FORT NEGRO”.









Hey Y’ALL…Sorry but the Cavalry ain’t comin’ !!! Even though the horses are signed up for swimming lessons they won’t be ready  to swim to the Bahamas and back, in time for the United States Forest Service Bicentennial Commemoration at the British Fort Historic Landmark at Prospect Bluff on the Apalachicola River in the National Apalachicola Forest on October 22nd, 2016. No, not in time to bring several Negro Fort Descendants to Florida for the event. However, the Florida Seminole known as “Chief Jim Billie”, a Vietnam  Vet who not only served as a Special Forces combatant during the conflict  has since then, become the Official Chief of the Florida Tribe of Seminoles and he is sending his luxurious “PRIVATE JET” to the rescue, I mean to put them in and bring’em to Florida.

It is a Rescue Mission, how else could they be able to participate. This is not a mandated event, this history was  for two hundred years been known but to a few insiders. Even though , it was put in the Congressional Record by Ohio Congressman and Abolitionist Josha Giddings and written about by him in his book “The Exiles of Florida”. Most Americans don’t know about it because it is too controversial to be put in school curriculums along side the required  Massacre subjects like the Alamo and Custer’s Last Stand. A high ranking official marveled at my “interest and enthusiasm” in the area and story. Every U.S. Forest Service employee and Commemoration Committee member has been so welcoming to me. After all, I’m an outsider…In 1947 I was born in the Los Angeles Negro Community , our  Nile River was a street called “Central Avenue”.

Central Avenue was famous for a lot of things like Jazz and Black Businesses, due to Segregation Laws we had no place else to go. Many of us were refugees from across the USA. My biological mother’s father was an African Cherokee Pullman Porter who brought the family here in the 1930’s. My biological father’s family were Seminole Maroons they came here as refugees from Oklahoma Indian Territory. When they met again and got pregnant with me, unfortunately they were both already married to other people. The irony is that my mother and father had met as teenagers in Witchta, Kansas a very typical place of refuge  for African-Indians and Maroons dating back before the Civil War. When I came along, being born on the wrong side of the blanket didn’t  help. Especially, since there was Oil money involved  connected to the Fixico #1 Oil Well. As a potential heir, one of four. I was squeezed out and didn’t even learn about my true genealogy until I was 52 years old. To make it clear: “BEING A SEMINOLE MAROON ACTIVIST IS NOT WHAT I WANT TO DO”!!!! However, it fell to me like a PURPOSE and I’m AFRAID… not to do it! My mind and heart tell me that ,”IF I WALK AWAY FROM MY PURPOSE, TO DO SOMETHING THAT I WANT TO DO…THEN MY LIFE WILL BE THE PITTS…AND LIVED FOR A LESSOR REASON THAN THE TRUE PURPOSE THAT WAS FAIRLY SHOWN TO ME. Case Closed Next Defendant. It could be worse, I could not have a PURPOSE and not know what I want to do LOL.

If somebody can convince me that I’m wrong , please be my guest. In 2012 I was one of 11 Descendants chosen by the National Underground Railroad/Network to Freedom to be a VIP Descendant at their annual conference. It was held in St. Augustine, Fl. and it was dedicated to salute the Black Seminoles and the Gullah-Geechee. It had been determined that those Gullah-Geechee from Sierra Leone who were enslaved in South Carolina , at the invitation from Spain, escaped into Spanish Florida where they became Black Seminoles. There Blacks and Indians formed a powerful alliance. Read the book “Black Indians” A Hidden Heritage written by Author William L. Katz. I learned about Fort Negro by reading his book. He was the first to make a press release for my trip to Suriname as the North American Maroon Descendant in 2015, I was chosen thanks to Her Excellency Dr. Ambassador Fidelia Graand-Galon and the Maroon Women Chamber of Cooperation.

The photo at the top of this Blog shows 4 people , the Lady is none other than Dr. Rosalyn Howard an Anthropologist ,she wrote :”The Black Seminoles of the Bahamas”. The other 3 males are Descendants of the Bowlegs Family , meaning that one branch of our family tree tree was composed of Seminole Maroons who had been with Chief Bowlegs in areas like ,the Alachua prairie, Suwanee, Angola, the Negro Fort and etc.. We relate to each other as Bowlegs Cousins . My Oklahoma Bowlegs family headed by Matt Bowlegs and Lucy Jefferson were the largest Bowlegs family among the Post-Civil War Seminole Maroons in the Indian Territory that later became Oklahoma. In the photo ,I’m in the middle, Douglas (an Artist) is on my right and Wilton (a Muscian) is on my left.

Thanks to the generosity and the humanitarianism  of the United States Forest Service and the Seminole Tribe of Florida we will be re-united. I’d like to thank Ms. Rhonda Kimbrough ,Heritage Program Manager, Ms. Erika Davies P.E. /Staff Officer anf Ms. Kelly Russell the Supervisor of the Forest of Florida’s National Forests. As of late , I have become acquainted with Dr. Paul Backhouse the Historic Preservation Officer of the Florida Seminole Tribe and through him and my own research I have come to appreciate the  the greatness of “Chief Jim Billie”. I look forward to meeting and greeting everyone very soon .

Honor and Respect,                                                                                          Phil “Pompey” Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant














September 26,2016 this morning I had the esteemed pleasure of speaking with Dr. Paul Backhouse , who is the  Historic Preservation Officer for the Seminole Tribe of Florida. In addition to being an high ranking official of one of America’s respected and powerful Indigenous Nations, Dr. Paul Backhouse is in the tradition of his People an extremely warm and friendly HUMAN BEING.

My call to Dr. Paul Backhouse at the  Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki museum in Clewiston, Florida was to clear my presentation of the Semiroon Peace Belt (A Chief’s version ) to the current Chairman and Chief Mr. James Edward Billie. Who is worthy of any “Lifetime Achievement Award that can be given to him. His reputation for working tirelessly in behalf of the Tribe is nothing less than legendary. Chief Billie will also deliver the Keynote Speech for the event.  My initial nervousness in contacting the Seminole tribe of Florida comes from the fact that even though a good part of my ancestry is Seminole Maroon I have had very little contact with Traditional Indigenous Peoples. I was not raised in any of the Indian Country By-Blood or Maroon communities that I am a  documented Descendant of.

My ancestry was hidden from me before I was even born and I did not satisfactorily confirm my biological father’s identity until I was 52 years old. My genealogy was significant enough to be featured in the Smithsonian Institution’s book and exhibit ,entitled : “indiVisible”: African-Native American Lives in the Americas. When I spoke with Dr. Paul Backhouse, I mentioned that this exhibit at been presented at the Tribe’s Library and he remembered  it being there. All I know is from the documentation that Dr. Kevin Mulroy ( the World’s Leading Authority on Seminole Maroons) discovered and what I learned from family history is this. When my Maroon Ancestor’s left Florida under General Jesup’s and Prophet Abraham’s “Articles of Capitulation” in the late 1830’s and early 1840’s  “There was Blood on the Ground and Smoke in the Air”. Through further research including help from Mr. Pare Bowlegs the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma’s Historic Preservation Officer,  I learned that my great grandmother Dinah Fixico (# 900 Dawes Rolls) was a Fullblood Mikasuki Seminole of the Octiarche Band. Her father was Osa eneha Fixico.

My g-grandmother’s  people’s Band did everything that they could to remain in Florida. It is in the military records that the women had snuffed the children under two years old and the the men had agreed to “put to death anyone who brought to them an offer of peace”. However ,in the group’s extremity they trusted the White flag of the US Military and were captured in December of 1842 at Fort Brooke near Tampa.

Back to today, I knew that the “Unconquerable Seminole Tribe of Florida ” had remain unconquered by holding firm to their Strong Traditional customs which included remaining isolated from so-called New World Civilization. Therefore, I wondered if my call as a Descendant of those who , for whatever reasons were compelled to take “THE BIG BOAT RIDE” would be welcomed.

