by refixico


This morning, February 5th, 2017 I had the exhilarating opportunity to speak on Reverend Jesse Jackson’s Sunday morning WVON Talk Show on 1690 A.M. WVON ,”The Talk of Chicago”: “KEEP HOPE ALIVE”.  It is hosted by, Reverend Jesse Jackson , (daughter) Santita Jackson and Operation Rainbow Push, Executive Ms. Betty Magness. Today’s special guest was U.S. Congresswoman Maxine Waters. I have lived in her district for many years and I know of her heroic efforts to serve her constituency.

Below is an approximate transcript of my call:

“Greetings Rev. Jackson, Santita and Congresswoman Maxine Waters. I’m a Seminole Maroon Descendant and I’m speaking to African-Americans but I’m including everyone who can understand our special needs. To mobilize our community we need an all-inclusive CULTURAL RENAISSANCE similar to the Harlem Renaissance except instead of using the “New Negro” as our role model ,we use African-American and Indigenous Freedom Fighters as our Heroes and Sheroes. This would include the re-telling of U.S. History. Thereby, creating a Nationalist Black Indian Identity, that would, at last give us “Our Emotional Coming to America” !

“Finally, this Renaissance would include an “Operation Rainbow Push choir in every major city, to sing “THEM” out of power. I just spoke recently at the “FORT NEGRO” 1st commemoration, after 200 years. That massacre was possible because the U.S. Administration of that era had a hidden program, known as the “FAILED STATE” doctrine. It said that if a neighboring state or country became a “Failed State” that the U.S. could step in and take it over”. End of my statement.

Reverend Jackson, then asked me : “Fixico, What do you want your Congresswoman Maxine Waters to do? My answer: “I want Congresswoman Waters to take some time to look out for herself ! She works so hard for the community, I’m a Buffalo Soldier  Descendant and she works  hard for the Veterans and the work that she did for the Black Indians with Congressman Barney Frank was important”. Call ends.

In closing, I’d like to say to the Community during this year’s African-American History Month : “WHEN THEY HATE US…WE LOVE US”. The Cultural Renaissance should be All-Inclusive, everybody is welcome. We need others to help us enjoy and consume  the products of our heritage.

The Photo above features Congresswoman Maxine Waters being presented the book “BLACK INDIANS”: A HIDDEN HERITAGE BY AUTHOR WILLIAM l. KATZ, by me. The occasion was the Cinco de Mayo Celebration held in Gardena,Ca. in 2013

Honor and Respect, Phil Pompey Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant and Activist. Fort Negro Ceremony my portion appears 50 min, into the video