The time of  the year has come along again, when we seriously need to count our blessings and Praise God. On this day , of November 22nd, 2016, let us pause to appreciate what we already have and take time to enjoy it and share it with others. It’s always a blessing to speak on Mr. Stevie Wonder’s FrontPage Radio Show. Today, it was hosted by Mr. Avi Bernard. Mr. Avi Bernard is Passionate, Principled and Professional. The topic was the 2016 Presidential Election and the importance of voting. Below is an approximate transcript of my words that were spoken on “HOT TOPIC TUESDAY”:

(My call begins:) Good Morning Mr. Avi Bernard, Hallelujah Brother ! Voting is important ,especially voting for the President. Now about the election, what scares me the most is that Newt Gingrich has said : “That the president, that President Elect Trump is most like is Andrew Jackson”. Who was a Slave-Owning, Indian Killing President, who took land from Indians and created “COTTON PRISONS” for Black Families. He caused the Fort Negro (Massacre), The Trail of Tears and he chose Chief Justice Roger Taney for the Supreme Court. Who ruled in the “Dred Scott” decision that : “Blacks have NO rights that Whites need to Respect”.

However, I have a solution for everything. If Mr. Stevie Wonder will record a new version of “We Shall Overcome” and give it to the Protestors, it would go a long way towards bringing things together. (Call ends).

In another Blog, I said “Protest …Yes, Riot…No”! The election is over and even our role model President Barack Obama has said that “ensuring a smooth transition of Power is a top priority”. “So the country can come together after a hard fought election”. We must ultimately abide by that , because again as President Obama has said: “THE COUNTRY HAS SPOKEN”.

Newt Gingrich is a Dominant Culture White Male, he sees Andrew Jackson as one of America’s Greatest President’s and Military Hero’s. When my Ancestor’s who escaped the the U.S. Slave Plantations of the South , took refuge and asylum in Spanish Florida, they were viewed as the Terrorist of that age and in truth some who had escaped Enslavement did return on rescue missions to free their wives and children . They were Heros, Sheroes and dedicated Freedom Fighters .

There is, I believe an Irish staying that goes like this “THE WINNERS WRITE HISTORY AND THE LOSERS WRITE THE SONGS”. Well, winners can write both history and the songs. We must vote to WIN. It’s a fact that  President Elect  Donald Trump won the election. It’s also a fact that we, because of our right to Free Speech can peacefully protest and sing Protest Songs. It’s time for us to remember the discipline of those Brave and dedicated Civil Rights Protestors of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Honor and Respect, Phil Pompey Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant and Activist.







I know this because as a Seminole Maroon Descendant and great-grandson of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma Band Leader Caesar Bruner, who was trained by Prophet Abraham to be an Interpreter and leader, I have pursued the TRUTH and finally I have irrefutable evidence that proves Fort Negro really happened. On October 22nd, 2016 the United States Government through it’s agency the U.S. Forest Service, presented the Fort Gadsden Bicentennial Commemoration at the British Fort Historic Landmark on the Apalachicola River on Prospect Bluff. Better known in the U.S. Congressional Records as the Negro Fort. The participants were Chiefs/Representatives of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, the Muskogee Creek Nation of Oklahoma ,the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and high ranking Officials of the U.S. Forest Service. Special recognition belongs to Ms. Rhonda Kimbrough, Ms. Erika Davis, Ms. Kelly Russell and Mr. Tony Tooks.

Again, I know this for a fact , because  a few weeks ago I returned from “FORT NEGRO”, where I took part in the ceremony. I represented the Maroons who locked the gates and refused to be dragged back into Slavery when the United States Army, Navy and Marine Corp augmented by their Indian Allies came to return them to Slavery … General Andrew Jackson’s orders read …” Destroy the fort and return the stolen Negros to their rightful owners”.