Well “HOORAY and HALLELUJAH” it was welcomed with open arms!! There is more great news in the fact that we are all being brought together by the United States Forest Service to participate in the British Fort Historic Landmark at Prospect Bluff’s Bicentennial Commemoration to be held at the site , on October 22nd, 2016. I now am an official Forest Service Volunteer thanks to my friends Rhonda Kimbrough,Heritage Program Manager Erika Davis, P.E.  Staff Officer and Supervisor of the Forest Ms. Kelly Russell. When this historic program draws to it’s conclusion I will have the honor of performing the “Semiroon Peace Belt Ceremony” It is a Performance-Art Presentation not meant to challenge anyones religious doctrine or cultural beliefs.

In the photo, above I am shown with the Paramount Chief and Grand Gaaman Bono de Velantie of the Ndyuka Maroons of Suriname ,South American. I owe this great honor to The Maroon Women Chamber of of Cooperation, and Her Excellency Dr. Ambassador Fidelia Graand-Galon who brought me to Suriname as the North American Maroon Representative for their 2015 National Maroon Day Celebration.  In the photo I have  presented his Majesty with a Lifetime Achievement Certificate and around his shoulders he wears  the only , other Chief’s Version of the Semiroon Peace Belt.  I wear the “Original” as Founder and President of the Semiroon Historical Society.  Now that I have cleared “Protocol” with The Seminole Tribe of Florida’s  ,Historic Preservation Officer Dr. Paul Backhouse. It is on to the site, where on October 22nd at   the “Negro Fort” . There 200 years ago Maroons and Indigenous families stood together, in a Solidarity they held  sacred enough to die for. We as  Descendant and other interested parties, will be  helped by an official agency of the United States of America in the  pursuit of Healing and Reconciliation will all, pay homage to those Ancestors as Descendants of that “Era” and we who convene and will prove on that day, that our country has made inspiring and ever hopeful progress since July 27th, 1816.

Honor and Respect,                                                                                          Seminole Maroon Descendant

P.S. I first learned about the Negro Fort from the book ” Black Indians ” A Hidden Heritage by Mr. William L. Katz.














Today is September 15th ,2016 and the week leading up to this date has blessed my efforts to expand the general public’s knowledge about the British Fort National Historic Landmark at Prospect Bluff  known to many others as the Negro Fort with an embarrassment riches. Praise GOD ! High level communications are pouring into my mobile “OPERATION FORT NEGRO” Control Center.

Let us begin with the 1st name in this Blog’s title, CB Magness, I first heard this name on Reverend Jesse Jackson’s WVON Chicago based “Keep Hope Alive ” radio show. During my recent call into the program after hearing my comment about “Fort Negro” and that ,”It’s important for people to vote because it does matter ,who becomes President” Reverend Jackson , in a “TAKE ACTION JACSKSON” voice said “SEND THIS INFORMATION TO CB MAGNESS @ ! I complied and I had the great privilege of making contact with a Deputy Director of the RainbowPUSH,Coalition. Director CB Magness has become the Liasion Officer to Reverend Jesse concerning “OPERATION FORT NEGRO”. PRAISE GOD AGAIN !! Director Magness has confirmed transmission of the “Fort Negro File” to Reverend Jackson and we are in process of preparing a request for Reverend Jackson to simply endorse my “Peace Mission” to the site and to recognize the Unites States Forest Service for making the Commemoration possible. To CB MAGNESS, I say “Who do you want to play your character in the  MOVIE”? Reverend Jackson put her in the script when he called here name over the radio.

Speaking about the MOVIE, I will upon my return from “OPERATION FORT NEGRO” prepare and post a Film Treatment/ Movie Synopsis, to forward to potential producers. Many of which I have already supplied with historical background information. The United States Forest Service staff members will certainly figure prominently in the cast of characters. My suggestion is that a “Contemporary” Apalachicola Forest and River setting is used to cut production costs and a series of flashback segments be used to portray the event.

Returning to the United States Forest Service staff members you have heard me speak about Ms. Rhonda Kimbrough, Heritage Program Manager, Ms. Erika Davis, Staff Officer, Historian Mr. Dale Cox and committee members Willard Steele and M Shack. Well this week I received a letter from Ms. Kelly Russell Forest Supervisor, National Forests in Florida. He recognized me as a U.S. Forest Service Volunteer and thanked me for volunteering to participate in the upcoming commemorative event at British Fort National Historic Landmark in the Apalachicola National Forest. He also said that the “Peace Belt Ceremony” that I have offered to do would add a special a touch to the formal commemorative ceremony. In closing he thanked me for helping to spread the word about the site which he considers a “special place”. Mr. Kelly Russell’s letter to me rates a very high place among my Activism momentos. It was extremely nice of him to take the time to make sure that I feel like a member of the United States Forest Service Volunteer Family.

Finally, United States Virgin Islands Educator and Western Hemisphere Activist, Dr. ChenziRa Davis Kahina, posted an impressive Art work and informative article about “Fort Negro” on my FACEBOOK page . In her comment she re-inforced the importance of studying and spreading the word to students and elders about the Negro Fort. Dr. ChenziRA Davis Kahina is for me an extremely important collaborator in our work to decolonize the masses thinking through informed education. I consider her to be a Faithful Daughter in the Struggle. In addition when I was in the Caribbean some years ago ,I received a disquieting veiled threat from an intruder. However, she was there for me with the interpretation and intelligence that I needed to continue my work. I will never forget her help.

A final point about seeking to interest Hollywood into producing a movie about the British Fort National Historic Landmark in the Apalachicola National Forest, in all honesty I feel that it will be easier to find producers for a film set in the Apalachicola Forest whose main theme is a drama about the importance of managing America’s precious ecosystems that includes the Negro Fort History as a subplot. I know that the Ancestors are there because this event will be an important reunion of Descendants. In studying the profile of Ms. Kelly Russell, I was stunned to learn that today’s Forest Supervisor was once a “PEACE CORP” Volunteer in Sierra Leone, many Black Seminoles and Gullah Geechees trace their ancestry to Sierra Leone. They like my Ancestors both Maroon and Indigenous would have been in and around the Negro Fort in the era of the British Fort at Prospect Bluff.

Honor and Respect,                                                                                           Phil Pompey Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant                                 and United States Forest Service Volunteer

In the Photo above, I am holding the “Original Semiroon Peace Belt”. P.S. It was in the book “BLACK INDIANS” A Hidden Heritage by Author William L. Katz , that I first learned about Fort Negro  some years ago. Thanks Bill !!





Today is the solemn anniversary of the 9/11/01 attack on America by Islamic Terrorists. Let us pause and give reverent reflection on the myriad of international events that have transpired since that fateful day. “9-11-01” ,to be sure it has a WHO,WHAT, WHERE, WHY and WHEN. Knowing all that, it also had a BEFORE, DURING and AFTER. Unlike many historic tragedies, involving utter destruction and great loss of life, due to today’s  technological advances , we are able to revisit many of the chilling moments of that unforgettable day. In 1816 when the United States of America was a Slavocracy,  the largest and richest Free Black Settlement in North America, known as the “Negro Fort” located in the Spanish Territory of Florida was considered a “renegade and terrorist armed stronghold” fair game to be destroyed and important that it be consigned to obscurity.

We have made much progress in America since the illegal attack and massacre at the Negro Fort. The United States isn’t yet perfect, but undeniably we have an African-American President and his family living in the White House. blacks also have the right to vote and we can listen to radio programs like Reverend Jesse Jackson’s “Keep Hope Alive”, Stevie Wonder’s “Frontpage”, Kathy Hughes’ WOLDC-NEWS hosted by Carl Nelson , “The Gist of Freedom” and NPR’s Liberated Sister’s hosted by Sister Charlene Muhammad. I spoken on all these shows about  what I call “Fort Negro”. I learned about it some years ago by reading the classic book ,entitled: Black Indians, A Hidden Heritage, by William L. Katz.

I mentioned earlier that undeniable progress has been made in the United States of America. I’m a perfect example of this statement, recently I was invited by Ms. Rhonda Kimbrough , the Heritage Program Manager and her Staff Officer Erika Davis  officials of the United States Forest Service, to participate in the Bicentennial Anniversary and Inaugural Commemoration at the British Fort National Historic Landmark at Prospect Bluff on the Apalachicola River in the Apalachicola National Forest. I will perform the “Semiroon Peace Belt Ceremony” in honor of the Victims and the Descendants of the “Fort Negro Era”.

