by refixico

Last night on October 4th, 2016, I watched the Vice Presidential Debate on-line. I haven’t watched Television since 2010. The  reason is that when I moved into a different location I didn’t pay for the Digital Convertor box needed if one has an (Old) Analog TV. Well, I figured since I mostly concern myself with doing Historical Research, maybe I could get a few more hours of study time in without the temptation of countless “24 hour news-cycles”. In causal conversation with friends ,when they discovery that I don’t have a functioning TV, they always gasp : “That’s dangerous you won’t know what’s going on”!!!!

I do watch current News programs, that have been posted on-line , these of course don’t match up to endless updates that usually are only nuanced tweets to the original news story. I guess a few other “OLD F@#TS” like me (I’m 69 years old, who don’t have a LIFE) live a version of what I’m doing. Oh yea…I also BLOG. I have written and posted over 100, they average between 500 and 900 words. If I have a life, it’s as a Seminole Maroon Descendant Activist. Yea…that’s who I am LOL. Some years ago a Scholar scoffed at my efforts by saying : “You are only saying what other people have already said that you read on the computer”!

WOW ,that was a well aimed ZINGER. However, while it was  not far  of the mark, it was not entirely TRUE. Seventeen years ago at age 52, after finally confirming the identity of my biological father and being welcomed into the family, I began my systematized search to discover who were the people that our Ancestors belonged to. In over a half century of UNKNOWINESS where did my innate character/personality traits and physical characteristics come from?

I had not been raised in any of the Seminole Maroon Communities in the Greater Diaspora and that was problematic on one level but as  I found out later, it was  a tremendous opportunity to gather a small library (35 books) and find out what History and the Scholars said they had learned. I not only did this I reached out to Scholar’s like Kevin Mulroy, Ph.D. to create a correspondence with a recognized expert . Dr. Kevin Mulroy, was the “World’s Leading Authority on Seminole Maroons” and Dr. Mulroy introduced me to (via computor)  Dr. Richard Price the “World’s Leading Authority on Maroons”. He wrote the landmark  book : “Maroon Societies” Rebel Slave communities in the Americas. My friend and mentor, Dr. Kevin Mulroy , became my Smithsonian Institution Researcher for the book and exhibit: “indiVisible”: African-Native American Lives in the Americas.  Professor Joseph Opala , who is currently preparing Bunce Island as a Museum played a role in my development as did Dr. Heriberto Dixon and of course so did, Mr. William L. Katz  the distinguished author of : “Black Indians A Hidden Heritage” he added much to my tutelage. He even added my name to the dedication of the latest edition of his classic book “Black Indians A Hidden Heritage”. in the the photo above I am presenting a copy of it to Congresswoman Maxine Waters at a Cinco De Mayo Celebration in Gardena, California a few years ago.

My own research and my scholarly contacts prepared me to take advantage of a very important leg up that I had , it was that I had became an “Informed Descendant”. Once I interviewed my family’s Matriarchs and Patriarchs of each branch I was in a wonderful position to reconcile their narrative Oral History with my library, computer and a myriad of primary source documents , letters, newspaper articles, obituaries, pictures and etc information.

Now on to the title of this Blog, After President Barack Obama became President ,during his second term I heard an expression concerning African-American progress since his election. It was ,  “THE ILLUSION OF INCLUSION”, I believe, meaning it’s an illusion to think that since, we have a Black Man and Family in the White House that as a race “WE HAVE ARRIVED INTO AMERICAN SOCIETY AS A FULL PARTNER”. I will not support or deny the entirety of this catch phrase and I ask African-Americans not to surrender their better judgement into believing what I have termed as Mr. Trump’s well aired Campaign Slogan “I Will Build A WALL”.

This could set some of us in  the African-American  Community to assume what I call the “ILLUSION OF EXCLUSION” belief.  Here’s how this work’s, many African-American’s believe that Latino Immigrant’s are the source of our community’s lack of job’s and general economic stagnation. While that scenario is not hard to fathom but we must be careful not to make the leap of faith that this “EXCLUSION”of one group automatically guarantees that we will be the recipients of what the then expelled group leaves behind. The “Map is NOT the Territory” as Hayakawa says.

Consider this sequence, Mr. Trump builds a “WALL” and like Prohibition, when Alcohol became illegal, it created the era known as the “Roaring Twenties”.  The value of BOOZE went up astronomically because it was against the law.  How many ways can a wall be comprised and how many unethical people can profit by it’s vulnerability. So , Mr. Trump, who is a Genius for enriching himself by his own words and reliable reports say, for holding on to his riches at the cost of Society, not only will, if allowed have and control a Wall, in many other Mr. Trump Properties he also has a Mall . Here’s a nightmare, those Blacks who voted  for the Wall will not be hired in the Mall or even in Mr. Trump’s Gambling Hall. As Mr. Trump as already informed us in the Black Community we are trapped in a STALL which is where we live . He doesn’t show us the new jobs or new  community that will automatically become ours . We shouldn’t buy into the “WALL,MALL, STALL” hustle .

Finally ,if we forget our History we will repeat it. We can’t afford to forget ,Emmett Till, Martin Luther King, Jr. ,the Tulsa Massacre and the “Fort Negro Freedom Fighters”. we also shouldn’t forget that During the administration of Franklin Roosevelt, the then Negro Community’s  Best friend in the White House was Eleanor Roosevelt, she stood up for the Negro Community in a way that her Democratic President Husband Franklin Roosevelt could not . Check our History,  if it were not for Eleanor Roosevelt there NEVER would have been a heroic military unit known as the TUSKEGEE AIRMAN,  nor would Marian Andersen have been allowed to perform in Washington DC..

Much of the Racist dogma and doctrine as espoused by Hitler (by his own admission) was inspired by the works of the American   Eugenicist Madison Grant. Hitler said that Grant’s book the “The Passing of the Great Race” was bible bible.   Hitler said that he liked the way America handled their “Wild Indian” problem and his “Final Solution” plan certainly draws parallels to Grants and other International Eugenicists belief in Darwin’s concept of Natural Selection that led to the Social Engineering Techniques used by 19th and 20th century Dictators.  Speaking of dictators, Hitler used a democratic process to gain power and in a matter of months used a national Emergency to take power.

In closing, I submit , that President Bill Clinton by the African-American Community should be given credit for passing under his administration the : National Underground Railroad/Network  to Freedom 1998 Act. This public Law states that  America must never forget the Underground Railroad   or the Network to Freedom  . That was a great achievement made possible by the Clinton Administration . I know because, I am a Private-Sector-Partner   for the National Underground Railroad / Network to Freedom  and recently I have become an Official Volunteer for the United States  Forest Service  and I will be participating in the Bicentennial Commemoration at the British  Fort and Historic Landmark at Prospect Bluff . On October 22nd 2016 Descendants  ,with an Agency of the United States of America, including other interested parties, we will exercise our legal right  to seek Healing and Reconciliation  of the “Fort Negro” Battle and Massacre .

Honor and Respect ,

Phil (Pompey) Fixico ,Seminole Maroon Descendant