Well , on that day there were NO Slaves in that Fort !! Only Black and Indigenous FREEDOM FIGHTERS …who shouted back , “LIBERTY OR DEATH”!!! 200 of the DEFENDERS were Black Women and Children, they fought as well, approximately 70 were Black  Military trained Males ,formerly  British Colonial Marines . There were also 30 plus Seminole and Choctaw Indians among the forts combatants. I learned about this part of Western Hemisphere by reading the book “BLACK INDIANS”:A HIDDEN HERITAGE by author William L. Katz. I will allow the experts and scholars to give you there version of the Negro Fort Battle and Massacre. In addition, I will supply the video of the actual ceremony. On that day I as a Black Indian /Maroon Descendant administered the “Peace Belt Ceremony ” to all the Descendant Representatives and attendees.

Honor and Respect, Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant and Activist.

The First U.S. Foreign Invasion: Seizing Florida in 1816 (6 minutes)

This is the video of the actual recognition ceremony, where I perform the Peace Belt Ceremony



May the GOOD LORD BLESS your Sacred Shores with PEACEFUL CHANGE ! There is nothing more constant than CHANGE. That bit of WISDOM… is Simple but not easy. Things, people and times in our life expire. We must be flexible and go with the flow until a new change occurs that is more to our way of thinking, more in our comfort zone. What’s important then, is that we recognize it. Knowing when the “GOOD OLD DAYS” are here is as important and possible as appreciating the little things in our lives.

So, for many of us, we are now faced with an unexpected Change in the person who will lead and represent the United States of America for the next four years. Many are proudly jubilant at Mr. Trump’s election and many others are experiencing a myriad of emotions from regret and shame to terror. I voted for Secretary Hillary Clinton and I was happy when President Barack Obama was elected 8 years ago. I’m sure that several of President Elect Donald Trump’s current supporters ,8 years ago felt regret, shame and terror felt at President Obama’s election. They too, had to suck it up and wait for a new CHAMPION to come along.

Again, I say knowing when the “GOOD OLD DAYS” are here is a marvelous skill to develop. As we come to the end of President Obama’s I’ve heard a fair amount of  African-Americans say, “He didn’t do anything for me”! Many of these disgruntled African-Americans said that they would vote for Mr. Trump because he had been a successful business man. I’m proud of what President Obama achieved as President and here are a few reasons why. President Obama’s presidency was a historic event, many wondered or doubted that he could live up to the job. He proved that he could function in that capacity ,certainly as well as others and better than some. When I think of President Barack Obama’s tenure as president, I think about all things that he didn’t let happen to us on his watch, such as: World War 111, Gas lines, massive shortages and uncontrollable Domestic and Foreign Terrorist attacks that paralyzed the country. In addition , The Obama Family while in the White House maintained great dignity and avoided shameful scandals, to their credit.  Remember, at the end of the day, Presidents aren’t Kings or Magicians with a magic wand to wave. They all must Rule by Parliamentary Consensus, that includes President Donald Trump.

To those of us who have taken to the streets in protest as a result of things that were said ,revealed and occurred during a very toxic campaign process. I advise this, “PROTEST…YES!  RIOTS…NO!!!      Now is the time to learn the discipline required to be a Civil Rights Protester during the 50’s and 60’s. We must now , pause reflect and appreciate how much guts and discipline that it took to gain progress in the face of overpowering odds. Not only do I see anger and fear in the face of the protesters, I see hope, determination and a strong belief that their unselfish protest can make a difference. I ask them to Protest Legally at all times because they lose the Morale Authority for their cause when they break the law and destroy property and hurt others with rioting. In addition they do not best serve their purpose when they are violently arrested ,potentially causing themselves physical and personal injury. They could end up with a costly police record that limits their future activism or even a long term and expensive medical bill and physical disability.

