Today is February 9th, 2018 and my sunny Southern California location  weather-wise ain’t so sunny LOL. It’s 7:00 am and I can’t see the Sun because of the Fog . I’m not complaining just stating a meteorological fact. Let’s count our blessings and pray for others.

Wednesday February 7th 2018, the City of Los Angeles held it’s annual Black History celebration which will kick off a multitude of local festivities. I have for many years, along with the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers for which I am  a member and officer of (14 years) been honored to attend. We owe our presence at this star-studded affair to our great supporters the powerful :
OUR AUTHORS STUDY CLUB . Our appearance has always been coordinated by the “Texas Cyclone” herself Maude Johnson.

This years theme was “Blacks in times of War”. Therefore, there were many Veterans in attendance. Ms. Dionne Warwick received a “LIVING LEGEND AWARD”.

The Photo above: Lt. Trooper Phil Fixico, L.A. Mayor Gil Garcetti, WW 11 Hero “Original Buffalo Soldier” Sergeant Major Bruce Dennis, Recording Artist Ms. Freda Payne and Academy Award winning Actor Mr. Louis Gossett, Jr.

Honor and Respect, Phil Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant/Activist, President of the SEMIROON HISTORICAL SOCIETY and Private-Sector-Partner for the National Underground Railroad/Network to Freedom 1998 Act






Today is February 1st, 2018 about 8:30 am..  I’m writing from Southern California, the weather is a perfect blend of sun and ocean breeze, with a hint of overcast  towards the sea. As always let us pray for those less fortunate than ourselves.

For the last 19 years , I have been a dedicated Activist constantly advocating to expand the world’s body of knowledge about my Seminole Maroon Ancestors. Lately , to augment my less than sufficient  fixed income, it has become necessary for me to return to any job that would have a Senior with my experience.  Thank God, that I’ve never been afraid of work and I hope that potential employers are not afraid of me. Therefore, it was logical for me to return to the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Community where for over 20 years I worked and was able to take care of my family and put my children through school (now for me I only need a few days a month).

The great Dr. Lawrence Birnbaum of the Beverly Hills Surgi-Center was my mentor and employer for over 20 of those years. Working side by side and shoulder to shoulder with Dr. Birnbaum was truly a life molding experience. We were across the street from the towering  classical architecture of Dr. Frank Kamer’s, Lasky Clinic,we always supported each other in back-up situations and shared many social occasions together.

During the years that I was a Seminole Maroon Activist because the history had been left out of the history books  there was no potential to sustain myself by lecturing. I therefore, swore a “Vow of Poverty” that I would work for the “Progress” of the the information not for “Money”. Well, at the end of the day ,no matter how much Progress you have made ,you are broke and in danger of falling through the cracks (ouch!).

In view of my situation, I made another VOW, it was that who ever helped me by giving me a fair chance ,that I would use  some of the skills and influence ( I speak twice a week on national radio) that I developed as an Activist to advocate for them. Here it is:

‘SINCE BEVERLY HILLS IS THE PLASTIC SURGERY HOLY LAND, THAT THE LASKY CLINIC IS IT’S MOST HISTORIC SITE”. This is my thesis and if my help is welcomed by those to whom it may concern, I will advocate along this line of thought. My basic motivation is, how can I add value to myself as a PRN (call whenever needed) employee. I would like to see “The Lasky” designated as an Official Historic Landmark, the creation of The Lasky Clinic Foundation (a non-profit entity that includes :a mobile museum, an annual star-studded,red carpet fund raising gala and the creation of an award system that recognizes the workers ( at all levels), their families and willing patients of the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery community.

To use the term “Holy Land” is not meant to be sacrilegious, I of course, am only using it as a metaphor. If the truth be told, it is a reality that the SUPER-ELITE celebrities, world leaders and personalities have for years made a pilgrimage to “The Lasky Clinic”. The high standards that were set by the great Dr. Frank Kamer have been maintained by : Dr. Frankel, Dr. Torkian, Dr. Stevens, Dr. Shermirani, Dr. Youdin , Dr. Shamoulian Dr. Mandel, Dr. Kim,  and all the staff who are fortunate enough to be employed there.

A special thanks goes out to the “Legendary O.R. Manager Veronica Corona ( my sister by another mother) for allowing me back in the O.R. Yeaaaa!! Hooray and Hallelujah . Thanks, Ms. Brenda Torres, for calling back.

Honor and Respect,

Phil Fixico, CST/CSFA, A.A., A.A., CREB,CMT




Good morning, today is January 28th, 2018. It’s a bit cold outside but the sun that now is reflecting off the city will soon have it’s lucky occupants wearing Summer clothes.  I usually play music in church on Sunday’s but I don’t have a ride, so I must give thanks to the Good Lord and pray for the world here from home.

