Today is September 13th, 2017, sitting here in Southern California, I’m sending out prayers and well wishes in all 360 degrees of the world’s geography to all it’s populations, elevations , climates , land uses and states. The  image above this Blog’s title features a newspaper article that includes 3 photo. The first photo is a historic daguerreotype featuring my g-grandfather Seminole Maroon Leader Caesar Bruner.. The Oklahoma Seminole Nation Freedmen Band is named after him.

The middle photo is an early 1920’s era  “2-shot” the man on the Lt. is unidentified and the man on the Rt. is “Papa” Ceasar Bruner’s son Pompey Bruner Fixico. He is my grandfather and his mother was Wind Clan, Mikasuki Seminole Woman Dinah Fixico # 900 on the Dawes U.S. Census Rolls, that makes her my g-grandmother. This fact gives me and my 1st. cousins as direct Descendants of a female full-Blood Seminole listed on the Dawes Rolls the right to join the nation, as by-Blood members in the current Mekesuky Band.

No matter how much we may want to join the Caesar Bruner Freedmen Band we must follow our “inheritance rights” created by the listing of our directly identified female member.  The third photo on the frontpage of the Seminole Producer Newspaper is a publicity shot taken from a nationally toured Play entitled: “the road weeps” and “the well runs dry” , written by Marcus Gardley . the play was written using the theme of the John Horse Exodus which left from  Wewoka, Indian Territory in 1849.

Recently, on Facebook’s Black Seminoles of Oklahoma Seminole Nation (I.T.) & Friends, I mentioned that it was I and a matriarch that gave Dr. Kevin Mulroy, the author of :”THE SEMINOLE FREEDMEN” “A HISTORY” PUBLISHED BY OKLAHOMA UNIVERSITY PRESS in 2007 permission in behalf of the Descendants to include the photo above of Caesar Bruner. Additional permission came from Patriarch and family tree maker Charles Edwards, Frank “Buck” James ( Caesar Bruner contemporary as a child), Tommy Moore (grandson).

It turns out that two daughters of a much loved and high ranking Caesar Bruner Descendant French Wilson Bruner were rightfully incensed that they hadn’t been contacted for their rightful input. I can understand their anger and and it doesn’t bode well for my future familial relations with Diana Bruner-Puskas and Blossie Ann-Bruner the g-g-great grand daughters of Caesar Bruner. “Papa” Caesar Bruner is reported to have had 19 children in Indian Territory, it was his right as a Head Man to have children outside of his marriage. In a time when there was no guaranteed social safety net,  an unattached woman within the group would have jumped at the chance to have a child by the Leader because it  guaranteed that the family would be taken care of under any circumstances .

I apologize to any of his Descendants that don’t appreciate my taking responsibility for allow that the photo be used. My thinking was that it was an extremely important book about our Ancestors. It actually is a definitive book written by Dr. Kevin Mulroy, a prestigious author who many scholars consider him to be the “World’s Living Authority on Seminole Maroons” ( especially since the passing of Dr. Kenneth Porter). I didn’t know all of “Papa” Caesar’s Descendants but I do know that he deserved to have his picture in the book :”THE SEMINOLE FREEDMEN”. Not knowing who the photographer was there was a chance that photo was now under public domain. My research has given me some information about the source that I will not reveal now. I have shown the photo in Washington, DC at the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of the American Indian, In St. Augustine, Florida, the Caribbean, South America, Brackettville, Texas and at “Fort Negro” on the Applachicola River. I never personally received any money for sharing it and did so to increase his LEGACY and for educational purposes for the  Descendants and the general public.

Other people have used this photo , the first that I saw use it was Researcher Mr. Terry Ligon and I next saw it on  the Maroon Culture Facebook page. In both instances it was done in a classy respectful way for educational purposes.

My reading of History and reconciliation of family Oral History leads me to believe that “Papa” Caesar’s purpose for having a child with Wind Clan Seminole Woman Dinah Fixico was to create an “Anchor Baby” to strengthen the bonds between the Black And Indigenous members of the SEMINOLE PEOPLE. In the final moments of my decision to go ahead with it. I asked myself :”What would Caesar Bruner have wanted me to do”.