Here is what I recommend, as a longtime African-Native American Descendant and Activist. Of course, the cause and people that you represent will be different from my Ancestor centered activism but possibly you can find some value in my oft stated paradigm. For the “enth thousand time” LOL, I say that my Dream is that my Activism will help trigger an All-inclusive Cultural Renaissance similar to the Harlem renaissance except instead of using the “New Negro”as the role model, we use the lives of Indigenous and Maroon Freedom Fighters to re-tell Western Hemisphere History. We have to start with the Discovery Holocaust of Indigenous Peoples and trace it up to today including Removal, Manifest Destiny and Contemporary Persecution.This body of knowledge and documented history will be included with the effects of the TransAtlanticSlave Trade, Industrial Slavery, Reconstruction Abuses ,Slavery by Another Name, Jim Crow Laws and further Persecution up to contemporary times including Black Lives Matter and etc.. Even in my call for a Cultural Renaissance, I firmly believe that it must be ALL-INCLUSIVE.

It must be All-Inclusive because even during the 1800’s when Slavery was at it’s height, there was always in the mist of it ,3% of the Dominant Culture who were willing to go to the wall and give the full measure of their and their family’s lives to fight Slavery. While doing my family’s research, I discovered that after the US Civil War those Maroon members of my Ancestors when they returned to Indian Territory and separated  into two bands of Seminole Maroons they named themselves the John Brown Band and the Jim Lane Band. Naming themselves that, after going through 21 battles as part of the 1st Indian Home Guard. They gave honor to the two White Warrior Abolitionists who had fought for their cause during America’s Civil War. It must be an All-Inclusive Cultural Renaissance.

Finally, what I am advocating is that for those who feel limited and powerless , please use Art,Music,Writing, Poetry, Film, Photography,Theater, Journal Keeping, Sports ,etc. . Find ways to express yourself that are not anti-social manifestations whose negative results will linger both internally and externally by following you through your life. Just because you have strong feelings that you are sure are just , be wise and channel that energy and manage those impulses into a creative representation of your inner feelings, fears and conflicts. BE SAFE.

Honor and Respect,

Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico                                                       Seminole Maroon Descendant and Activist






CONGRATULATIONS PRESIDENT ELECT DONALD TRUMP !                   I never dreamed that I’d be forced to say those words. In truth, I didn’t think that the American People would elect someone to the highest office in the land with that person’s qualifications being centered in areas outside of government and who had not came up through the regular political infra-structure. Well , I and literally millions of other Americans and people around the world were wrong about your ability to become legally elected.

Frankly, President Elect Donald Trump, both publically and privately , I compared your rise to prominence to Adolph Hitler’s  career. Who  after a failed coup,  used the Democratic System to gain entry into the German government as Chancellor. After 3 months in office, he used a highly inflammatory incident to over-ride the democracy to ensconce himself as a dictator. Time will surely tell if you are a different type of leader and statesman for the American People or another version of a “STRONG MAN” who rules by force of Will.

Mr. Newt Gingrich, tells us that the historic President that you are most like is Andrew Jackson. As an African-Native American Descendant and Activist, this comparison is very troubling to me for several reasons. General and President Andrew Jackson was a Slave Owner and Indian Killer, who as a Military Officer and leader of the people  on countless occasions over-ruled legal protocol and did what his passions directed him to do. A very notable  event in his, “His Way or the Highway ” style of leadership was when the Supreme court ruled in favor of the Cherokee Nation’s right to remain on their Ancestral lands, in violation of President Andrew Jackson’s 1830 Indian Removal Act. President Jackson used the Army to illegally evict the Cherokee Indian Nation by forcing them on to the “Trail of Tears” where thousands of the members , mostly the elderly, the young and the sick succumbed to the rigors of the journey. Hitler in his book Mein Kampf said that he liked the way that America had treated “The Wild Indians”. There is no doubt that he instituted a heartless policy of forced removal that resulted in the loss of life of many people including Jews and various other  dissidents.