Below is a paraphrased transcript of my call in this morning to Reverend Jesse Jackson’s “Keep Hope Alive” Sunday Morning  Radio program on WVON 1690AM based in Chicago, Ill.. The progam was about the importance of voting:

“Greetings Rev. Jesse Jackson and Guest, Voting is important!!! It does matter who is President. From a historical standpoint, the illegal  attack  on and massacre of the defenders of Fort Negro was only possible because the United States  200 years ago was a Slavocracy . So, the Slave owning President James Madison and the Commanding General Andrew Jackson colluded to violate Spanish Sovereignty and attacked the richest Free Black Settlement in North America. I’m a Descendant of the people who were in and around Fort Negro. Thanks ,to the US Forestry Service, I’m scheduled to perform a Peace Belt Ceremony in behalf of the 300 Victims . Again, Reverend Jackson, I advise your listeners to research the Fort Negro Battle and Massacre”. Reverend Jackson responds: “I want you to send the information to C B Magness at Rainbow Push”. I was then transferred to the screener who informed me that she would also send the information to the local Congressperson.

Honor and Respect,                                                                                          Phil Pompey Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant,                               Private-Sector-Partner for the Underground Railroad                            /Network to Freedom 1998 Act, Member of the L.A.                               Chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers 9th & 10th (horse) Cavalry,                    President of the Semiroon Historical Society and US Forestry   Service Volunteer for the Negro Fort 2016  Bicentennial Commemoration Event.

The First U.S. Foreign Invasion: Seizing Florida in 1816

The photo above was taken by UCLA GRAD Student Jeremy Peretz. “A” team member for Operation Suriname: National Maroon Day 2016.In the photo we see , Phil Da Pompey Fixico, North American Maroon Representative to Suriname’s 2015 National Maroon Day Celebration.












Finally after a long drought, I was able to again speak on Mr. Stevie Wonder’s Award Winning Morning Talk show “FRONTPAGE”.  FRONTPAGE is the number one African-American theme show in Southern California. It has long been hosted by Ms. Dominique DiPrima , whose father is none other than the great Amiri Baraka      who made his transition a short time ago. He was one of the Co-founders of the Black Arts Movement. However, today’s Frontpage show was hosted by Ms. Angela Hoffman who, filling in for Ms. DiPrima always does a FANTASTIC job. Below is a paraphrased transcript of my call into the show.

“Good morning Ms. Angela Hoffman ! This is OLD FIXICO thanks for taking my call”. Ms. Hoffman: “Good Morning is that how you refer to yourself as Old Fixico”? ”  Yes, I’m Old Fixico…(we both laughed) I was calling in to tell the community to make sure that they research “Fort Negro”. This story is very important to our community. I have been invited by the US Forestry Service to speak at the Bicentennial Commemoration of the Massacre at Fort Negro”.

“Many things about our History are coming out now that have been    have been hidden like  Georgetown University. Fort Negro was a place where hundreds of Blacks who had escaped from U.S. Slavery had taken refuge in Spanish Florida. At Fort Negro even the women and children were fighting for their FREEDOM. When US Forces along with their Indian Allies attacked Fort Negro the defenders shouted …”No, we won’t be taken back ! Liberty or Death” . They then were destroyed by a heated cannon ball fired by a U.S. ship that landed in the powder magazine and instantly destroyed 270 of the people inside. 200 of them were Black Women and Children the other 100 defenders who eventually died were predominantly Black males and about 30 Seminole and Choctaw warriors. What do you think about this ,Ms. Angela “?  Ms. Angela answers :”I think it’s wonderful ,congratulations..and I want to know more about it after your trip”. Call ends.

Over the last year ,before I even was invited by  Ms. Rhonda Kimbrough and Ms. Erica Davis both high-ranking US Forestry         Service Officials I had been speaking on several national and local radio shows, such as WOLDC-RADIO Hosted by Mr. Carl Nelson, in June of 2015, (Thanks to Social Activist Queen Mother Mollie Bell) I did a one hour interview on Mr. Nelson’s Show heard ,across the Nation. In November of 2015,  in Suriname, South America, I spoke for an hour on the Maroon Radio Station’s Apintie Hour (Thanks to Her Excellency Dr. Ambassador Fidelia Graand-Galon and the MWCoC). It was heard through out the Caribbean and the calls came pouring into the station. Earlier this year, I was interviewed by Sister Charlene Muhammad on the Liberated Sister’s Show and Lesley Gist, The Gist of Freedom Show Thanks to Mr. William L. Katz ,author of :”Black Indians”,A Hidden Heritage. I have constantly mentioned the topic as a call-in  numerous times,  I also, spoke about it on Reverend Jesse Jackson’s National “Keep Hope Alive Show, not to exclude whenever I do public speaking. I want to thank everyone listed above and many more who have contributed in helping to bring out this long hidden and forbidden truth known only among Descendants and a few Scholars.  Listed below are a couple of Links of importance:

Honor and Respect,                                                                                          Phil “Pompey” Fixico,                                                                                     Seminole Maroon Descendant and “Fort Negro Era” Descendant.     P.S. In addition to all of the above,I have one year ago, sent a request to U.S. President Barack Obama, via my Congresswoman Maxine Waters asked that the President recognize the British Post Historical Landmark . I have also wrote published and distributed 14 Blogs on Facebook and made countless mega-blast emails .

The First U.S. Foreign Invasion: Seizing Florida in 1816







Saturday night August 27th, 2016, in Orange County, California , I had the honor of being invited and attending the prestigious Black Chamber of Orange County’s 32nd Annual Banquet. This was my seventh occasion to participate in the $150.00 a plate dinner, show and Awards Presentation. It marked the 150th Anniversary of the U.S. Army’s Buffalo Soldiers.  The gentleman without a hat in the photo above,whose hand I am shaking,  has been the soulful embodiment ,organizational genius and Champion of Champions for many of these “MASTERPIECE” events, his name  is Mr. Robert V. “Bobby” Mc Donald.

Bobby Mc Donald is truly a CLASS-ACT , he always greets friends and strangers with a  warm smile and handshake. He obviously  specializes in building extensive social networks. There is no wonder that his passion for public service and creative marketing techniques attracts broad support throughout the community. Over the past 17 years Mr. Mc Donald has raised millions of dollars for operational funding, revenue stream and a myriad of worthy causes.

To say that Bobby is a “Veterans Veteran” would not be an exaggeration, he is a Descendant of Buffalo Soldiers, including his uncles. A longtime member of the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers 9th & 10th (horse) Cavalry and a Vietnam War (1965 to 1968) Veteran. Mr. Bobby Mc Donald is known and loved by multi-racial/multi-cultural veterans all over the United States  and members of the general public also and he well deserves their adoration.

His accomplishments are not limited to those that I have mentioned thus far because, his has been a Life of Great Achievement. Which also includes, but not limited to the fields of Sports, Higher Education,Politics,Business, Art and Historical Preservation. All I can say after having gotten the chance to observe the “Bobby Mc Donald” aura for 12 years during my service in the Buffalo Soldiers is that he is known, loved and revered literally by the legions of a grateful nation.

Honor and Respect,                                                                                          Trooper Phil Fixico, Bugler and Color Guard                                               for the L.A. Buffalo Soldiers 9th & 10th (horse) Cavalry.                        Photo credits to Trooper Ron Jones (Another Class Act)






The photo above says quite a bit to me personally, it was taken in the lobby of the Los Angeles Theater Center in 2013, in downtown L.A. at  514 Spring Street. This venue is owned by the City of Los Angeles and houses The Roby theater and  The  Latino Theater Company .