I did listen to and called into the Reverend Jesse Jackson ,Sr.’s WVON am “KEEP HOPE ALIVE” radio show. The topic was about Poverty in the U.S. . Below is a transcript of my call into the show:

” Greetings Reverend Jackson, Sister Santita and panel. I was born in 1947 and the Vietnam War should have been the conflict that I was scheduled to fight in. However, I was destined by fate to be a : “SOLDIER IN PRESIDENT JOHNSON’S WAR ON POVERTY”.

In 1964, my high school girl friend and I were pregnant at 16 years old. I became a “Boy Husband” at 17 years old and that gave me a deferment. I was described as a “hardcore underprivileged youth”  from the Watts Rebellion Target area.

The Rebellion was triggered by a Law Enforcement Traffic Stop gone bad. Rena Frye ,the mother of Marquette Frye became combative with Law Enforcement officers as they roughly restrained her son Marquette. I learned later that they were my Black Seminole cousins from Lima, Oklahoma, “Lena came here to clean White folks houses not to start a rebellion”.

When the rebellion started the laws were already on the books to create Anti-Poverty Programs but the country waited to long and with the combination of high  unemployment and lack of services or hope for the future, it erupted. Once the programs were instituted I went from hard-core youth to poverty program enrollee where I was trained and graduated  as a Surgical Technician.

After graduation, I received a Civil Service job, but in the spirit of President Kennedy’s “What can you do for your country” I quit my job to return to work in my community as a “Soldier in President Johnson’s WAR ON POVERTY”.

During Ronald Reagan’s campaign to end the programs ,my life was used as an example of what the Anti-Poverty Program could achieve. The programs and the Economic opportunity Act of 1964,  worked but the country began funding the Vietnam War instead. “CASE CLOSED, END OF STORY, NEXT DEFENDANT”

Honor and Respect, Phil Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant & Activist, Private-Sector-Partner for the National Underground Railroad/Network to Freedom 1998 Act

The photo above shows me as a 14 yr. old Gang Banger/Youthful Offender in L.A. County Probation Camp Joseph Paige. There the professional counselors of all races came to my life like it was “a house on fire”. They saved my life by simply doing their job.

In the photo below, I am pictured in the First Watts Festival parade, in 1966 a year after the rebellion. Thanks to the Economic Act of 1964 I was saved again by the humane policies of the U.S. Government by receiving the best training possible at the L.A. County USC Medical Center as a Surgical Technician.







Today is January 26th, as always I’m writing this Blog from beautiful Southern California. Let us all give thanks for what we have and pray for those around the world who are less fortunate than ourselves.

This is part three in my series of Blogs asking that “LASKY CLINIC” be considered as the logical site for a : BEVERLY HILLS PLASTIC SURGERY MUSEUM. This museum I have previously explained would be mobile and the embryonic components of it, would be a large motor home internally re-designed to include the latest innovations in high-tech multi-media presentations, educational installations and a Banner show (meaning pull-down screens with text and pictorials). The purpose of the “LASKY CLINIC BEVERLY HILLS PLASTIC MUSEUM” as a mobile educational museum is obvious.

The importance of Plastic Surgery in our society today is undeniable and it’s a fact that it’s practitioners around the world have transformed the lives of millions of patients. After personally working in the “Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Community” for well over 20 years I have  witnessed and  taken part (as a team member), in  the miracle and magic of this noble Medical specialty.

As an Advocate for the “LASKY CLINIC MUSEUM”, I would say this: In all the years that I came to work in and around it , it seemed that “BEVERLY HILLS WAS THE HOLY LAND FOR PLASTIC SURGERY AND THAT LASKY CLINIC WAS ITS MOST FAMOUS AND HISTORIC CLINIC”. It is a documented fact that over the working career of the  great DR. FRANK KAMER’S ERA, world-class celebrities from every point on the compass made a pilgrimage to 201 South Lasky Drive.

For many of these public mega-stars, money was no object but they demanded the “BEST THAT MONEY COULD BY”. This being no less than the services of a internationally recognized Surgeon at a state of the art facility populated by ELITE employees. These were the standards set by Dr. Frank Kamer and are now maintained by Dr. Frankel, Dr. Torkian, Dr. Stevens, Dr.Shemirani, Dr. Youdin,Dr. Shamoulian, Dr. Kim and Dr. Mandel..

Photo: This photo was taken on January 24th, 2018 in one of the Surgical Suites at Lasky Clinic. I am on the Lt. and  standing next to me is my “Sister by another Mother” (LOL) : Lasky Clinic O.R. Manager “The Legendary” Veronica Corona,MA. The photo was taken by Veronica’s sister Ava,  between the two of them they are equal to a whole Department of O.R. Support Services.