The photo above was taken on October 22nd, 2016 at “Fort Negro” on the Apalachicola  River in Florida. the occasion was the British Fort/Fort Gadsden 200th anniversary Commemoration of the “Negro Fort” Battle and Massacre. Florida at that time was Spanish Territory and because in 1694 the Spanish Monarch had issued an edit granting freedom to former enslaved Blacks who had escaped to Florida and embraced Catholicism and acted as militia , the area became a refuge for African-Americans fleing the U.S.  Slavocracy’s clutches. The countryside in and around the Negro Fort was inundated with Black Maroons and disaffected Indians all desperately seeking a safe sanctuary. General Jackson in collusion with President James Madison illegally sent the U.S. Military, including  the Army, Navy and Marine Corp into a foreign country without Congressional permission to ,as Gen. Jackson said: ” destroy the Negro Fort and return the stolen Negros and property to their rightful owners”. Since the 300+ occupants of a fort that had been armed by the British and left in the hands of 270 Blacks and 30 plus Seminole and Choctaw Indians refuse to surrender to the illegal invasion, the U.S. navy fired a red-hot cannon ball that explode the fort’s ammunition magazine, killing 200 Black women and children and 70 Black veterans of the British Corp of Marines who were defending the Fort.

My question to you President Elect Donald Trump, will you as President allow and permit the commemoration ceremony to continue at the British Fort/Fort Gadsden U.S. Historic Landmark at Prospect Bluff. It was an important gesture of recognition by the United States Government , through it’s agency of the United States Forest Service under the Department of Agriculture. The photo above depicts a “Semiroon Peace Belt Ceremony” that included 3 Chiefs and a High U.S.F.S official. I was the Ceremonial Elder officiating a portion of the ceremony and representing the Black Maroon victims of that tragic event. However, on that day our goal was to achieve “Healing and Reconciliation” after 200 years . I hope that your administration will not suppress this history  in the future.

President Elect Donald Trump, I as a citizen of the United States of America  and as a non-veteran Descendant 12 year member of the Los Angels Chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers 9th & 10th (horse) Cavalry ( an official U.S. Army Association ) because you were legally elected I am bound to respect your office as President of the United States and as Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Military. This I do swear to do. I will continue to exercise my Rights of Freedom of Speech, but I will respect the country’s decision of electing you as our President of the United States of America.

God Bless America,                                                                                           Trooper Phil “Pompey” Fixico                                                                     Member of the L.A. Chapter of the                                                                 Buffalo Soldiers


Good Morning America !!!

In these last hours leading up to the 2016 UNITED STATES Presidential Election, I feel the need to APOLOGIZE to former Governor Mitt Romney. May I say that I am a lifelong Democrat and that I have already voted in this years election. My past votes have never been based on race or gender. They were traditionally based on Party Loyalty.

To prove that point, in 2008, when Hillary Clinton was running against Barack Obama, I leaned toward Candidate Clinton because of former President Bill Clinton’s vast amount of experience. I wasn’t convinced that America was ready for an African-American to become President. However, after Barack Obama won the right to represent the the Democratic Party as the nominee, I again stayed loyal to the Democratic Party. In retrospect, I am proud of President Obama  and his family’s tenure in the White House. They maintained an inspiring example of our 1st American Family . The First Lady Michelle Obama has truly been a CLASS ACT !!!

As I look back on the 2012 campaign, I must make an apology to former Governor Mitt Romney  and his family. During the days leading up to the election, I spoke out sharply against Candidate Mitt Romney. May I now say: “Governor Romney, I apologize for any sharp statements that I made against you while speaking on Mr. Stevie Wonder’s Radio Station during the airing of the “FRONTPAGE” talk Show.  “Dear Sir, the reason that I am compelled  to render you this public apology, is because ,while I am sure that even to this day we have political differences with each other. However, I must admit that you are a true statesman of great integrity and have proven that fact by your refusal to participate in your party’s recent support of it’s current Presidential Nominee”

I remember your concession speech, when you said: “I still believe in the people of America and so Ann and I join you to earnestly pray for this Great Nation. Thank you and God Bless America” I firmly believe that if the REPUBLICAN PARTY had nominated you as it’s candidate it would have made for a more honorable contest.