On the night that this picture was taken I was standing (Lt.) with Dr. Reverend “Chip” Murray of USC. We were in front of a poster of the book by  Kevin Mulroy Ph.D, entitled : “The Seminole Freedmen”. Dr. Mulroy has been my friend and mentor for many years and he was my Smithsonian Institution’s researcher for “indiVisible”: African-American Lives in the America’s. In an embarrassment of riches , Dr. Rev. Murray and I are holding a copy of Mr. William L. Katz’s Classic book “Black Indians”: A Hidden Heritage. Bill Katz and his lovely wife Laurie have been my  dear friends for a goodly some of years and we have worked mightily to expand the world’s body of knowledge about a subject that is near and dear to us all, Black Indians and Maroons.

The occasion for the evening was the performance of Author Markus Gardley’s Play  “The Road Weeps” “The Well Runs Dry”. It was about the lives of  Black Seminoles who were about to follow John Horse to Mexico but were still living in Wewoka, I.T.. The play was directed by the “great”  Shirley Finney. After the performance Rev. Dr. Murray and I had the to opportunity to participate in a panel on Spirituality and I had the distinguish occasion to perform the “Semiroon Peace Belt Ceremony”. It was truly a Night To Remember.

Rev. Dr. “Chip” Murray  was not only the Pastor of L.A.’s largest A.M.E church , but to his great credit he took his church members into the burning streets of Los Angeles to help stop the “Rodney King” Riots . Needless to say he is a “TRUE LEGEND”. He had been following my Activism for a few years now and after I submitted the recent information on the “Negro Fort” Battle and Massacre to him he advised that I prepare to submit this information to Mr. Micheal Levine ,the foremost Writer/Publicist in America.

I have done what all my mentors and advisors have asked of me, over the years including Rev. Dr. “Chip” Murray, who suggested  that I send it to someone with enough power to finally  bring this American story into the Mainstream. Mr. Micheal Levine has represented no less than 58 Academy Award Winners, 34 Grammy Award Winners and 43 New York Times Best-Sellers including Micheal Jackson and Barbara Streisand and countless others. His office has received the background information and the Press Release written by  Author Wm. L. Katz . The release speaks to the upcoming event sponsored by the U.S. Forestry Services they have invited me to the British Fort National Historic Landmark Commemorative Ceremony on October 22nd on the Apalachicola River in Florida on the site of the “Negro Fort”.

It is being organized by Rhonda Kimbrough Heritage Program Manager and her Supervisor Staff Officer Ms. Erica Davis both are Senior Officials of the U.S. Forestry Service the Government Agency that manages the location.They also invited me to participate in the planning and to attend the event and perform the “Semiroon Peace Belt Ceremony”.

Honor and Respect,                                                                                           Phil Pompey Fixico, President of the Semiroon Historical Society and Private-Sector-Partner for the National Underground Railroad/Network to Freedom 1998 Act

Cecil L. Murray






Greetings to all,

I have had a very eventful Talk Show presence, this week on Catherine Hughes WOLDC Radio Station. It’s where “INFORMATION IS POWER”. Today is Wednesday August 17th and I have already spoken to three World Class Icons.

I started off on calling in to Award Winning Host Mr. Carl Nelson’s show on Monday.  I had the incredible opportunity to speak with Marcus Garvey Jr.’s son Dr. Julius Garvey he of course was asked many questions about his history making father. Dr. Julius Garvey not only took the listening audience down memory lane about his Dad, he also informed us that there was a movement to request that President Barack Obama exonerate him posthumously. I asked  Dr. Julius Garvey if he would indeed be attending the Republic of Suriname’s 2016 National Maroon Day Celebration, he informed me that negotiations were still in progress about the trip . He also mentioned that he would love to visit the Freedom Fighter Descendants of Suriname.

In an embarrassment of riches, on Tuesday , I spoke with the POWERNOMICS CREATOR Dr. Claud Anderson. Again on Mr. Carl Nelson’s “BIG SHOW”. The adoring public was anxious to hear about Dr. Anderson’s fabulously successful techniques for African-American financial empowerment. He is a true GENIUS. When I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Anderson I mentioned to him that some years ago, that I had given a letter to my Congresswoman Maxine Waters to be submitted to the White House. My letter nominated Dr. Claud Anderson to be appointed the “Commissioner of the (to be created) Bureau of Black Indian Affairs. I then asked Dr. Anderson if he would educate the audience about “Fort Negro”. He then for the next 15 minutes went into an oral treatise about the history and implications of the U.S. 1866 Indian Territory Treaty . I was proud of the fact that my g-grandfather Oklahoma Seminole Maroon Band Leader Caesar Bruner helped Interpret the 1865 Fort Smith Truce, that formed the basis of the 1866 treaty that was signed in Washington, DC.

Finally ,today’s guest on the WOLDC  “WHERE INFORMATION IS POWER” show the guest was the universally known “DICK GREGORY”. Father Gregory expounded mightily on every subject he spoke on . I was extremely lucky to get to speak with Father Gregory, here is what I said:

” Father Gregory I am American Maroon Descendant who has been invited by the United States Forestry Service to give a “Peace” Ceremony at the Bicentennial of the Massacre of the 300 victims of fort Negro. Father Gregory will you or your represntative, please attend or publicaly  recognize the event? The show was in it’s last few minutes with other callers on hold. Mr. Gregory stated that he would not be able to attend”. Call ends.

One other , important telephone event that I took part in this week was ,,”The British Fort National Historic Landmark Commemorative Event Planning Meeting”. It took place August 16th, 2016 at the Apalachicola District Office, Bristol, Florida.

I called in and was welcomed and made to feel free to add my input, I’d like to thank , Ms.Rhonda Kimbrough, Heritage Program Manager and Staff Officer Ms.Erica Davis the organizers of this historic and sensitive event for including me in the inaugural commemoration. I will be performing the Semiroon Peace Belt Ceremony in behalf of the victims, the Descendants, the U.S. Agencies , all participants and attendees.

Honor and Respect                                                                                           Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico, Negro Fort Era Descendant                       

The photo above was taken by UCLA GRAD Student Jeremy Peretz in Suriname’s Rain Forest on the Tapanahony River, Oct. 10th 2015.      Photo: Phil Da Pompey Fixico , North American Maroon Representative 2015






Hooray and Hallelujah,

Thank God for Legendary Radio Show Host Mr. Carl Nelson and WOLDC  Station “Where Information is Power” owner Ms. Catherine Hughes. They along with the hosts, guests and callers from the community make their Talk Show Format the lifeblood of the African-American National  dialogue. It is a panel where all can participate in and with the amazing journalistic and radio hosts skills of Brother Carl Nelson, everybody that calls in becomes a part of an incredible THINK TANK.

Just prior to calling in , I had an extended conversation with Ms. Rhonda Kimbrough Heritage Program Manager and Staff Officer Erica Davis, for the U.S. Forestry Service. I was proud to announce the fact  last Friday August 12th, 2016 to the nation,  about the upcoming British Post/Negro Fort Commemoration recognizing the Bicentennial Anniversary of the Battle and Massacre that occurred there. I asked that everyone in the listening audience research the British Post/Negro Fort Massacre. Below is a transcript of my call into the show:

“Greetings Brother Carl Nelson and Dr. Julius Garvey. It is a great honor to speak to the son and living embodiment of the great Marcus Garvey Jr.. I recently was communicating with Her Excellency Dr. Ambassador Fidelia Graand-Galon of the Republic of Suriname. I was told that she and the Maroon Women of the Caribbean, hoped to have you come to Suriname as the Special Guest for this years National Maroon Day. I had that honor , last year and it was a life changing event.

Will you be going as this years Guest of Honor ? I am in favor of the exoneration of Marcus Garvey Jr.. Symbolically, I think that it would be very powerful. Especially if his exoneration was followed by a series of NOT GUILTY celebrations across the Western Hemisphere.” Call ends.                                             

The photo above was taken by UCLA Grad Student Jeremy Peretz on Diitabiki Island in the Suriname Rain Forest on October 10th 2015, within the “Kintie” the Royal Parliamentary chambers of the Okanisi/Ndyuka Maroons. Photo: (Lt) North American Maroon Representative Phil Da Pompey Fixico,  Her Excellency Dr. Ambassador Fidelia Graand-Galon, The Paramount Chief and Gauman  Bono de Velantie and Dr.Cynthia Alendy ,President of the Maroon Women Chamber of Cooperation.