The name FIXICO is a Warrior title, i made a decision as any warrior would in the struggle that we are all involved in. when I was selected to visit The Okanisi Ndyuka Maroons of Suriname as the North American Maroon Representative, I’ll never forget when I presented the Seminole Maroon Peace Belt Ceremony before the Paramount Chief and Grand Gaaman before his Congression members since the question arose that my skin color was the color of the Over Seers, I showed them “Papa” Ceasar’s photo and they accepted me as his Descendant and rightful Ambassador to their Nation.We became Cultural Cousins and formed a cultural alliance as fellow Maroons and Descendants of the TransAtlanticSlave trade.

Honor and Respect, Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant/Activist and Private-Sector-Partner for the National Undeground Railroad/ Network to Freedom 1998 Act go to 50 min. to see the Ceremony





Today is September 8th, 2017, and a combination of mournful moans and sighs of relief can be heard all around our world. While FATHER SKY and MOTHER EARTH  remind us what real POWER really is. In moments of  supreme stupidity we bluster awkwardly with our fingers on a thousand Nuclear Trigger’s. Every second that we survive is equal to the world’s population individually catching a Mega Lottery all at the same time, with different numbers on the same day .Well let’s not waste a Blog on REALITY when we can share the finer minutiae of current events.

I’m  here in Southern California which is Earthquake Country and after hearing about Mexico’s recent seismological event, many Californian’s think back to the  San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 when 700 people were trapped by brick buildings, fire and unreinforced concrete when their world began to shake. The recent quake in Mexico left 60 humans deceased, epic property destruction and  caused mass evacuations through out the terrorized region. It was rated at 8.1 on the Richter Scale.

These were a few of the topics being  discussed today on the CARL NELSON SHOW, heard on Ms, Cathy Hughes WOLDC Radio station 1450 am broadcast from Washington DC. Again, I took advantage of an opportunity to voice my opinion. Below is a transcript of my call into the show:

” Greetings Brother Carl, concerning “Gentrification”. In the 90’s, I was a Southern California Real Estate Agent and I worked for the number one Black owned Real Estate company in Los Angeles, as an agent. Many of the things that are happening in Real Estate today were put into motion years ago. They were known to City Planners based on the projected “Direction of Growth”.

If you go to the right council Meetings when the City Planners are there you might discover the City’s Development “Plan and Master Plan”. Serious investors invest based on the “Direction of Growth”. Gentrification follows the D.O.G..

Some Black small business owners, with a good location but failing business, might consider being open to “Gentrifier Partnerships” based on a policy of the “Black” in a traditional Black neighborhood retaining 51% controlling interest and offering a 49% interest to the “Gentrifier”. ( As the show signed off I said ) “Al Gore and Kamala Harris for President “!

I used the photo above to represent a multi-cultural partnership that achieved incredible results. We three were the “A Team” for  “Operation Suriname”/ Maroon Day 2015. On the far right is : UCLA GRAD STUDENT Jeremy Peretz (Photography and Video) .In the Middle is: Her Excellency Dr. Ambassador Fidelia Grannd-Galon :Protocol Officer, Interpreter and Guide. On the Left is me: Phil Da Pompey Fixico: “North American Maroon Representative” to Suriname’s 2015 National Maroon Day.

On a 10 day Cultural exchange Mission, we paid courtesy calls to 10 Maroon Villages on three Sacred rivers. The  power of multi-culturalism was very enabling, Jeremy Peretz is a White Sephardic Jew ,Ambassador Graand-Galon is Full-Blooded Maroon Okanisi Ndyuka Maroon and I am a Seminole Maroon Descendant. The effect on ourselves and the people of Suriname was truly amazing. go 50 min. into video for Fort Negro Ceremony




Today is September 5th, 2017 and we continue to pray for the world in this era of strife, conflict and dissension. Our prayers, I believe should include thanks for those available  media venues that allow us to speak our mind in a civil manner.  Mr. Stevie Wonder has provided us with public access  through shows like “FRONTPAGE” the # one early morning Black Talk Show featuring the cares and concerns of the Southern California African-American Community.

Today’s  show was hosted by veteran host, Mr. Avi Bernard. Mr. Bernard took a very strong position on Multi-cultural issues in general like DACA. I have long been absent from FRONTPAGE but when my friend Mollie Bell informed me that Avi Bernard was hosting , I jumped at the chance to  be heard. My desire was to inform the listening public about the recent Legal victory in favor of the Cherokee of Color Indian Freedmen. A judge in a federal court ruled that the Freedmen were entitled  to full Citizenship and Membership in the Cherokee Nation equal to those of the other By-Blood members.