Yours Truly,                                                                                                             Phil “Pompey” Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant/Activist, President and Founder of the Semiroon Historical Society



The photo above was taken on October 22nd, 2016, on the banks of the Apalachicola River, in Florida. The single tall flag pole to the right of the seven people facing the audience, marks the spot within the Negro Fort Sacred Battlefield  where on July 27th, 1816 a red-hot cannon ball fired by U.S. Gunship # 154 fired a shot into the Negro Fort’s ammunition magazine, instantly  killing 270 defenders and occupants of the “Fort Negro”.

That was 200 years ago and yet, the fact of it, still holds tremendous significance. The location has been called many names and occupied by many owners. The British Post, Fort Gadsen, Fort Blount ,to name a few.  Today, the United States Forest Service, the government agency who is it’s guardian, calls it the “British Fort National Historic Landmark”. The program pictured above is the first official state sponsored Commemorative Event that publically recognizes : “The Negro Fort Battle and Massacre of 1816”.

Of the 300 plus defenders who eventually died as a result of the combined attack made by the U.S. Military and their Creek Indian allies, approximately 270 were Maroons. It has been determined that 200 of this number were women and children, including 70 Maroon males  and 30 plus Seminole and Choctaw Warriors. I describe these people as Maroons because Maroons are Freedom Fighters and when asked to surrender ,meaning a return to SLAVERY, they refused. The first 3 people (on the Rt.) in the photo are two children and one male. For me in my way of thinking, the children in the picture symbolically represent the children who were in the fort when it was destroyed. The male represents the Maroons , I am the male and my g-grandfather Caesar Bruner was married to Prophet Abraham’s daughter Nancy. My grandfather Pompey Bruner Fixico was “Papa” Caesar’s son by a Mikasuki Seminole Women , Dinah Fixico Wind Clan Dawes Rolls Oklahoma Seminole Nation #900 Full-Blood. This relation made my grandfather a half brother to  Abraham’s  8 grand children by “Papa” Caesar and “Mama” Nancy’s  (7 boys and 1 girl).

Prophet Abraham was known to have been in and around the Negro Fort and very likely a member of the British Corp of Royal Marines. He went on to become the highest ranking Seminole Maroon in the First and Second Seminole War. In addition, it was he who interpreted and negotiated with Gen. Jesup , America’s 1st Emancipation Proclamation known as “Jesup’s Proclamation” in 1837 . It gave the Maroons the right to go FREE to Indian Territory. Since Abraham lived in the Bruner Band he obviously trained my g-grandfather Bruner Band Leader Caesar Bruner and Robert Johnson to become Interpreters and Negotiators. It was they, who helped interpret both the 1865 Fort Smith Truce that became the Seminole 1866 U.S. Indian Treaty. This of course was after they had fought in the U.S. Civil War , Where they served as members of the First Indian Home Guard, which fought in 21 battles during the war. I as their descendant and as the President of the Semiroon Historical Society spoke on this day for my Maroon ancestors.

The gentleman seated in front of the podium ,is the Muskogee Creek Principal Chief Mr. James Floyd.  Who by his own admission in his speech, said that his people fought on both sides of the battle.  The Gentleman,to Chief Floyd’s right, is Mr. Tony Tooks representing the United States Forest Service, he is the Regional Manager for the Southeastern U.S..  Seated on Mr. Tooks right is Mr. Joe Frank who was sent by the Seminole Tribe of Florida to represent his  Seminole Ancestors. Sadly ,I didn’t get the name of the young man to Mr. Joe Frank’s right, he represented the Choctaw Nation. We  all assembled on that historic and Sacred Battlefield to seek Healing and Reconciliation. Those who attended supplied the important ingredient of MERCY.

The U.S. Indian Territory Truce and Treaties were in part interpreted and negotiated by Caesar Bruner and Robert Johnson. The treaties were equal to the 13th,14th, and 15th amendments for Black Indians. Yet ,today we have dis-enrollment attempts and 2nd class citizen rights and benefits for Black Indians. However, the event sponsored by the USFS was responsible for giving the Descendants of Indian Removal and the TransAtlanticSlave a chance to come together in recognition of our joint History. this event was far beyond my wildest dreams because of the potential that it demonstrated.

