by refixico


Yes the time has come for Black Indians, to rise up as a group and take our place as an identifiable demographic. Who are we ? In most cases we were Africans brought here during the TransAtlanticSlave trade as kidnapped victims destined to become enslaved families trapped in “Cotton,Cane and Rice Prisons” for life or until an untimely death due to being overworked or for resisting impossible demands.

The Indians were already here and they too, had suffered a fate worst than death ,which was being DISCOVERED. Therefore we had two oppressed groups trapped on the same land mass. It was logical that they had contact and in many cases alliances were formed. These alliances were not always inter-marriage or even miscegenation. I dare to say that , it was not always Blacks with  Indians it was oftentimes Blacks in the presence of Indians. In the wilderness of North America during those times there was no birth certificates or vital Statistics for either group.

That leaves us with Oral History that can be very unreliable, at times. However, I have been researching my own genealogy for 17 years and I can say that sometimes ,it is true that :”Where there is Smoke there is Fire”. This is easy for me to say because my Genealogy was done by Dr. Kevin Mulroy for the Smithsonian Institution’s book and exhibit,entitled : “indiVisible”: African-Native American Lives in the Americas. Dr. Kevin Mulroy,  is the current Dean of the  Claremont Colleges 7 Library Systems.  I say that, to say this, that even Dr. Mulroy over the year in which we worked to put my family history  together would from time to time ask me to verify, interpret or reconcile his research with Oral History.

In 2015 the US Census Bureau estimated that there were 42.6 million Black Only, African Americans and 46 million Blacks in Combination with another Race, people in the United States. Thank you, U.S. Census Bureau now, I will give my results of the informal poll that I have been taking for 17 years which is this: When I asked African Americans : “Do you have any Native American in your Ancestry”? 6 out of ten said , yes. Most weren’t certain, it was based on Oral History and Family Reunion Table Talk with statements by “Ma’dear” ,”Big Mama” or “Uncle John”.

For our purposes of forming a coalition or a voting block that’s enough ! It’s reason enough to pull the lever for a candidate that the Voter thinks is a BLACK INDIAN. So my results of my informal poll were this : 60% of adult African Americans think that they have Native American in their Ancestry. That means that at least 20 million plus voting age African Americans would identify with voting for a Black Indian candidate.

The current Mayor of Inglewood ,Ca. is Mayor James Butts a Black Indian, African Cherokee or African-Native American whatever you prefer. He is an incredible example of one of America’s Most Successful Mayors. Let us hope that he will in 2020 consider running on the Democratic Presidential Ticket. As a Black Indian, Seminole Maroon Descendant and African-Native American  Activist I pledge my support and would campaign wholeheartedly within the Black Indian Community where I am known.

Mayor James Butts ,if you can do for America what you’ve done for Inglewood we need you ready to run in 2020.

Honor and Respect, Phil “Pompey” Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant

P.S. In the photo above the Mayor and I are holding a copy of Author William Loren Katz’s , entitled: “BLACK INDIANS”: A HIDDEN HERITAGE. This books completely explains the historical relationship between Blacks and Indians in the U.S.