After I successfully scrubbed  in, as relief, on a case with Co-Owner Dr. Torkian, he informed me that he wanted to hear more of my ideals. To whom it May concern: Right right now my idea is only an “Air Castle” but there is nothing greater than an idea whose time has come!!

Honor and Respect, Phil Fixico CST/CSFA

P.S. Many thanks and much appreciation to Ms. Brenda Torres ,The high-ranking Lasky administration worker who after my name was suggested by O.R. Manager Veronica Corona gave me a call.






Today is January 23rd, 2018. Good morning world and hello Southern California SUNSHINE. Living in a desert by the ocean has it’s advantages, unfortunately traffic is not one of them LOL. The plus factors do far outweigh a few less than glowing realities. Let us pray for others not as fortunate as ourselves.

The initials that I have included in the title of this Blog identify me as a : Certified Surgical Technologist/ Certified Surgical First Assistant. In my previous Blog about “THE LASKY CLINIC”   I explained my relationship to this famous institution. After a long absence, I will return to this Historic Shrine to Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery tomorrow . Thanks, to O.R. Manager Veronica Corona’s nod of approval, I will scrub in on a Face-lift procedure. Last week I was invited and went on a “meet and greet”/orientation . It was wonderful and I look forward to returning.

While at Lasky recently, I spoke to the co-owner Dr. Andrew Frankel and this is what I said , “Dr. Frankel would you consider converting part of  the site into the ; “THE LASKY CLINIC PLASTIC SURGERY MUSEUM” ? He laughed   and said jokingly , ” Sure and you’ll be the DOCENT “. Well, since I didn’t attend Medical School to achieve my credentials, there surely would be others more qualified than I, to act as the docent. I would however  gladly work as a Volunteer in some capacity.

My proposal to create the museum would be to apply for a 501 3 C charitable entity and ask some Corporation to donate a large Motor home that could be stationed in the parking lot on the weekends.  It would be mobile and therefore  could be set-up at Health Fairs and learning Institutions throughout the country. The world would be amazed at the Star-Studded annual Fund Raiser. World class celebrities would flock to attend a worthy event of this magnitude for the Lasky Clinic. Dr’s Frankel, Stevens and Torkian all have also amassed tremendous respect and recognition around the world.

The visual contents of the museum  could be duplicated in the form of a
BANNER SHOW” which is when a museum’s pictorial elements are placed on banners that pull down like curtains from a box . These banners in a box are rented by universities,libraries ,etc.. They are then augmented by multi-media presentations and local installations. The Smithsonian Institution has many Banner Shows that are currently travelling around the hemisphere. I know because I’m featured in one of them: “indiVisible” African-Native-Americans in the Americas

In closing I will say this ,the greatness that Dr. Frank Kamer the Founder created, is truly a magnificent achievement in Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery and World History and this proud legacy must be made available to the masses who could rightly appreciate it.

Honor and Respect, Phil Fixico, CST/CSFA

The photo above: Lt. Dr. Nima Shemirani, Dr. Andrew Frankel, Dr. Leslie Stevens (Dr. Stevens and I go back to 1988) and Dr. Behrooz Torkian. Not shown in the picture above would include; Dr. David Shamoulian ,Dr.Adrienne Youdin . The Anesthesia providers are also not shown: Dr. Mandel (my brother from another mother LOL)and Dr. Kim.








Today is January 22nd, 2018. In the wee a.m. hours of this new day, while wrapped in darkness, I felt the still of a Southern California night. Though my body was asleep, my mind was extremely active. I’m sure that I’m not alone in this state of being because the world as always, has a lot on it’s plate. This is not a new phenomenon but we are at a new level of awareness. Let us also be more aware of those who are less fortunate than ourselves and at least pray for them and meditate on bettering their condition.

Yesterday, on January 21st, 2018, I called into the “Keep Hope Alive”, WVON 1150 a.m., radio show hosted by Civil Rights Icon Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. and his daughter Santita Jackson. While WVON is based in Chicago, Ill. out here on the West Coast, I hear it on the :”Patriot Channel” which   serves a Conservative based audience . There were some very interesting calls as a result of this . The mix was heightened by the fact that the topic of the show was about the “Government Shutdown” and my Congresswoman Maxine “Auntie Maxine” Waters was a special guest on this broadcast.

Below is a transcript of my call into the station:

” Greetings Rev. Jackson, Sister Santita and My beloved Congresswoman Maxine Waters. A shutdown is not a form of governing. It is a form of coercion and the effects could turn into Domestic Terrorism by government.

Rev. Jackson, I beg that you should run for POTUS and start your campaign , Right Now ! It would require that the nation take a retrospective of the Civil Rights era.