A few of the “Callers” had strong feelings and deep concerns about attention being paid to those other than  Black Communities. Their feelings were that primary help for  African-Americans is still long overdue. Mr. Bernard who proudly confesses that his ancestry includes: African-American, Indigenous-American and European-Jewish stock took no prisoners in his defense of All-inclusive/Multi-culturalism.

Being of mixed-race ancestry myself, it was inspiring to hear Mr. Avi Bernard stand up for both the DESCENDANTS and the ANCESTORS.

Honor and Respect, Phil “Pompey” Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant/Activist and Private-Sector-Partner for the National Underground Railroad/Network to Freedom 1998 Act go to 50 mins. into video



Hooray and Hallelujah,

Today is August 31st, 2017 and as I sit here comfortably in sunny Southern California, I can’t help thinking about the victims of the recent epic meteorological disturbances and thinking that our atmosphere has no partiality  for anyone. At a minimum we should pause and pray for the survivors of another warning that we must pay attention to our environment and how to live with it, or else suffer the consequences

On another note, in a time of great strive over Human Rights and the bias that causes it, we hear the triumphant news of “Victory over Oppression” at last. Below is an excerpt from a letter written by Attorney Jon Velie. I have personally known of Attorney Velie’s struggle to help Black Indian Freedmen for many years. By his estimation he has been on the front lines for Black Indian justice for 20 years. HOORAY AND HALLELUJAH !!! At long last it’s time for all who have fought the good fight to dance and rejoice.

Attorney Jon Velie from Norman, Oklahoma:

“The Cherokee Nation can continue to define itself as it sees fit but must do so equally and evenhandedly with respect to native Cherokees and the descendants of Cherokee freedmen. By interposition of Article 9 of the 1866 Treaty, neither has rights either superior or, importantly, inferior to the other. Their fates under the Cherokee Nation Constitution rise and fall equally and in tandem. In accordance with Article 9 of the 1866 Treaty, the Cherokee Freedmen have a present right to citizenship in the Cherokee Nation that is coextensive with the rights of native Cherokees.”

Black Indians are “MY” people genealogically. Despite the fact that I didn’t confirm my biological father’s identity until I was 52 years old (18 years ago). Even before this dramatic discovery, I did know my biological mother’s father was a Black Cherokee (William Rogers born in Marietta (?) Oklahoma. The revelation of my father’s true identity was of epic proportions.

As I began my journey to uncover the facts, the history was incredibly captivating and it changed my life. I started a correspondence with a Scholar and author ,Dr. Kevin Mulroy, who happens to be the “World’s Leading Expert on Seminole Maroons and their Descendants”. He is the author of  :”Freedom on the Border” and “The Seminole Freedmen” A History. In addition to his voluminous amount of other articles on the subject, he wrote  the 16,000 word, front-page article for the American Journal of Ethnohistory (Photo above). It featured 6 generations of my family’s history and since he was also a Smithsonian Institution researcher for the ground-breaking book and exhibit entitled : “indiVisible”: African-Native American lives in the Americas, my profile was chosen by The Smithsonian Institution to represent the Black Seminoles/Seminole Maroons in the book and exhibit and is entitled;  “Behind the Rolls” Pompey Bruner Fixico.

Abstract:” This story is a story of two hidden identies. It focuses on the family history of Phil Wilkes Fixico(aka Philip Vincent Wilkes and Pompey Bruner Fixico), a contemporary Seminole maroon descendant of mixed race who lives in Los Angeles. Phil is one-eighth Seminole Indian, one-quarter Seminole Freedmen, one-eighth Creek freedman, one-quarter Cherokee-freedmen and one quarter-African-American-white” .

Dr. Kevin Mulroy is known to be a meticulous researcher and I and my family owe him a debt that we can never repay. Another important mentor to me is Professor William L. Katz the author of “Black Indians” A Hidden Heritage. I also cannot ever forget Dr. Joseph Opala who wrote,”A Brief History of the Seminole Freedmen”.

