by refixico


May the GOOD LORD BLESS your Sacred Shores with PEACEFUL CHANGE ! There is nothing more constant than CHANGE. That bit of WISDOM… is Simple but not easy. Things, people and times in our life expire. We must be flexible and go with the flow until a new change occurs that is more to our way of thinking, more in our comfort zone. What’s important then, is that we recognize it. Knowing when the “GOOD OLD DAYS” are here is as important and possible as appreciating the little things in our lives.

So, for many of us, we are now faced with an unexpected Change in the person who will lead and represent the United States of America for the next four years. Many are proudly jubilant at Mr. Trump’s election and many others are experiencing a myriad of emotions from regret and shame to terror. I voted for Secretary Hillary Clinton and I was happy when President Barack Obama was elected 8 years ago. I’m sure that several of President Elect Donald Trump’s current supporters ,8 years ago felt regret, shame and terror felt at President Obama’s election. They too, had to suck it up and wait for a new CHAMPION to come along.

Again, I say knowing when the “GOOD OLD DAYS” are here is a marvelous skill to develop. As we come to the end of President Obama’s I’ve heard a fair amount of  African-Americans say, “He didn’t do anything for me”! Many of these disgruntled African-Americans said that they would vote for Mr. Trump because he had been a successful business man. I’m proud of what President Obama achieved as President and here are a few reasons why. President Obama’s presidency was a historic event, many wondered or doubted that he could live up to the job. He proved that he could function in that capacity ,certainly as well as others and better than some. When I think of President Barack Obama’s tenure as president, I think about all things that he didn’t let happen to us on his watch, such as: World War 111, Gas lines, massive shortages and uncontrollable Domestic and Foreign Terrorist attacks that paralyzed the country. In addition , The Obama Family while in the White House maintained great dignity and avoided shameful scandals, to their credit.  Remember, at the end of the day, Presidents aren’t Kings or Magicians with a magic wand to wave. They all must Rule by Parliamentary Consensus, that includes President Donald Trump.

To those of us who have taken to the streets in protest as a result of things that were said ,revealed and occurred during a very toxic campaign process. I advise this, “PROTEST…YES!  RIOTS…NO!!!      Now is the time to learn the discipline required to be a Civil Rights Protester during the 50’s and 60’s. We must now , pause reflect and appreciate how much guts and discipline that it took to gain progress in the face of overpowering odds. Not only do I see anger and fear in the face of the protesters, I see hope, determination and a strong belief that their unselfish protest can make a difference. I ask them to Protest Legally at all times because they lose the Morale Authority for their cause when they break the law and destroy property and hurt others with rioting. In addition they do not best serve their purpose when they are violently arrested ,potentially causing themselves physical and personal injury. They could end up with a costly police record that limits their future activism or even a long term and expensive medical bill and physical disability.

Here is what I recommend, as a longtime African-Native American Descendant and Activist. Of course, the cause and people that you represent will be different from my Ancestor centered activism but possibly you can find some value in my oft stated paradigm. For the “enth thousand time” LOL, I say that my Dream is that my Activism will help trigger an All-inclusive Cultural Renaissance similar to the Harlem renaissance except instead of using the “New Negro”as the role model, we use the lives of Indigenous and Maroon Freedom Fighters to re-tell Western Hemisphere History. We have to start with the Discovery Holocaust of Indigenous Peoples and trace it up to today including Removal, Manifest Destiny and Contemporary Persecution.This body of knowledge and documented history will be included with the effects of the TransAtlanticSlave Trade, Industrial Slavery, Reconstruction Abuses ,Slavery by Another Name, Jim Crow Laws and further Persecution up to contemporary times including Black Lives Matter and etc.. Even in my call for a Cultural Renaissance, I firmly believe that it must be ALL-INCLUSIVE.

It must be All-Inclusive because even during the 1800’s when Slavery was at it’s height, there was always in the mist of it ,3% of the Dominant Culture who were willing to go to the wall and give the full measure of their and their family’s lives to fight Slavery. While doing my family’s research, I discovered that after the US Civil War those Maroon members of my Ancestors when they returned to Indian Territory and separated  into two bands of Seminole Maroons they named themselves the John Brown Band and the Jim Lane Band. Naming themselves that, after going through 21 battles as part of the 1st Indian Home Guard. They gave honor to the two White Warrior Abolitionists who had fought for their cause during America’s Civil War. It must be an All-Inclusive Cultural Renaissance.

Finally, what I am advocating is that for those who feel limited and powerless , please use Art,Music,Writing, Poetry, Film, Photography,Theater, Journal Keeping, Sports ,etc. . Find ways to express yourself that are not anti-social manifestations whose negative results will linger both internally and externally by following you through your life. Just because you have strong feelings that you are sure are just , be wise and channel that energy and manage those impulses into a creative representation of your inner feelings, fears and conflicts. BE SAFE.

Honor and Respect,

Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico                                                       Seminole Maroon Descendant and Activist