by refixico


On Friday, December 30th 2016, I spoke on the WOLDC National radio show hosted by arguably the world’s greatest Black Radio Talk Show Host Mr. Carl  Nelson. Below is a transcript of my call into the show:

“Happy New Years” Brother Carl, you told me before that I could keep you informed of my efforts to help trigger a  Revival of the Harlem Renaissance. Most huge social movements usually begin in reaction to another movement. Right now the recent election, was a sociopolitical movement which indicated that many (“not all”) in the Dominant Culture might not like Black People (?). Therefore  in our reaction as a people , we should employ the THERAPY of “Loving ourselves, our Community ,Culture and History”

Let every Man, Woman and Child, start out the New Year by doing something creative for ourselves or in support of our own Community. I suggest that we revive the Harlem Renaissance and that we call it the “D.C. Renaissance”, because It started after being proposed by me on The WOLDC. Radio Show hosted by Carl Nelson (and because the Museum of African-American History and Culture is in D.C.).

I further propose that the Black Churches across the country begin an “Ambassador’s Program”. As I see it (I’m hoping for better suggestions) the Ambassador Program would ask that each Black Church that can, send an Elder and a young person (old enough to handle a camera) to visit our New Museum. Once there they would take photographs ,which they would bring back to their church where the Pastor would explain the meaning of this photo documentation in accordance with their denomination’s doctrine.

In addition, Carl, I am suggesting that we revive the  “Old Negro Baseball League”. We have plenty of athletes in our community and we should begin local semi-pro leagues and rent local High School facilities to have games there . This would help us to re-cycle Black Dollars and create jobs and business opportunities. Thanks Carl”. Call ends.

Carl Nelson’s response was this :” I like what Fixico said. it’s something different and it’s challenging Blacks to get their own” I owe Carl Nelson a debt that I can never repay. He has allowed me to speak on reviving the Harlem Renaissance and my trips to the Republic of Suriname for their 2015 National Maroon Celebration and my participation in Florida’s Apalachicola Forest at the “Fort Negro” Bicentennial Celebration in October of this year.

In the past I have said that, as a Seminole Maroon  Descendant I hope that my Activism would trigger a Cultural Renaissance similar to the Harlem Renaissance except instead of using the “New Negro” as the role model that we would use African and Indigenous Freedom Fighters as our Sheroes and Heroes and re-tell Western Hemisphere History through their lies. This should include, but not limited to the following era’s of, Discovery, Colonization, the TransAtlanticSlave Trade , Indian Wars of Removal and Manifest Destiny. We could use the Humanities to express our own take on these issues.

The Harlem Renaissance was an Artistic ,Intellectual and Literary movement that sought to achieve group identity and self-determination for Blacks during the 1920’s and 30’s. Harlem is where this powerful Cultural Movement Took Wings.  Alain Locke was  a Black Intellectual  and Patron of the Arts  called the “DEAN” of the Harlem Renaissance who said, we should :”Transform our Social Disillusionment into race pride”

“Now is the Time”, We have so many more tools to work with. I thank my mentors like Dr. Kevin Mulroy (my Smithsonian Institution Researcher for “indiVisible” :African-Native American Lives in the America’s and Professor Wm. Katz ,the Author of “BLACK INDIANS” A HIDDEN HERITAGE.

The Photo Above was taken in  2013 at the Bilbrew, Los Angeles County Library, during my  annual Seminole Maroon Performance Art Presentation at the Black Resource Center, celebrating Native American Month. Lt. Unidentified attendee, 2nd from Lt. Mr. John “Chief” Peoples, a noted Reparations Leader, 2nd from Rt. “Oueen Mother” Mollie Bell a noted Social Activist and I’m on the far rt.. Mr. Peoples “Slave Ship” is behind us.

Honor and Respect, Phil Pompey Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant