by refixico


This morning October 17th, 2016 as the rains came down in Los Angeles , California. I awoke from a very powerful dream, it’s power was in the sense of reality that I felt while it was progressing. I won’t describe the dream but I will say that it evoked a continuing and recurring spiritual manifestation that has come to my mind occasional over several years. “I’ll say praise God… ‘Cause God is Good and Greatly to be Praised”. Hooray and Hallelujah !!!

I am literally a few days away from participating in the upcoming Bicentennial Commemoration of the British Fort Historic Landmark at the Apalachicola River, also known as the Negro Fort. This historic event will be put on by the  United States Forest Service. I was originally invited by Rhonda Kimbrough, the Heritage Program Manager and I have since then also been in touch with Staff Supervisor Erika Davis and Supervisor of the Forest Kelly Russell. I am a Seminole Maroon Activist who is currently featured in the Smithsonian Museum’s book and exhibit, entitled : “indiVisible”: African-Native American Lives in the Americas.

I was informed by Ms. Rhonda Kimbrough that I could participate in the event as long as I was connected to the Negro Fort. Since four branches of my  family trees were either in or around the Negro Fort, I qualify. They were Fixicos (Mikasuki),Bowlegs (Seminole Maroon) Bruner and Rentie African Creek. A documented and very identifiable  connection was the fact that my g-grandfather Caesar Bruner who later became the Bruner Band of Oklahoma Maroon Band Leader was married to the most famous Black Freedom Fighter in Fort Negro’s History and in the History of the Seminole People. That man was Prophet Abraham. “Papa” Caesar was married to Abraham’s daughter Nancy ( I recently received a family tree that corrected my belief that Nancy was Abraham’s granddaughter). Abraham lived with his daughter Nancy and my g-grandfather Caesar Bruner for much of his life in Oklahoma Indian territory) It is believed that Papa Caesar as a Seminole Maroon Leader had 19 children. It is well documented that he and Mama Nancy had 8 children, 7 boys and one girl. My grandfather was Pompey Bruner Fixico one of Papa Caesars children outside of his marriage ,which was totally allowable. Therefore, Prophet Abraham’s grandchildren were half brothers and sisters to my grandfather whose mother Dinah Fixico was a Full-Blood Mikasuki Wind Clan Seminole  ,Dawes Rolls #900.

My research leads me to believe that my grandfather was meant to be an anchor baby between the Seminole By blood and the Maroons. Dinah Fixico’s father was  Osa eneha Fixico  (meaning one who speaks for the chief who was Octiarche) and her mother was Lucy. Caesar Bruner and Osa Eneha had fought together in the First Indian Home Guard a Union Regiment, which participated in 21 battles during the US Civil War. My connection would also have been increased by the likelihood that my Bruner and Rentie Ancestors came down from Alabama Creek Territory after the Redstick War and Bowlegs Ancestors who left the Alachua area would have traded at the Negro Fort before taking refuge in Suwanee and later Angola.  The Negro Fort was truly a beacon to the refugees of the Hawkins/Jefferson Era. Yes I’m connected.

As the event draws near I want to thank Rev. Jesse Jackson ,including his daughter Santita for allowing me to speak about the Negro Fort Event several times on their “Keep Hope Alive ” Radio show on Chicago’s WVON radio station. I owe so much to my dear friend and Brother in the Struggle WOLDC Radio Host Mr. Carl Nelson. He knew what his listeners didn’t know which was the importance of this recognition of Fort Negro by the United States Forest Service. Carl allowed me to get a plug in, countless times on the his show. Don’t get it twisted, my Activism has operated off of a “Vow of Poverty”. This is not a money making endeavor for me, it’s about the Sacred History of my Ancestors.

This morning after my dream , I called into the “Frontpage”  program, which is Mr. Stevie Wonder’s # one Black Talk Show in Southern California. It is hosted by Ms. Dominique Diprima and Assistant Producer Angela Hoffman. Today’s guest was the premier Scholar and prolific Author Dr. Gerald Horne. Below is a transcript of my call into the station: ( Dr. Horne’s replies will be paraphrased)

“Greeting’s Dr. Dominique and Dr. Horne. Dr. Horne, I know that you have written about it. Why is the United States Government, now ready to publically recognize the Fort Negro Massacre? I have been invited by the U.S. Forest Service as a Fort Negro Era Descendant to participate in the ceremony. I’d like to get your take on it”.(my call ends) To paraphrase Dr. Horne, he said that he hadn’t heard of it. He also mentioned that he opened his book “NEGRO COMRADES OF THE CROWN ” with the Negro Fort Battle. In his conclusion and answer to my question he said” If the caller is correct, it is overwhelmingly POSITIVE that the US Government is about to recognize it”.

The photo above, is of my g-grandfather Caesar Bruner the man for whom the Caesar Bruner Band of the Oklahoma Nation of Seminole still carries his name today.

Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico                                                                         Seminole Maroon Descendant