Honor and Respect,                                                                                           Phil Da Pompey Fixico                                                                                   P.S. I have been informed by the U.S. Forestry Service that I will  be performing the “Semiroon Peace Belt Ceremony” in tribute to the victims of the  British Post/Fort Negro victims.








July 27th, 2016 marked the Bicenntenial Anniversary of the 1816 Massacre at British Post on the Apalachicola River in Florida. Today, it is officially designated as a U.S. Historical Landmark better known as “Fort Negro”. The U.S. Forestry Service Heritage Program Manager Rhonda Kimbrough, would never refer to the site as “Fort Negro”. For her in her position, to say this would be extremely pejorative. Why recently President Obama has even signed a Bill that restricts the word “Negro” from being used in any federal contracts.

The word “Negro” in 2016 would not be a welcomed title for most African-Americans. However , for me as a Seminole Maroon Descendant whose Ancestors fought to survive during the year 1816,
the same year, that Fort Negro was attacked by U.S. Troops and their Indian allies, the word is quite appropriate. Fort Negro
was called and known by many other names in it’s history prior to it’s destruction. So why am I so fixated on still calling it the Negro Fort ? If we forget history, we risk repeating it. After all, the military order that came down from the White House and Headquarters ,said :”Destroy the Negro Fort and return the stolen Negros and property to their rightful owners”.

Well the inhabitants, certainly didn’t want to be called stolen Negros and neither did they want to be returned or destroyed. Yet they were called ,they were returned and they were destroyed. Why? Because the Dominant Culture believed that Free Armed Blacks even within the sanctuary of a foreign country’s sovereign borders were worthy of the ultimate punishment. Let us say that President James Madison and General Andrew Jackson, both Slave owners followed their beliefs. We have made much progress in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA since those dark and sinister days. To prove my point, the U.S. Forestry Service the guardians of the historic site upon which the British Post (Fort Negro) once stood represents a government that doesn’t want to destroy or return Negros anywhere.
Today,s U.S, Government is now led by an African-American whose family dwells not within the walls of an embattled fortress but rests comfortable inside the White House. From the top to the bottom a majority of Americans don’t want to insult today’s African-Americans by calling them “NEGROS”.

Finally, on October 22nd 2016, not only will the U.S. Forestry service have a commemorative ceremony of respect to the tragic victims of the Negro Fort, their Heritage Program Manager, an Archaeologist, Rhonda Kimbrough has sought me out and given me permission to participate in the ceremony and to say a few words for the over 200 men women and children “MAROONS”
who gave their full measure in search of Freedom Justice and Equality.

“Through Warm Tears of Gratitude”
Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant



This morning July 24th 2016, I was blessed to be able to be heard on REVEREND JESSE JACKSON’S “KEEP HOPE ALIVE” Sunday Morning National Radio Show, heard on Clear Channel WBON 1150 AM.
The topic was “What do you want to hear from the Democratic Convention? Reverend Jesse Jackson was preaching in Church this morning and the show was hosted by his daughter Santita Jackson.
Below is a paraphrased transcript of my call and comment:

” Good Morning, this July 27th during the Democratic Convention marks the bicenntenial of the Fort Negro Massacre. Fort Negro was an illegal U.S. police action, done at a time when “Black Lives Didn’t Matter”. We have made tremendous progress in America, President Barack Obama’s presidency attests to that. However, it should be brought up at the National Democratic Convention that Fort negro was a tragic taxpayer sponsored “Slave hunting expedition by U.S. military forces who were ordered to illegally violate Spanish Florida’s Territorial Sovereignty with a disastrous lost of innocent life. the victims were mostly African-American Maroons ,200 of them were women and children.

It’s important who becomes president. In 1816 the White House
ordered the military to “Destroy the fort and return the stolen negros and property to their rightful owners” . Call ends.
Below are a few links that bear witness to Fort Negro:

Phil Wilkes Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant


Photo above: U.S. Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Seminole Maroon Descendant & Activist, Phil Wilkes Fixico, holding a copy of “Black Indians” A Hidden Heritage, by Author William L. Katz,
it gives a good account what happened at Fort Negro.

The Battle and Massacre of Fort Negro occurred on July 27th 1816. The Bicentennial of this tragic event is only 10 days away. there has been much progress made since then and we now have an African-American President Barack Obama. Ironically, President Obama ,just this year signed a bill that bands the use of the words “Negro” and “Oriental”. Many in the country applaud his actions and say that “it’s about time”. I agree with them with one caveat and that is, when educators at secondary school level across the country teach their students about the: “Alamo” and “Custer’s Last Stand” that they include, the “Battle and Massacre of Fort Negro”.

The Korean War began in June of 1950, when President Harry Truman order the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy to take action against North Korea. It has been called a “Police Action” because he never received Congressional authorization. He conducted hostilities by invoking United Nation Resolutions. The proof that it was indeed a “Police Action” was that it ended in 1953 with only a “Cease Fire” agreement. The Vietnam War began with the Tonkin Gulf Incident, on August 2nd 1964 a naval engagement occurred of the coast of North Vietnam between the U.S.Maddox a Destroyer and a squadron of North Vietnam torpedo boats. The then President Lyndon Johnson on August 7th 1964 received from congress the Tonkin Gulf Resolution that allowed he to escalate U.S. Military involvement with receiving a Declaration of War.

The Battle and Massacre of Fort Negro required that U.S. Military forces albeit dispatched by President Madison would illegally violate the territorial sovereignty of Spanish Florida. Not only was it a covert mission known only to U.S. Military forces involved it was an unauthorized U.S. tax paper sponsored Slave-Hunting expedition based on the executive order that was given, which was ; “Destroy Negro Fort and return the blacks to their rightful owners”. This order was carried out with the exception that of the approximately 330 occupants and defenders of Fort Negro 270 of them were destroy when their ammunition supply was ignited by a heated cannon ball, fired into the fort by a U.S. Gunboat. 200 of the occupants killed were Black and Black Indian/Maroon women and children. The other 70 male defenders consisted of Blacks, Seminole and Choctaw Indians.

Unfortunately, at that point in U.S. History as evidenced by the era of the Trans-Atlantic-Slave Trade,Indian Removal and Manifest Destiny, there were many lives that did not matter.Yes we have made undeniable progress, but we must never fail to remember our past ,lest we repeat it (paraphrased quote from George Santayana).

The incidents that I have mentioned are examples of International
Police Actions. Today’s headlines and news hours are full of Police actions that are powerful indictments that even though we have come along way in our country, we still have a considerable way to go. My thoughts on how do we turn back this epidemic of lethal exchanges between the Police and the Community are these:
(1)There are enough Good People in the Community and on the Police force to turn things around. (2)I was raised in Watts in the Nickerson Garden Projects, for the most part the renters were divided into two classes (A) the Poor and (B) the Predators. when a man was stabbed and bled on our porch ,we were taught to step over the blood and when a 15 year old girl was raped on the street in early evening and cried out for help we were taught to pull down the shades. When Predators own a neighborhood, it generates the need for Police presence. Therefore to reduce the need for constant Police presence we as a community must organize and help the Good Police officers to help us. During the 1960’s I was a Soldier in The War on Poverty, I worked as a NEIGHBORHOOD YOUTH CORP REPRESENTATIVE, in the Watts Rebellion Target Area. The program worked and had great results. What we need now is a NEIGHBORHOOD SENIORS CORP. Being paid as Block Captains whose job it is to be Liaison specialist between the Community and the Police. It would cause us to face the face the fact that many of the perpetrators are known to us and in some cases even our own family members.We also must not forget that many of our family and friends are also Police Officers. I was a Youthful Offender and Gang Member as such i was a plague on my family, my School and my community. I hit and spent a year in four different Juvenile Institutions before I was 15 years olds . However, my life was saved by Professional Counselors of all races who can to my life like it was a “House on fire”. We must have hope and realize that are enough Good People in both the Community and the Police Force to solve these conditions. Below are links to articles about “Fort Negro”.

