by refixico

In the above photo, I am pictured with the great author and Cultural Nationalist Mr. Amiri Baraka. We are holding a copy of Mr. William L. Katz classic book, “BLACK INDIANS” A Hidden Heritage. While some of Mr. Baraka’s earlier work was signed by Leroy Jones, he definitely morphed into Amiri Baraka and carried that name for the reminder of his life. He is the father of Dominic DiPrima who works for Mr. Stevie Wonder at his Radio Station in Inglewood, California, call sign KJLH 102.3 FM. Mr. Baraka and I are at the Leimert Book For Fair in L.A.. Today is June 17th 2016 and on the “Frontpage” L.A.’s number one Black Morning talk it is Radio Free Friday and the Frontpage family can call in and speak about pertinent topics that are on their minds.

Hooray and Hallelujah
The days of Summer are upon us and fair weather brings with it a tremendous sense of hope and positive expectations. Below is a transcript of my call into the show:

” Good Morning Dominic and Frontpage Family (Stevie Wonder is usually always listening). God be with you on your trip to Africa Dominic. Mr. Hari Jones is the Curator for the National African-American Civil War Museum ,in Washington D.C.. Mr. Jones says that the celebration of Juneteenth under the premise that it represents the day when the last enslaved Blacks were set free by “Someone in Washington, DC” is not true and that it represents miseducation and and propaganda.

His position brings to my mind as a Seminole Maroon Activist, if the “Roots” mini-series only portrays the Alex Haley family’s version of enslavement can it also be categorized as miseducation by omission ? Case in point the Black Seminoles, in conjunction with the Indigenous Indians and Spanish Florida created the largest colony of escaped Blacks in the South, which led to a series of revolts. From Fort Negro to the 2nd Seminole War. My Seminole Maroon Ancestors won their freedom by treaty 26 years before the Emancipation Proclamation , that’s how they got to Oklahoma.

Finally, Mr. Steven Spielberg gave us “Amistad” but those warriors were Africans. It’s Hollywood’s job to entertain us but we don’t have to watch or consume what they offer us. However, we must teach in our homes the true story of the African-American and Native-American FREEDOM FIGHTERS and expect that it will also be taught in our high schools”. Call ends.

Honor and Respect,
Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant, President of the Semiroon Historical Society, Private-Sector-Partner for the National Underground Railroad/Network to Freedom and Bugler for the Greater Los Angeles Chapter for Buffalo Soldiers 9th & 10th
(horse) Cavalry