Many of my relatives are angry with the Five Civilized Tribes because they feel that the Tribes have not lived up to the words agreed upon in the U.S. Treaties. I was not raised in any Black Indian Community and only learned  of my ancestry 17 years ago at age 52. Since I had no deep seated sense of entitlement, I created a one man organization, called the Semiroon Historical Society. I operate it under the principal of “TRANSCENDANCE”.

Transcendance, is one of 4 responses, mentioned in a thesis called Estelusti Marginality ,by Dr. R.V. Robertson.  Dr. Von Robertson is a Pan-Africanist Professor at Lamar University in Texas.  In his article, he discusses, the reaction of Black Indians , when By-Blood Indians reject their attempts to join Indian nations. The essay states that , Blacks usually respond in one of of four ways , they are called; Return- Blacks return to their own groups, Poise- “I know what I am ,whether By-Bloods accept me or not”, Assimilation- usually means overcoming the target groups non-acceptance to “fit in” and finally ,Transcendance- To rise above the rejection and what Black Indians feel is owed to them , by forming our own Indigenous-like groups. I have the necessary documentation and evidence linking me to a direct female ancestor on the Dawes rolls. Yet, I have not applied for membership and I remain in solidarity with those who only have Oral History. I further believe, that anyone, who wants to Celebrate this culture, for cultural purposes shouldn’t hesitate to do so.

Finally, Native Americans make up about , 1.5 % of the US population and African-Americans represent ,about 12.5 %. My experiences lead me to believe that at least 60 % of African Americans, THINK that they have either Native American ancestry or Shared History. We (African-Americans), undeniably have the numbers, so why don’t we just start out using and enjoying the culture, on our own turf, while we work,  to create our own African-Native American groups. We can do this by beginning an all-Inclusive Cultural Renaissance, similar to the Harlem Renaissance where instead of using  the “New Negro” as the protagonist for our Renaissance we use African-Native American Maroon Freedom Fighters as our Heroes and Sheroes role models in our cultural movement. The Smithsonian Institution’s Book and exhibit ,entitled: “indiVisible”: African-Native American Lives in the Americas ( my story was written and researched by Dr. Kevin Mulroy) and the book, Black Indians: A Hidden Heritage by author William L. Katz  will make great road maps to guide us along our journey.

In closing , I will say that if I had not been following the principle of “TRANSCENDANCE”, I would not have been invited to participate in this great and historic commemoration at “Fort Negro”.

Honor and Respect,                                                                                            Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico,                                                    Seminole Maroon Descendant

P.S. There are 3 officials of the USFS, who will forever remain dear to me, they are: Ms. Rhonda Kimbrough , Heritage and Tribal Program Manager ,USFS, Ms. Erika Davis, Staff Supervisor and Ms. Kelly Russell, Supervisor of the Forest, without their intense stewardship of this project  my involvement in it would never have taken place. May the good Lord Bless and Keep them for their Hard work and tender mercies! Amen.



This morning October 17th, 2016 as the rains came down in Los Angeles , California. I awoke from a very powerful dream, it’s power was in the sense of reality that I felt while it was progressing. I won’t describe the dream but I will say that it evoked a continuing and recurring spiritual manifestation that has come to my mind occasional over several years. “I’ll say praise God… ‘Cause God is Good and Greatly to be Praised”. Hooray and Hallelujah !!!

I am literally a few days away from participating in the upcoming Bicentennial Commemoration of the British Fort Historic Landmark at the Apalachicola River, also known as the Negro Fort. This historic event will be put on by the  United States Forest Service. I was originally invited by Rhonda Kimbrough, the Heritage Program Manager and I have since then also been in touch with Staff Supervisor Erika Davis and Supervisor of the Forest Kelly Russell. I am a Seminole Maroon Activist who is currently featured in the Smithsonian Museum’s book and exhibit, entitled : “indiVisible”: African-Native American Lives in the Americas.