I self identify as a Seminole Maroon Descendant and pursue my life and my Activism under this title. My g-grandfather was Oklahoma Seminole Freedmen Band Leader Caesar Bruner, he was a true Seminole Maroon  who fought for the Union in the First Indian Home Guard during the the Civil War. “Papa” Caesar had a child by my g-grandmother Fullblood Mikasuki Seminole Wind Clan Dinah Fixico Dawes Rolls # 900. The child was my grandfather Pompey Bruner Fixico. On the Dawes Roll he is listed as Fullblood, in truth he was half. My Oral History research leads me to believe that Papa Caesar had this child with a high ranking Seminole Woman to be an “Anchor Baby” . In other words, a child meant to strengthen the bonds between the African and the Indigenous members of the tribe. It was Dr. Gabrielle ,Editor/Curator for the Smithsonian Institution who told noted author Darlene Donloe who asked why was Fixico chosen to be featured in the “indivisible” book and exhibit,? She answered : “because we could tell the story of the SEMINOLE PEOPLE through his ancestry.

As the Civil War came to a close my g-grandfather Caesar Bruner was chosen to help translate and negotiate the 1865 Fort Smith Truce that became the verbatim 1866 U.S. Indian Territory  that was signed in Washington D.C.. Dr. Claud Anderson has also long championed Black Indian Rights. As I understand it, part of his rationale for Black Americans “REPARATIONS” will be connected to the successful fulfillment of the U.S. 1866 Indian Territory .Which was equal to the 13th,14th and 15th amendments to Black Indians. Plus, it granted them equal rights and tribal membership. The problem has been the 5 Civilized Tribes not living up to the treaty by taking refuge behind their claim of Sovereignty.

Honor and Respect, Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant & Activist.







Today is August 25th, 2017  and we are praying for those people in Texas who must gather their family and wits together in an effort to evade and survive what has been predicted will be one of the nations biggest storms in the area’s history. The African-American community  and others around the world are in mourning over the recent passing of the great Social Activist Mr. Dick Gregory. These are trying times for many people at many levels and much is at stake. However, we must always remember that “GOD IS GOOD”. Hooray and Hallelujah !

Earlier today, I spoke on the Carl Nelson Show which airs on WOLDC  1450 A.M. Radio, located in Washington, DC. Below is a transcript of my call into the show:

“Greetings Brother Carl, My grandfather and his brother were murdered by the Klan in Oklahoma, shortly after the “Tulsa Race Riots”. I feel that our problem is not “their” culture and “their ” statues, as much as it is “our” lack of statues and cultural re-enforcement. I continue to advocate that we revive the Harlem Renaissance. I also, advocate that Black families should document their family’s Oral History , have it witnessed and notarized.

Their statues of the Confederacy should not be publically financed but we must put pro-active energy into passing our History and Culture on to the next generation. Unfortunately, we have to tell their History to tell our history of who and what we overcame.

One point that must always be noted is that a normal habit of Slave Owners was to rape, murder and enslave their own mixed biological children who were: “Our Ancestors”. Removing their statues will not change their descendant’s hearts. Neither, will we be repaired after every statue is taken down”.

Carl Nelson: Fixico, do you have anything else to say?

” Yes, I’m not in favor of the statues .  I just believe that we should spend our time and energy on working on our own culture by  developing  “Cottage Industries” which will produce our own Cultural Products that could be purchased by others who would enjoy them.  I think that our young people could get injured or end up with a Police record as a result of attending these activities. I feel that they are really a DIVERSION” My call ends.

The newspaper front page above was published by the “Seminole Producer”. A current Oklahoma newspaper in the area where my grandfather Pompey Bruner Fixico and his brother Tecumseh Bruner were murdered. The photo on the left is of my g-grandfather Oklahoma Seminole Nation Maroon Band Leader Caesar Bruner and the gentleman on the Rt in the small photo in the middle is his son by a Fullblooded Mikasuki Seminole Indian Woman (Dinah Fixico Dawes Rolls # 900) Pompey Bruner Fixico my grandfather. It is my reading of primary source documents and reconciliation of of family Oral History that after my g-grandfather’s passing the forces of the area Klan with “Papa” Ceasar gone went after Tecumseh 1st and Pompey re-acted giving his killer an excuse to gun him down in public. I owe a debt that I can never repay to Publisher Stu Phillips, Reporter Karen Anson and my dear friend Mr. Kevin Brinker. In publishing the story about a Los Angeles stage play (“the Road Weeps” and “the Well Runs Dry”) that dealt with the “John Horse Exodus” from Wewoka, Indian Territory, the article touched on why my family had to flee from Oklahoma in 1925 .

Honor and Respect, Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant and Activist.