I fear  that our young people across the country are being negatively influenced by, the granting of power to those who, while braking all the moral and ethical rules still graduate to the highest levels of leadership.

Finally, concerning the closure of local health clinics, I worked for 7 years in the Watts Health Center’s Emergency room and I can attest to the fact that the closure of these facilities will return us to pre-rebellion conditions”.

Honor and Respect, Phil Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant & Activist, Founder/President of the Semiroon Historical Society and Private-Sector-Partner for the National Underground Railroad/Network to Freedom 1998 Act

The photo above: Lt. Rev. Jesse Jackson,Sr., Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rev. Ralph Abernathy, taken moments before Dr. King was slain.



Today is January 18th, 2018 and I am, again writing this Blog from sunny Southern California. It’s early morning and the bird’s song greets the West Coast Sunshine like a choir in one of God’s many earthly cathedral’s. Let us pause to pray for people around the world who are less fortunate than ourselves.

To my “WORDPRESS” blog readers in 84 different countries, this blog will be a little different. Those of you who have followed me, know me as a : Seminole Maroon Descendant and Activist. For the last 19 years, I have been on a quest of Discovery, Research and Activism after learning the true identity of my biological father in 1999.

The Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Community was at the center of my wage earning life, for over twenty plus years I worked there as a Certified Surgical Technologist/Certified Surgical First Assistant. When I came to Beverly Hills in 1988 it was a very exclusive workplace to enter, either you had to be extremely lucky, “Know Someone” or “Be Someone”.  “Staying in Beverly Hills” was even tougher.

My identity epiphany occurred during my O.R. career and was met with surprise by my co-workers when I changed my name. My part-time tenure at Lasky Clinic also played a role in the direction that my life took. Most of my colleague’s comments were : “Aren’t you entitled to oil well and casino money”. I was entitled, but because I was an heir who was born on “the wrong side of the blanket” there were forces that kept me away. For me it seemed as though “the love of money” was the cursed that deprived me of my IDENTITY for 52 years. Therefore, when I became an Activist I took a personal “Vow of Poverty” to work, not for money but for the “PROGRESS” of my Ancestors history .

Back to Lasky Clinic , one day in the Surgical Suite I was chatting with Dr. Andrew Frankel, he said :”Have you ever thought of tracing the History of where your People came from and to where they went”. Dr. Frankel had met some of my people the Gullah/Geechee while on  vacation in South Carolina. His words changed my life, I often thought  about Dr. Frankel’s words when I spoke at the Smithsonian Institution in Wash.DC, while in the Caribbean Islands, throughout the U.S. and especially while deep in the Amazonian rain forest visiting Maroon villages by canoe on sacred rivers.

Like many others, recently my life has been challenged by economic necessity to augment my fixed income. Just as I was about to fall through the cracks, I reached out to Lasky Clinic. HOOORAY and HALLELUJAH, yesterday I was allowed to do an orientation there which would qualify me to be on the PRN (whenever needed) lists of Techs to be called for some MERCY HOUR$.

The photo above: Lt. Dr. Nima Shemirani, Dr. Andrew Frankel, Dr. Leslie Stevens (Dr. Stevens and I go back to 1988) and Dr. Behrooz Torkian. Not shown in the picture above would include; Dr. David Shamoulian ,Dr.Adrienne Youdin . The Anesthesia providers are also not shown: Dr. Mandel (my brother from another mother LOL)and Dr. Kim.

The beautiful staff of Lasky Clinic are all wonderful (special thanks to Brenda). One in particular is one of my personal heroines. She is, none other than Ms. Veronica Corona. Veronica and I came into Beverly Hills during the same era. I was working for the great Dr. Lawrence Birnbaum (my mentor,who deserves a blog of his own)  when she started working across the street at Lasky Clinic, at that time, the most famous and prestigious surgery center in Beverly Hills . All I can say about Ms. Corona is she went from the humble beginnings of working with instrument processing/central supply to be “O.R. Manager” of one of the “World’s most prestigious Operating Rooms in the World”.

During those years we always supported each other and it was an esteemed privilege as Founder/President of the Semiroon Historical Society to present Veronica Corona recently with a “Lifetime Achievement Award” for her great accomplishment in Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery History.

All of the doctors, nurses, techs, office and health care providers at the Lasky Clinic are superb. I would advise people interested in these services to go to their website and check out their patient reviews. A special thanks goes out to Brenda.

I must also thank Dr. Francis Sheng located at 436 Bedford Drive, in Beverly Hills  who over the years would on several occasions ,once a month give me a few mercy hours even when he didn’t need me. Thank you Dr. Sheng (special thanks to Jamey).

Honor and Respect, Phil Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant/Activist