I was informed by Ms. Rhonda Kimbrough that I could participate in the event as long as I was connected to the Negro Fort. Since four branches of my  family trees were either in or around the Negro Fort, I qualify. They were Fixicos (Mikasuki),Bowlegs (Seminole Maroon) Bruner and Rentie African Creek. A documented and very identifiable  connection was the fact that my g-grandfather Caesar Bruner who later became the Bruner Band of Oklahoma Maroon Band Leader was married to the most famous Black Freedom Fighter in Fort Negro’s History and in the History of the Seminole People. That man was Prophet Abraham. “Papa” Caesar was married to Abraham’s daughter Nancy ( I recently received a family tree that corrected my belief that Nancy was Abraham’s granddaughter). Abraham lived with his daughter Nancy and my g-grandfather Caesar Bruner for much of his life in Oklahoma Indian territory) It is believed that Papa Caesar as a Seminole Maroon Leader had 19 children. It is well documented that he and Mama Nancy had 8 children, 7 boys and one girl. My grandfather was Pompey Bruner Fixico one of Papa Caesars children outside of his marriage ,which was totally allowable. Therefore, Prophet Abraham’s grandchildren were half brothers and sisters to my grandfather whose mother Dinah Fixico was a Full-Blood Mikasuki Wind Clan Seminole  ,Dawes Rolls #900.

My research leads me to believe that my grandfather was meant to be an anchor baby between the Seminole By blood and the Maroons. Dinah Fixico’s father was  Osa eneha Fixico  (meaning one who speaks for the chief who was Octiarche) and her mother was Lucy. Caesar Bruner and Osa Eneha had fought together in the First Indian Home Guard a Union Regiment, which participated in 21 battles during the US Civil War. My connection would also have been increased by the likelihood that my Bruner and Rentie Ancestors came down from Alabama Creek Territory after the Redstick War and Bowlegs Ancestors who left the Alachua area would have traded at the Negro Fort before taking refuge in Suwanee and later Angola.  The Negro Fort was truly a beacon to the refugees of the Hawkins/Jefferson Era. Yes I’m connected.

As the event draws near I want to thank Rev. Jesse Jackson ,including his daughter Santita for allowing me to speak about the Negro Fort Event several times on their “Keep Hope Alive ” Radio show on Chicago’s WVON radio station. I owe so much to my dear friend and Brother in the Struggle WOLDC Radio Host Mr. Carl Nelson. He knew what his listeners didn’t know which was the importance of this recognition of Fort Negro by the United States Forest Service. Carl allowed me to get a plug in, countless times on the his show. Don’t get it twisted, my Activism has operated off of a “Vow of Poverty”. This is not a money making endeavor for me, it’s about the Sacred History of my Ancestors.

This morning after my dream , I called into the “Frontpage”  program, which is Mr. Stevie Wonder’s # one Black Talk Show in Southern California. It is hosted by Ms. Dominique Diprima and Assistant Producer Angela Hoffman. Today’s guest was the premier Scholar and prolific Author Dr. Gerald Horne. Below is a transcript of my call into the station: ( Dr. Horne’s replies will be paraphrased)

“Greeting’s Dr. Dominique and Dr. Horne. Dr. Horne, I know that you have written about it. Why is the United States Government, now ready to publically recognize the Fort Negro Massacre? I have been invited by the U.S. Forest Service as a Fort Negro Era Descendant to participate in the ceremony. I’d like to get your take on it”.(my call ends) To paraphrase Dr. Horne, he said that he hadn’t heard of it. He also mentioned that he opened his book “NEGRO COMRADES OF THE CROWN ” with the Negro Fort Battle. In his conclusion and answer to my question he said” If the caller is correct, it is overwhelmingly POSITIVE that the US Government is about to recognize it”.

The photo above, is of my g-grandfather Caesar Bruner the man for whom the Caesar Bruner Band of the Oklahoma Nation of Seminole still carries his name today.

Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico                                                                         Seminole Maroon Descendant