by refixico

Gloria “MaMa G” Simms is a Descendant of Trelawny Town , she is the Paramount Queen, Right Excellency Nanny and Gaama of Jamaica’s proud Maroon nation. She is also the founder and visionary for the Maroon Women Indigenous Circle that is organizing the Indigenous Women’s Day that will be held June 26th, 2016 at Charles Town. They are asking for donations, amounting to $2,600.00 to provide the basics for a worthy cultural event that will edify and uplift the people.

I am personally indebted to “Queen Nanny” and the other members of the Maroon Women Chamber of Cooperation, including Her Excellency Dr. Fidelia Graand-Galon, Dr.Cynthia Alendy, and Dr. Merina Eduards. It was these 4 Maroon Community Leaders who selected me to come to Suriname, South America as the 2015 North American Maroon Representative to Suriname’s Nation Maroon Day Celebration. I wish them all the best in any endeavors that they pursue for the rest of their lives because of what they made possible for me. It added so very much to my Life and my Activism. I was able to visit 10 Maroon Villages on 3 rivers, while there the Suriname, the Cottica and the Tapanahony river, it was truly a life changing experience.

My activism, here in North America operates under a Vow of Poverty, simple meaning that I don’t demand money to speak about my Ancestors History. Therefore, there are many wonderful invitations around the hemisphere that I cannot accept because surviving on Social Security and odd jobs doesn’t provide me with the disposable income to attend. Her Rt. Excellency “MaMa G” has a beautiful SOUL and I know she understands my situation. I’m sure that many other Maroons in the diaspora would love to be there on this most important day.

I remember from my stay in Suriname that during the week long series of activities and festivities connected with the National Holiday, the Gaama “Queen Nanny” was unable to attend because she had to appear at the United Nations in conjunction with the screening of the “Queen Nanny” film. She is the star of the film and portrays NANNY in it. I wanted to meet her in person to experience the power of her Legendary Aura. I hope to have that great privilege one day in the future.

Honor and Respect, Phil “Da Pompey” Fixico, North American Maroon Representative to Suriname’s 2015 National Maroon Day

P.S. The photo above was taken by UCLA Ph.D. Grad Student and “Operation Suriname” Maroon Day 2015 “A TEAM MEMBER” Mr Jeremy Peretz. The location is the Council chambers of the Ndyuka Gaaman Bono de Velantie Paramount Chief of the Ndyuka/Okanisi Maroons in Diitabiki , Suriname on the Tapanahony River o November 10th, 2015. From Left to right: Phil “Da Pompey” Fixico (standing), Her Excellency Ambassador Dr. Fidelia Graand-Galon, Paramount Chief and Gaaman Bono de Velantie ( wearing a Seminole Maroon Peace Belt)and MWCoC President Dr. Cynthia Alendy