Greetings to all, Today is August 17th, 2017. It is the 130th Anniversary of the birth of Marcus Garvey.  I’m writing from Sunny Southern California and again we are blessed with a blue sky, and a cool evening breeze . The weather is simply beautiful and I’m extremely thankful for the exhilarating intellectual experience that I just received  as a result of speaking with one of the world’s most brilliant scholars : Dr. Maulana Karenga.

Dr. Maulana Karenga is  professor and Chair of Africana Studies at California State University Long Beach. He holds two Ph.D’s. His first in political science with a focus on the theory and practice of Nationalism and his second is in Social Ethics with a focus on Classical African ethics of Ancient Egypt. Professor Karenga is the foremost exponent of Maatian ethical thought. That’s the official account, however, my description is “Dr. Maulana Karenga is an accessible Down-to-Earth G-E-N-I-U-S”. His creation of and gift to the world is KWANZAA, this fact including his overarching body of work ranks him as one our foremost Cultural Nationalist. I couldn’t wait to call into Carl Nelson’s WOLDC AM Radio Show , after learning that he would be a guest. Below is a transcript of my call into the show:

“Habari gani  Brother Carl and Dr. Maulana Karenga. It’s an honor to speak to you. I have a question that requires a brief explanation. I’m a Seminole Maroon Descendant Featured in the Smithsonian Institution. I would like for my Activism to help revive an all-inclusive Cultural Renaissance similar to the Harlem Renaissance except instead of using the New Negro as our role model, we use Indigenous and Maroon Freedom Fighters as our heroes and sheroes and re-tell Western Hemisphere History through their lives.

It should be a grassroots movement where we use the Humanities as the method of presentation. I say that it should be all-inclusive because my direct Maroon Ancestors won their marronage 3 times in their history but each time they escaped enslavement, they fought in alliance with others. My question, Dr. Maulana Karenga is : “What is your advice to me”? Call ends.

Dr. Maulana Karenga’s advice to me was exactly what a Brilliant Down-to-Earth GENIUS would say. In other words, I have been educated, schooled, tutored, guided and edified. It was all done in a caring and gentle manner. I can truly say that Dr. Maulana Karenga has a heart for “HUMANITY” as big as his INTELLECT.

Honor and Respect,                                                                      Phil “Pompey” Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant & Activist












Today is August 10th, 2017, I’m writing this Blog from Southern California, the sun is shining brightly and there is a wonderful evening breeze coming off of the  Pacific Ocean. Minutes ago, I had the distinct privilege of speaking on the number one Black Talk Show for “CONSCIOUS” African-Americans (in my opinion). That show is the Carl Nelson Show heard on WOLDC 1450 AM radio , coming out of  Washington, D.C..

The guest for today’s show was Dr. Runoko Rashidi, one of our most accomplished Scholars in Ancient African History and Anthropology. Below is a transcript of my call into the show:

“Greetings Brother Carl and Dr. Runoko Rashidi. It is truly an honor , Sir. Thank you for all that you do for us with your trips. Concerning your trip to Matanzas , Cuba. Both Matanzas and Guanabacoa, Cuba (which is a municipality  of Havana) have been documented as sites where Black Seminoles migrated to, from Spanish , Florida. Many of them came from the Settler Group around Fort Negro.

It’s interesting that this region still produces Black Seminole Descendant Freedom Fighters, per your Angola information. Dr. Runoko  had earlier, in his interview mentioned that he visited the Matanzas area and this area is where many of Cuba’s Freedom Fighters came from who went to fight  South African White Supremacy Troops in Angola).

I have several Black Seminole Cousins in Mexico, and they are known as :”Los Mascogos”. They currently live in Nacimiento de Los Negros, en Coahiula, Mexico”. I hung up and awaited his answer off the air.

Dr. Runoko Rashidi was very excited about the Mascogos of Mexico who live in la Ciudad de Nacimiento de los Negros. He touched on the Black Seminole History and said that he intended on taking his next year’s Mexican Tour group to meet the Mascogos of Nacimiento.

The photo above was taken on October 22nd, 2016, I am speaking at the podium during the 200th Anniversary commemoration of the Battle and Massacre of Fort Negro. I am seen with chiefs and representatives of the U.S Forest Service, the Muskogee Creek, Seminole and Choctaw Indian Nations plus other participants and audience members.                             Wm. Katz’ (Fort Negro Article)


Honor and Respect, Phil “Pompey” Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant, Private-Sector-Partner for the  National Underground Railroad/Network to Freedom 1998 Act