by refixico


Today is the solemn anniversary of the 9/11/01 attack on America by Islamic Terrorists. Let us pause and give reverent reflection on the myriad of international events that have transpired since that fateful day. “9-11-01” ,to be sure it has a WHO,WHAT, WHERE, WHY and WHEN. Knowing all that, it also had a BEFORE, DURING and AFTER. Unlike many historic tragedies, involving utter destruction and great loss of life, due to today’s  technological advances , we are able to revisit many of the chilling moments of that unforgettable day. In 1816 when the United States of America was a Slavocracy,  the largest and richest Free Black Settlement in North America, known as the “Negro Fort” located in the Spanish Territory of Florida was considered a “renegade and terrorist armed stronghold” fair game to be destroyed and important that it be consigned to obscurity.

We have made much progress in America since the illegal attack and massacre at the Negro Fort. The United States isn’t yet perfect, but undeniably we have an African-American President and his family living in the White House. blacks also have the right to vote and we can listen to radio programs like Reverend Jesse Jackson’s “Keep Hope Alive”, Stevie Wonder’s “Frontpage”, Kathy Hughes’ WOLDC-NEWS hosted by Carl Nelson , “The Gist of Freedom” and NPR’s Liberated Sister’s hosted by Sister Charlene Muhammad. I spoken on all these shows about  what I call “Fort Negro”. I learned about it some years ago by reading the classic book ,entitled: Black Indians, A Hidden Heritage, by William L. Katz.

I mentioned earlier that undeniable progress has been made in the United States of America. I’m a perfect example of this statement, recently I was invited by Ms. Rhonda Kimbrough , the Heritage Program Manager and her Staff Officer Erika Davis  officials of the United States Forest Service, to participate in the Bicentennial Anniversary and Inaugural Commemoration at the British Fort National Historic Landmark at Prospect Bluff on the Apalachicola River in the Apalachicola National Forest. I will perform the “Semiroon Peace Belt Ceremony” in honor of the Victims and the Descendants of the “Fort Negro Era”.

Below is a paraphrased transcript of my call in this morning to Reverend Jesse Jackson’s “Keep Hope Alive” Sunday Morning  Radio program on WVON 1690AM based in Chicago, Ill.. The progam was about the importance of voting:

“Greetings Rev. Jesse Jackson and Guest, Voting is important!!! It does matter who is President. From a historical standpoint, the illegal  attack  on and massacre of the defenders of Fort Negro was only possible because the United States  200 years ago was a Slavocracy . So, the Slave owning President James Madison and the Commanding General Andrew Jackson colluded to violate Spanish Sovereignty and attacked the richest Free Black Settlement in North America. I’m a Descendant of the people who were in and around Fort Negro. Thanks ,to the US Forestry Service, I’m scheduled to perform a Peace Belt Ceremony in behalf of the 300 Victims . Again, Reverend Jackson, I advise your listeners to research the Fort Negro Battle and Massacre”. Reverend Jackson responds: “I want you to send the information to C B Magness at Rainbow Push”. I was then transferred to the screener who informed me that she would also send the information to the local Congressperson.

Honor and Respect,                                                                                          Phil Pompey Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant,                               Private-Sector-Partner for the Underground Railroad                            /Network to Freedom 1998 Act, Member of the L.A.                               Chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers 9th & 10th (horse) Cavalry,                    President of the Semiroon Historical Society and US Forestry   Service Volunteer for the Negro Fort 2016  Bicentennial Commemoration Event.

The First U.S. Foreign Invasion: Seizing Florida in 1816

The photo above was taken by UCLA GRAD Student Jeremy Peretz. “A” team member for Operation Suriname: National Maroon Day 2016.In the photo we see , Phil Da Pompey Fixico, North American Maroon Representative to Suriname’s 2015 National Maroon Day Celebration.