by refixico

Greetings to all,

I have had a very eventful Talk Show presence, this week on Catherine Hughes WOLDC Radio Station. It’s where “INFORMATION IS POWER”. Today is Wednesday August 17th and I have already spoken to three World Class Icons.

I started off on calling in to Award Winning Host Mr. Carl Nelson’s show on Monday.  I had the incredible opportunity to speak with Marcus Garvey Jr.’s son Dr. Julius Garvey he of course was asked many questions about his history making father. Dr. Julius Garvey not only took the listening audience down memory lane about his Dad, he also informed us that there was a movement to request that President Barack Obama exonerate him posthumously. I asked  Dr. Julius Garvey if he would indeed be attending the Republic of Suriname’s 2016 National Maroon Day Celebration, he informed me that negotiations were still in progress about the trip . He also mentioned that he would love to visit the Freedom Fighter Descendants of Suriname.

In an embarrassment of riches, on Tuesday , I spoke with the POWERNOMICS CREATOR Dr. Claud Anderson. Again on Mr. Carl Nelson’s “BIG SHOW”. The adoring public was anxious to hear about Dr. Anderson’s fabulously successful techniques for African-American financial empowerment. He is a true GENIUS. When I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Anderson I mentioned to him that some years ago, that I had given a letter to my Congresswoman Maxine Waters to be submitted to the White House. My letter nominated Dr. Claud Anderson to be appointed the “Commissioner of the (to be created) Bureau of Black Indian Affairs. I then asked Dr. Anderson if he would educate the audience about “Fort Negro”. He then for the next 15 minutes went into an oral treatise about the history and implications of the U.S. 1866 Indian Territory Treaty . I was proud of the fact that my g-grandfather Oklahoma Seminole Maroon Band Leader Caesar Bruner helped Interpret the 1865 Fort Smith Truce, that formed the basis of the 1866 treaty that was signed in Washington, DC.

Finally ,today’s guest on the WOLDC  “WHERE INFORMATION IS POWER” show the guest was the universally known “DICK GREGORY”. Father Gregory expounded mightily on every subject he spoke on . I was extremely lucky to get to speak with Father Gregory, here is what I said:

” Father Gregory I am American Maroon Descendant who has been invited by the United States Forestry Service to give a “Peace” Ceremony at the Bicentennial of the Massacre of the 300 victims of fort Negro. Father Gregory will you or your represntative, please attend or publicaly  recognize the event? The show was in it’s last few minutes with other callers on hold. Mr. Gregory stated that he would not be able to attend”. Call ends.

One other , important telephone event that I took part in this week was ,,”The British Fort National Historic Landmark Commemorative Event Planning Meeting”. It took place August 16th, 2016 at the Apalachicola District Office, Bristol, Florida.

I called in and was welcomed and made to feel free to add my input, I’d like to thank , Ms.Rhonda Kimbrough, Heritage Program Manager and Staff Officer Ms.Erica Davis the organizers of this historic and sensitive event for including me in the inaugural commemoration. I will be performing the Semiroon Peace Belt Ceremony in behalf of the victims, the Descendants, the U.S. Agencies , all participants and attendees.

Honor and Respect                                                                                           Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico, Negro Fort Era Descendant


https://www.geni.com/projects/Fort-Negro/30236                                 http://military.wikia.com/wiki/Battle_of_Negro_Fort

The photo above was taken by UCLA GRAD Student Jeremy Peretz in Suriname’s Rain Forest on the Tapanahony River, Oct. 10th 2015.      Photo: Phil Da Pompey Fixico , North American Maroon Representative 2015