by refixico

Hooray and Hallelujah !
In the photo above, I am pictured with Ms. Dominique DiPrima the host of Mr. Stevie Wonder’s number one Black Morning Talk Show for Southern California “FRONTPAGE”. The Emmy Award winner Dominic and I are holding a Copy of Mr. William L. Katz Classic book : “BLACK INDIANS” A Hidden Heritage. The reason I connected the book “BLACK INDIANS” to my name is because Mr. Katz has added my name to his dedication of this new edition. Wow, what an honor!!!

Mr. Stevie Wonder owns Radio Station 102.3 FM in “America’s City” Inglewood, California. Today is June 14th, 2016 and on the FRONTPAGE Show it’s “HOT TOPIC” Tuesday. However, Dominic DiPrima is in Africa and the program is being hosted by Program Director Aundre Russell, Associate Producer Angela Hoffman and Comedian Louis Dix. It was a fast-paced thought provoking episode with an abundance of great calls and passionate callers. Below is a transcript of my call into the show:

“Good Morning Frontpage Family! An important question for Senator Bernie Sanders is, will he do right by the Democratic Party?
Case in point, in 1933 during the Depression, a Socialist Candidate for Governor of California, named Upton Sinclair had designed a statewide program called EPIC, which meant “End Poverty In California”. The public applauded Sinclair’s program in the same manner as Senator Sander’s followers are doing. However, when Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was running for President rolled out a similar program that included Social Security Insurance, Sinclair submerged his EPIC program and supported FDR’s National plan. Sinclair with no popular platform lost in a close race. He was a TEAM PLAYER.

In 2012 in support of President Obama’s campaign, I called into Frontpage and was highly critical of Governor Romney, his son Tag Romney didn’t like what I said. I will say today that I think that Governor Romney is a “Man of Courage and Conscience”, based on the stand that he is taking, which is that the Republican Party can be better.

Phil Wilkes Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant, Founder and President of the Semiroon Historical Society, Private-Sector-Partner for the National Underground Railroad 1998 Act and member of the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers 9th and 10th Cavalry