by refixico

The photo above says quite a bit to me personally, it was taken in the lobby of the Los Angeles Theater Center in 2013, in downtown L.A. at  514 Spring Street. This venue is owned by the City of Los Angeles and houses The Roby theater and  The  Latino Theater Company .

On the night that this picture was taken I was standing (Lt.) with Dr. Reverend “Chip” Murray of USC. We were in front of a poster of the book by  Kevin Mulroy Ph.D, entitled : “The Seminole Freedmen”. Dr. Mulroy has been my friend and mentor for many years and he was my Smithsonian Institution’s researcher for “indiVisible”: African-American Lives in the America’s. In an embarrassment of riches , Dr. Rev. Murray and I are holding a copy of Mr. William L. Katz’s Classic book “Black Indians”: A Hidden Heritage. Bill Katz and his lovely wife Laurie have been my  dear friends for a goodly some of years and we have worked mightily to expand the world’s body of knowledge about a subject that is near and dear to us all, Black Indians and Maroons.

The occasion for the evening was the performance of Author Markus Gardley’s Play  “The Road Weeps” “The Well Runs Dry”. It was about the lives of  Black Seminoles who were about to follow John Horse to Mexico but were still living in Wewoka, I.T.. The play was directed by the “great”  Shirley Finney. After the performance Rev. Dr. Murray and I had the to opportunity to participate in a panel on Spirituality and I had the distinguish occasion to perform the “Semiroon Peace Belt Ceremony”. It was truly a Night To Remember.

Rev. Dr. “Chip” Murray  was not only the Pastor of L.A.’s largest A.M.E church , but to his great credit he took his church members into the burning streets of Los Angeles to help stop the “Rodney King” Riots . Needless to say he is a “TRUE LEGEND”. He had been following my Activism for a few years now and after I submitted the recent information on the “Negro Fort” Battle and Massacre to him he advised that I prepare to submit this information to Mr. Micheal Levine ,the foremost Writer/Publicist in America.

I have done what all my mentors and advisors have asked of me, over the years including Rev. Dr. “Chip” Murray, who suggested  that I send it to someone with enough power to finally  bring this American story into the Mainstream. Mr. Micheal Levine has represented no less than 58 Academy Award Winners, 34 Grammy Award Winners and 43 New York Times Best-Sellers including Micheal Jackson and Barbara Streisand and countless others. His office has received the background information and the Press Release written by  Author Wm. L. Katz . The release speaks to the upcoming event sponsored by the U.S. Forestry Services they have invited me to the British Fort National Historic Landmark Commemorative Ceremony on October 22nd on the Apalachicola River in Florida on the site of the “Negro Fort”.

It is being organized by Rhonda Kimbrough Heritage Program Manager and her Supervisor Staff Officer Ms. Erica Davis both are Senior Officials of the U.S. Forestry Service the Government Agency that manages the location.They also invited me to participate in the planning and to attend the event and perform the “Semiroon Peace Belt Ceremony”.

Honor and Respect,                                                                                           Phil Pompey Fixico, President of the Semiroon Historical Society and Private-Sector-Partner for the National Underground Railroad/Network to Freedom 1998 Act

Cecil L. Murray