Honor and Respect, Phil Wilkes Fixico ,Seminole Maroon Descendant


Hooray and Hallelujah !

It’s Tuesday, June 28th, 2016 in hot and sunny California. This morning on Mr. Stevie Wonder’s Southern California Radio 102.3 FM KJLH “Frontpage” Talk Show, the able and dynamic host is Mr. Avi Bernard. Ms Dominic DiPrima is traveling back home from an incredible African excursion ,with “Frontpage” family members to the fabled country of Ghana. Below is a transcript of my call-into the show:

“Good Morning, Brother Avi, “Frontpage” and Mr. Stevie Wonder. As usual, I always introduce myself as a Seminole Maroon Descendant who has been documented by the Smithsonian Institution, my African Ancestors were forced to become Africa-Americans and today some of us live in the White House.

I have something in common with Mr. Levar Burton the producer of “Roots”. In 2011 he was brought to Suriname, South America, the home of 120,000 Maroons, many of them are Descendants of the Akan Kromanti of Ghana, where Dominic DiPrima just visited. They won their Rain Forest home from European colonizers by war and treaty 255 years ago.

In 2015 the Maroon Women of the Caribbean (MWCoC), brought me there also, as the “NORTH AMERICAN MAROON REPRESENTATIVE” to Suriname’s National Maroon day Celebration. Mr. Burton knows who the Maroons of the America’s are. They were (like the Maroons of Suriname)the “Freedom Fighters of: Fort Mose, Fort Negro, the Seminole Maroons, John Horse and the Mascogos. Do we have to wait another 2 generations before Hollywood mentions their names” (call ends).

Concerning “Roots” the mini-series remake, my college professors at UCLA (extension school)taught us that the highest level of Artistic Achievement is Innovation, not a new and improved remake. A remake should be judged by a higher standard because it is using a “formula”. I would have preferred to have seen a “Beyond Roots” version that brought in other historical battles where formerly enslaved combatants fought under the banner of “GIVE ME LIBERTY” or “GIVE ME DEATH”. The precedents are there. The Maroons of Fort Negro should have been considered. Fort Pillow was important but it has the ring of “playing safe” by the Producers, since Black combatants are reported to have begged white soldiers for their lives and the high level after-action opinion by Confederate Generals was that it proved that Black soldiers were not equal to White soldiers.

As a member of the Alumni of Inner City Cultural Center, I shouldn’t break ranks with greats like Mr. Levar Burton,Mr. Laurence Fishburne and Mr. Forest Whitaker, while I did study at ICCC long enough to be considered an Alumnus, I’m not an Actor…I’m an ACTIVIST and I must as Frederick Douglas said …AGITATE.

On another note, I personally feel that we should work to identify African-American Descendants in the Diaspora by looking deeper into African embarkation and New World debarkation locations.

Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant, Private-Sector-Partner of the National Underground Railroad/Network to Freedom 1998 Act, President of the Semiroon Historical Society and 2015 North American Maroon Representative to Suriname’s National Maroon Day Celebration.


The photo above was taken in Diitabiki Suriname, South America, at the parliament house of the Okanisi/Ndjuka Maroons. It is located on land that the Maroons won by war and treaty 255 years ago. I was brought there by the Maroon Women’s Chamber of Cooperation, of Jamaica,Trinidad/Tobago and Suriname, as the “North American Maroon Representative” to Suriname’s 2015 National Maroon Day. Photo, (Lt.) Phil “Da Pompey” Fixico, (2nd from Lt. Dr. Ambassador Fidelia Graand Galon,(2nd from Rt.) is the Grand Gaaman and Paramount Chief Bono de Velantie (on far rt. ) Dr. Cynthia Alendy current president of the MWCoC.

Hooray and Hallelujah 1

It’s June 22nd 2016 in sunny California. Mr. Stevie Wonder’s number one Southern California Morning talk “Frontpage” heard on KJLH 102.3 FM is broadcasting from Ghana Africa. The Award Winning host Ms. Dominic DiPrima is “On the Mike” and as usual is doing a fantastic job. I am becoming a regular caller (LOL). Below is an edited and paraphrased transcript of my call into the show:

“Good morning Dominic and Frontpage Family. Congratulations on
your trip. I have a poem and a comment.


My poem was written with agendas, I’m a Tri-Racial African-Native American. When I look at African- American’s economic stagnation in comparison to some immigrant groups, including Africans, they seem to hit the ground running. While because of how we came here ,we haven’t quite experienced our “Emotional Coming to America” like many immigrants.

There are 950 million people in the Americas. When the Old Atlantic World discovered the “NEW WORLD” it was already populated. In it’s early stages it would become as Thomas Jefferson described : “Red,White and Black”.Now it is a plethora of beautiful and exciting racial,ethnic and cultural mixitures.

I say again “AFRICA IS GRANDMA NOW”.We must strive to have our “EMOTIONAL COMING TO AMERICA”, and see America as our MOTHERLAND!

Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant, Founder and President of the Semiroon Historical Society, Private-Sector-Partner for the National Underground Railroad/Network to Freedom
1998 Act and Member of the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers 9th & 10th (horse) Cavalry


In the above photo, I am pictured with the great author and Cultural Nationalist Mr. Amiri Baraka. We are holding a copy of Mr. William L. Katz classic book, “BLACK INDIANS” A Hidden Heritage. While some of Mr. Baraka’s earlier work was signed by Leroy Jones, he definitely morphed into Amiri Baraka and carried that name for the reminder of his life. He is the father of Dominic DiPrima who works for Mr. Stevie Wonder at his Radio Station in Inglewood, California, call sign KJLH 102.3 FM. Mr. Baraka and I are at the Leimert Book For Fair in L.A.. Today is June 17th 2016 and on the “Frontpage” L.A.’s number one Black Morning talk it is Radio Free Friday and the Frontpage family can call in and speak about pertinent topics that are on their minds.

Hooray and Hallelujah
The days of Summer are upon us and fair weather brings with it a tremendous sense of hope and positive expectations. Below is a transcript of my call into the show:

” Good Morning Dominic and Frontpage Family (Stevie Wonder is usually always listening). God be with you on your trip to Africa Dominic. Mr. Hari Jones is the Curator for the National African-American Civil War Museum ,in Washington D.C.. Mr. Jones says that the celebration of Juneteenth under the premise that it represents the day when the last enslaved Blacks were set free by “Someone in Washington, DC” is not true and that it represents miseducation and and propaganda.

His position brings to my mind as a Seminole Maroon Activist, if the “Roots” mini-series only portrays the Alex Haley family’s version of enslavement can it also be categorized as miseducation by omission ? Case in point the Black Seminoles, in conjunction with the Indigenous Indians and Spanish Florida created the largest colony of escaped Blacks in the South, which led to a series of revolts. From Fort Negro to the 2nd Seminole War. My Seminole Maroon Ancestors won their freedom by treaty 26 years before the Emancipation Proclamation , that’s how they got to Oklahoma.

Finally, Mr. Steven Spielberg gave us “Amistad” but those warriors were Africans. It’s Hollywood’s job to entertain us but we don’t have to watch or consume what they offer us. However, we must teach in our homes the true story of the African-American and Native-American FREEDOM FIGHTERS and expect that it will also be taught in our high schools”. Call ends.

Honor and Respect,
Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant, President of the Semiroon Historical Society, Private-Sector-Partner for the National Underground Railroad/Network to Freedom and Bugler for the Greater Los Angeles Chapter for Buffalo Soldiers 9th & 10th
(horse) Cavalry


Hooray and Hallelujah !
In the photo above, I am pictured with Ms. Dominique DiPrima the host of Mr. Stevie Wonder’s number one Black Morning Talk Show for Southern California “FRONTPAGE”. The Emmy Award winner Dominic and I are holding a Copy of Mr. William L. Katz Classic book : “BLACK INDIANS” A Hidden Heritage. The reason I connected the book “BLACK INDIANS” to my name is because Mr. Katz has added my name to his dedication of this new edition. Wow, what an honor!!!

