by refixico


Today is September 15th ,2016 and the week leading up to this date has blessed my efforts to expand the general public’s knowledge about the British Fort National Historic Landmark at Prospect Bluff  known to many others as the Negro Fort with an embarrassment riches. Praise GOD ! High level communications are pouring into my mobile “OPERATION FORT NEGRO” Control Center.

Let us begin with the 1st name in this Blog’s title, CB Magness, I first heard this name on Reverend Jesse Jackson’s WVON Chicago based “Keep Hope Alive ” radio show. During my recent call into the program after hearing my comment about “Fort Negro” and that ,”It’s important for people to vote because it does matter ,who becomes President” Reverend Jackson , in a “TAKE ACTION JACSKSON” voice said “SEND THIS INFORMATION TO CB MAGNESS @ rainbowPUSH.org ! I complied and I had the great privilege of making contact with a Deputy Director of the RainbowPUSH,Coalition. Director CB Magness has become the Liasion Officer to Reverend Jesse concerning “OPERATION FORT NEGRO”. PRAISE GOD AGAIN !! Director Magness has confirmed transmission of the “Fort Negro File” to Reverend Jackson and we are in process of preparing a request for Reverend Jackson to simply endorse my “Peace Mission” to the site and to recognize the Unites States Forest Service for making the Commemoration possible. To CB MAGNESS, I say “Who do you want to play your character in the  MOVIE”? Reverend Jackson put her in the script when he called here name over the radio.

Speaking about the MOVIE, I will upon my return from “OPERATION FORT NEGRO” prepare and post a Film Treatment/ Movie Synopsis, to forward to potential producers. Many of which I have already supplied with historical background information. The United States Forest Service staff members will certainly figure prominently in the cast of characters. My suggestion is that a “Contemporary” Apalachicola Forest and River setting is used to cut production costs and a series of flashback segments be used to portray the event.

Returning to the United States Forest Service staff members you have heard me speak about Ms. Rhonda Kimbrough, Heritage Program Manager, Ms. Erika Davis, Staff Officer, Historian Mr. Dale Cox and committee members Willard Steele and M Shack. Well this week I received a letter from Ms. Kelly Russell Forest Supervisor, National Forests in Florida. He recognized me as a U.S. Forest Service Volunteer and thanked me for volunteering to participate in the upcoming commemorative event at British Fort National Historic Landmark in the Apalachicola National Forest. He also said that the “Peace Belt Ceremony” that I have offered to do would add a special a touch to the formal commemorative ceremony. In closing he thanked me for helping to spread the word about the site which he considers a “special place”. Mr. Kelly Russell’s letter to me rates a very high place among my Activism momentos. It was extremely nice of him to take the time to make sure that I feel like a member of the United States Forest Service Volunteer Family.

Finally, United States Virgin Islands Educator and Western Hemisphere Activist, Dr. ChenziRa Davis Kahina, posted an impressive Art work and informative article about “Fort Negro” on my FACEBOOK page . In her comment she re-inforced the importance of studying and spreading the word to students and elders about the Negro Fort. Dr. ChenziRA Davis Kahina is for me an extremely important collaborator in our work to decolonize the masses thinking through informed education. I consider her to be a Faithful Daughter in the Struggle. In addition when I was in the Caribbean some years ago ,I received a disquieting veiled threat from an intruder. However, she was there for me with the interpretation and intelligence that I needed to continue my work. I will never forget her help.

A final point about seeking to interest Hollywood into producing a movie about the British Fort National Historic Landmark in the Apalachicola National Forest, in all honesty I feel that it will be easier to find producers for a film set in the Apalachicola Forest whose main theme is a drama about the importance of managing America’s precious ecosystems that includes the Negro Fort History as a subplot. I know that the Ancestors are there because this event will be an important reunion of Descendants. In studying the profile of Ms. Kelly Russell, I was stunned to learn that today’s Forest Supervisor was once a “PEACE CORP” Volunteer in Sierra Leone, many Black Seminoles and Gullah Geechees trace their ancestry to Sierra Leone. They like my Ancestors both Maroon and Indigenous would have been in and around the Negro Fort in the era of the British Fort at Prospect Bluff.

Honor and Respect,                                                                                           Phil Pompey Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant                                 and United States Forest Service Volunteer

In the Photo above, I am holding the “Original Semiroon Peace Belt”. P.S. It was in the book “BLACK INDIANS” A Hidden Heritage by Author William L. Katz , that I first learned about Fort Negro  some years ago. Thanks Bill !!