by refixico

In the photo above : (Lt.) Dr. George Mckenna, is the current Vice President of the Los Angeles Board of Education. He has received many awards and tributes for dedicating his life to properly educating the children of the nation. One of the biggest tributes to his place in history was when, one of  America’s most popular Actors, Mr. Denzel Washington was chosen to portray his character in the 1986 made for TV movie : “The George McKenna Story” ,co-starring Ms. Lynn Whitfield. Speaking of the accomplished Actor Mr. Denzel Washington, he has to his credit ; 3 Golden Globes, a Tony Award plus two Academy Awards.

In addition, Denzel Washington and his lovely and talented wife Pauletta Washington have not only maintained  an enduring marriage for many years, they continue to be major supporters of worthy causes in our community. Which includes the New African-American Museum of History and Culture in Washington, DC on the Mall.

On the right in the photo, I’m presenting Dr. George McKenna with a copy of the Smithsonian Institution’s book ,entitled : “indiVisible”: African-Native American Lives in the America’s. This presentation was made at least five years ago and the book covers the topic of “Black Indians” in the Americas. My story is featured in the book and the exhibit. It was written by Dr. Kevin Mulroy, the world’s leading authority on Seminole Maroons. I wholeheartedly, recommend  ” The Seminole Freedmen” by Dr. Mulroy and of course “BLACK INDIANS” A HIDDEN HISTORY by Professor Wm. L. Katz.

I’m suggesting these books on this topic because on Monday February 6th, 2017, I spoke with Dr. Claud Anderson who was the Special Guest on Mr. Carl Nelson’s Radio Show on WOLDC 1450 AM.   Dr. Claud Anderson unveiled his upcoming campaign to seek “REPARATIONS” for African-Americans by using the 1866 U.S. Indian Territory Treaty where the black Indians of the 5 civilized Tribes were legally designated rights equal to the 13th,14th and 15th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution. In addition they by the treaty’s wording suppose to receive FULL INDIAN BENEFITS.

I am aware of this treaty because my g-grandfather Caesar Bruner for whom the current Oklahoma Seminole Nation’s  Freedmen Bruner Band is still named for ,was  Translator, for the 1865 Fort Smith Indian Territory Truce that formed the verbatim basis for the 1866 Treaty that was signed 6 months later in Washington ,DC. Finally, when the movie is made about this event I pray that Mr. Denzel Washington will portray my g-grandfather Caesar Bruner and that Mr. Forest Whitaker will portray “Papa” Caesar’s  father-law ,The Prophet Abraham  the father of “Mama” Nancy.


Below is a transcript of my call in to the Carl Nelson Show.

” Greetings Brother Carl and Dr. Claud Anderson. I’d like to thank Dr. Anderson for what you and Attorney Squires attempted to do for “Black Indians” and my Seminole cousins in Texas. During that era I wrote a letter to the White House that was delivered by my Congresswoman Maxine Waters, proposing that you be designated as Commissioner for the Bureau of Black Indian Affairs”.

“My question to you Dr. Anderson is why was I, as a Seminole Maroon Descendant allowed in the last months of the Obama Administration to represent the 270 Maroon Victims of “Fort Negro” in a US Gov’t commemoration , after the truth had been hidden for 200 hundred years. Was this RECONCILIATION” ?

Dr. Claud Anderson’s paraphrased answer : “No , it wasn’t sincere because they have not lived up to the 1866 US Indian Territory Treaty”. My call ended.

Honor and Respect,Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant and Activist

http://thefloridachannel.org/videos/102216-history-speaks-fort-gadsden-200th-anniversary/ My portion occurs 50 minutes into the video.