Mr. Stevie Wonder owns Radio Station 102.3 FM in “America’s City” Inglewood, California. Today is June 14th, 2016 and on the FRONTPAGE Show it’s “HOT TOPIC” Tuesday. However, Dominic DiPrima is in Africa and the program is being hosted by Program Director Aundre Russell, Associate Producer Angela Hoffman and Comedian Louis Dix. It was a fast-paced thought provoking episode with an abundance of great calls and passionate callers. Below is a transcript of my call into the show:

“Good Morning Frontpage Family! An important question for Senator Bernie Sanders is, will he do right by the Democratic Party?
Case in point, in 1933 during the Depression, a Socialist Candidate for Governor of California, named Upton Sinclair had designed a statewide program called EPIC, which meant “End Poverty In California”. The public applauded Sinclair’s program in the same manner as Senator Sander’s followers are doing. However, when Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was running for President rolled out a similar program that included Social Security Insurance, Sinclair submerged his EPIC program and supported FDR’s National plan. Sinclair with no popular platform lost in a close race. He was a TEAM PLAYER.

In 2012 in support of President Obama’s campaign, I called into Frontpage and was highly critical of Governor Romney, his son Tag Romney didn’t like what I said. I will say today that I think that Governor Romney is a “Man of Courage and Conscience”, based on the stand that he is taking, which is that the Republican Party can be better.

Phil Wilkes Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant, Founder and President of the Semiroon Historical Society, Private-Sector-Partner for the National Underground Railroad 1998 Act and member of the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers 9th and 10th Cavalry


Hooray and Hallelujah
I am so thrilled to see Secretary Hillary Clinton win the Democratic Primary Election to become the candidate for President
of the United States. I am a 68 year old Seminole Maroon Descendant who in 2009 was selected by the Smithsonian Institution to be featured in the National Museum of the American Indian and National Museum of African American History and Culture’s book and exhibit,entitled : “indiVisible”: African-Native American Lives in the Americas.

Speaking of the Clinton Family, I recently had the distinguished honor of meeting and speaking to past President William “Bill” Clinton on June 4th 2016 in Inglewood, Ca..I was at a rally dressed in my Chapter uniform as a 12 year member of the Buffalo Soldiers 9th & 10th (horse) Cavalry. When President Clinton took the stage he saluted me . It was surreal, I anxiously returned his salute, feeling a little guilty because, even though I am the Chapter Bugler and a long time Color Guard member I am a Non-Veteran and I usually put my cap and hand over my heart during the National Anthem and the pledge of Allegiance . When I got a chance to shake President Clinton’s hand I looked into his eyes and thanked him for the National Underground Railroad /Network to Freedom 1998 Act that passed during his term in office.

The 1998 NUGRR/NTF Act is a Public Law and the National Manager of the program is Diane Miller, of the National Parks Service. The law says that the U.S, Government must educate the country about the Underground Railroad and the Network to Freedom as part of the country’s policy of “RECONCILIATION”. I am a Private Sector Partner for the program and Founder/President of the Semiroon Historical Society. My job as a Partner is to “Spread the Word” about the 1998 Act and it’s upcoming annual conference which takes place this year on June 13th-16th 2016 on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina (I will leave a link below). Scholars and presenters come from around the world to participate in this magnificent event.

I included in the title of this Blog :The Families of Fort Negro.
The Bicentennial for the Battle and the Massacre at Fort Negro is about to take place this July 27th, 2016. I believe that this tragic incident should be added to the U.S. History lessons of students who are High School and above. We need to see just how far we have come. For those who don’t know the details , I am supplying links below that speak about it, as the NUGRR/NTF 1998 Act says
“educate the country and preserve sites, artifacts and locations” this helps us avoid a toxic cultural amnesia about our history. We never forget the words of Philosopher George Santayana , who said:”THOSE WHO CANNOT REMEMBER THE PAST ARE CONDEMnED TO REPEAT IT”. The NUGRR/NTF
is an important LAW that protects us from making the same mistakes over again.

For a few years now I have as a Seminole Maroon Activist spoke, written and informed as many people as I could about The Fort Negro tragedy where 270 Maroons and indigenous people were blown up by the actions of Combined U.S. Forces dispatched by the White House of 1816. It was a tax-payer sponsored Slave-Hunting Expedition ,that violated the territorial sovereignty of Spanish Florida.Two hundred of the, escaped from Slavery Black Maroons were women and children with about 70 male defenders approximately 30 of whom were Seminole and Choctaw Indians. They all were blown to bits by the cannon fire from a U.S. Gunboat on the Appalachicola River.

A year ago , I posted a Blog asking for a Boycott of the then upcoming “ROOTS” remake if it did not mention FORT NEGRO. I have not seen the current version, but I am told by someone that I trust that there was only a brief reference to Blacks escaping to the Indians. I don’t want to harm this production of “Roots”, I am an Alumnus of C. Bernard Jackson’s Inner City Cultural Center and a few of the Actors in the new mini series are co-starring in it, also have strong ICCC ties. However, I am requesting that until Hollywood makes a serious attempt, (Yes Mr. Steven Spielberg did make Amistad, however it was about African Freedom Fighters) at portraying the Maroon and Indigenous Freedom Fighters of the Fort Negro Era Maroons and the Trail of Tears that the Descendants of these groups should conduct a symbolic BOYCOTT of the “ROOTS” remake. I have a sister in the Struggle a Facebook Friend who said that we strive to tell the WHOLE Story. In my view
that would include much more history than a “ROOTS” remake, So Actors Producers, Crew members and Directors do a “BEYOND ROOTS”.

All this history is in the Congressional Record, in addtion there are books such as the Smithsonian Institution’s “indiVisible” : African-Native American Lives in the Americas,Dr. Kevin Mulroy’s
“Freedom on the Border”, “The Seminole Freedmen” ,Congressman Josha Giddings: “The Exiles of Florida” and Mr. William L. Katz ,”Black Indians” A Hidden Heritage.

Honor and Respect,
Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant


Gloria “MaMa G” Simms is a Descendant of Trelawny Town , she is the Paramount Queen, Right Excellency Nanny and Gaama of Jamaica’s proud Maroon nation. She is also the founder and visionary for the Maroon Women Indigenous Circle that is organizing the Indigenous Women’s Day that will be held June 26th, 2016 at Charles Town. They are asking for donations, amounting to $2,600.00 to provide the basics for a worthy cultural event that will edify and uplift the people.

I am personally indebted to “Queen Nanny” and the other members of the Maroon Women Chamber of Cooperation, including Her Excellency Dr. Fidelia Graand-Galon, Dr.Cynthia Alendy, and Dr. Merina Eduards. It was these 4 Maroon Community Leaders who selected me to come to Suriname, South America as the 2015 North American Maroon Representative to Suriname’s Nation Maroon Day Celebration. I wish them all the best in any endeavors that they pursue for the rest of their lives because of what they made possible for me. It added so very much to my Life and my Activism. I was able to visit 10 Maroon Villages on 3 rivers, while there the Suriname, the Cottica and the Tapanahony river, it was truly a life changing experience.

My activism, here in North America operates under a Vow of Poverty, simple meaning that I don’t demand money to speak about my Ancestors History. Therefore, there are many wonderful invitations around the hemisphere that I cannot accept because surviving on Social Security and odd jobs doesn’t provide me with the disposable income to attend. Her Rt. Excellency “MaMa G” has a beautiful SOUL and I know she understands my situation. I’m sure that many other Maroons in the diaspora would love to be there on this most important day.

I remember from my stay in Suriname that during the week long series of activities and festivities connected with the National Holiday, the Gaama “Queen Nanny” was unable to attend because she had to appear at the United Nations in conjunction with the screening of the “Queen Nanny” film. She is the star of the film and portrays NANNY in it. I wanted to meet her in person to experience the power of her Legendary Aura. I hope to have that great privilege one day in the future.

Honor and Respect, Phil “Da Pompey” Fixico, North American Maroon Representative to Suriname’s 2015 National Maroon Day

P.S. The photo above was taken by UCLA Ph.D. Grad Student and “Operation Suriname” Maroon Day 2015 “A TEAM MEMBER” Mr Jeremy Peretz. The location is the Council chambers of the Ndyuka Gaaman Bono de Velantie Paramount Chief of the Ndyuka/Okanisi Maroons in Diitabiki , Suriname on the Tapanahony River o November 10th, 2015. From Left to right: Phil “Da Pompey” Fixico (standing), Her Excellency Ambassador Dr. Fidelia Graand-Galon, Paramount Chief and Gaaman Bono de Velantie ( wearing a Seminole Maroon Peace Belt)and MWCoC President Dr. Cynthia Alendy


Hooray and Hallelujah

Thanks to Mr. Stevie Wonder Owner and operator of Radio Station KJLH 102.3 that serves Southern California, this morning May 27th, 2016 I was able to call into L.A.’s # 1 Black morning talk “Frontpage”. Today’s theme was Radio Free Friday, meaning that I had 50 seconds as a caller to address any topic of my choice. The show is hosted by the Emmy Award winning Radio Personality Ms. Dominique Di Prima. Below is a transcript of my call.

“Good Morning Dominic, Frontpage Family and Mr. Stevie Wonder. Concerning President Obama’s signing of H.R. 4238 into Public Law, it discontinues the use of the word “NEGRO” in favor of using “AFRICAN-AMERICAN”. I don’t have a problem with this in general but it does complicate the fact that I have a request into the White House via my Congressperson the Honorable Maxine Waters that President Obama would mention the words “Fort Negro”. It was the location of the Battle and Massacre of 270 Black American Maroons taking shelter in Spanish Florida.

200 of the victims were Black Women and Children. Historians concur that the orders in 1816 from President James Madison to the U.S. Military were: “DESTROY THE NEGRO FORT AND RETURN THE STOLEN PROPERTY TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS”.

As a Seminole Maroon Activist, I respectfully request public disclosure of this tragic event. If we can teach High School Students about the “Alamo” and “Custer’s Last Stand” we should include “FORT NEGRO”.

The photo above consists of myself (Lt.) and Dominic Di Prima (Rt.) holding a copy of “Black Indians” A Hidden Heritage, by William L. Katz.

Respectfully Yours,
Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant

Race and the Census: The "Negro" Controversy


In the photo above: U.S. Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Seminole Maroon Descendant Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico are shown holding a copy of the book “Black Indians” a Hidden Heritage, by Mr. William L. Katz. The book describes the Battle and Massacre that took place at “Fort Negro”.


Monday night May 16th 2016, I attended a staged reading of “The Heart of Biddy Mason”. With book and lyrics by Mr. Ted Lange and music written by Gerald Trottman. It was performed as Readers Theater or Actors with script in hand without wardrobe, on a bare stage. The accompanying orchestra was ably provided by the perennial artistry of Mr. Roger Neal, assisted by a wonderful and energetic saxophonist Mr. Ed Wallace, Jr. (doubled as a cast member. Amazingly the “right in the pocket rhythm” was supplied by the cast, They simply kept strict meter by stomping their feet. Not only did it work but it even morphed beyond being a musician, into the personality of an added cast member. All this while reading the script and staying in character amounts to service above and beyond the call of normal work ethic. It figures, because the casting chemistry was truly magical. Needless to say these polished professional Artists all achieved their designated roles.

Enter the Dragon, Mr. Ted Lange, The WRITER/DIRECTOR of “The Heart of Biddy Mason”. Here ,I must confess, I’m not a Writer or a Theater Critic however I do have boundless respect and admiration for Theodore William Lange ,born in Oakland ,California, in the year of our lord one thousand nine hundred and 48. I’ve never even seen a complete episode of “Love Boat”, yet I hold him in great esteem. Why ? Because Mr. Lange unfailingly continues to create, produce and display his plays, that are not only extremely entertaining but have now become magnificent ceremonies of learning. They are enduring artistic vehicles that appeal to our higher angels of Historical Truth.

His quest has touched so many lives , even mine. I felt a great sense of self-esteem when, many years ago at C. Bernard Jackson’s Inner City Cultural Center, I was able to step on stage in the finals of his Ira Aldridge Acting Competition as an acting partner to Ms. Peggy Hutchinson ( who was a participant).

Yes, Mr.Lange has had a story book career and he has received an abundance of tributes and awards to certify the public and his peers appreciation. However, I have read that his first role was played while he was a ninth grade actor portraying Ebeneezer Scrooge in the Christmas story. It’s truly ironic that someone so giving would be assigned the role of someone who was not generous by nature. I never thought of Ted “Renaissance Man” Lange as “Isaac” who gave the world so much joy and laughter.
For me, I think of Mr. Lange as an Admiral of a Grand Armada of over 20 plays. I also think of him as a sterling role model, a mentor and a Coach with a winning game plan. GO SEE “THE HEART OF BIDDY MASON” BECAUSE IT IS ABOUT WINNING THE GREATEST GIFTS OF ALL… THE GIFTS OF FREEDOM AND LOVE.

P.S. The Play was presented at the Leimert Park Vision Theatre
3341 West 43rd Place, Los Angeles Ca. 90008

Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant, and Private-Sector-Partner for the National Underground Railroad/Network to Freedom 1998 Act



Hooray and Hallelujah,

I spoken many times on Mr. Stevie Wonder’s “Frontpage” morning talk show on radio station KJLH 102.3 FM , hosted by Ms. Dominic Di Prima. It is the number one show for Southern California Black Community. Below is a transcript of my call into “Hot Topic Tuesday”:

“Good morning Dominic, “Frontpage Family” and Mr. Stevie Wonder. My topic today is about some White Americans who during the Civil War worked to help enslaved Blacks.

After the south attacked Fort Sumter, the Union counter-attacked , taking back the fort and 195 plantations on the surrounding Sea Coast Islands. Rebel forces and plantation owners fled the area while 1o,ooo Blacks remained. Since their former owners had left the Union their land was seized. Blacks had not been officially freed yet, therefore they were classified as contraband. The army provided food, clothing and medical services for them. after the Emancipation…

View original post 208 more words


Hooray and Hallelujah,

I’ve spoken many times on Mr. Stevie Wonder’s “Frontpage” morning talk show on radio station KJLH 102.3 FM , hosted by Ms. Dominic Di Prima. It is the number one show for Southern California,s Black Community. Below is a transcript of my call into “Hot Topic Tuesday”:

“Good morning Dominic, “Frontpage Family” and Mr. Stevie Wonder. My topic today is about some White Americans who during the Civil War worked to help enslaved Blacks.

After the south attacked Fort Sumter, the Union counter-attacked , taking back the fort and 195 plantations on the surrounding Sea Coast Islands. Rebel forces and plantation owners fled the area while 10,000 Blacks remained. Since their former owners had left the Union their land was seized. Blacks had not been officially freed yet, therefore they were classified as contraband. The army provided food, clothing and medical services for them. after the Emancipation Proclamation they were classified as Freedmen. The U.S. Commanding General asked the public to send Volunteer Teachers and within a month 53 White missionaries arrived.

President Lincoln began a land distribution effort by making 40,000 acres of plantation land available to the Freedmen. These efforts were aimed at helping the freedmen to make a transition from bondage to freedom. Unfortunately , President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated and his replacement returned, all the confiscated land back to the original owners.

This year the National Underground Railroad/Network to Freedom will hold it’s annual conference in Hilton Head , South Carolina and it will tell the story about the “Port Royal Experiment”, the Free African Americans of Michelville and the Whites who worked to help them.

Honor and Respect, Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant and Private-Sector-Partner National Underground Railroad/Network to Freedom 1998 Act.USPTO 359

Fixico and three World Class Scholars. From Lt. to Rt. ,Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico, Gary Zellar, Ph.D.  Author of: “African Creeks”,  Willard Johnson Ph.D. Professor Emeritus M.I.T. and William L. Katz , Author of : “Black Indians” a hidden heritage. This photo was taken in st. Augustine, Florida at the 2012 NUGRR/NTF conference which was dedicated to the Black Seminoles and the Gullah Geechee.