by refixico


Finally after a long drought, I was able to again speak on Mr. Stevie Wonder’s Award Winning Morning Talk show “FRONTPAGE”.  FRONTPAGE is the number one African-American theme show in Southern California. It has long been hosted by Ms. Dominique DiPrima , whose father is none other than the great Amiri Baraka      who made his transition a short time ago. He was one of the Co-founders of the Black Arts Movement. However, today’s Frontpage show was hosted by Ms. Angela Hoffman who, filling in for Ms. DiPrima always does a FANTASTIC job. Below is a paraphrased transcript of my call into the show.

“Good morning Ms. Angela Hoffman ! This is OLD FIXICO thanks for taking my call”. Ms. Hoffman: “Good Morning is that how you refer to yourself as Old Fixico”? ”  Yes, I’m Old Fixico…(we both laughed) I was calling in to tell the community to make sure that they research “Fort Negro”. This story is very important to our community. I have been invited by the US Forestry Service to speak at the Bicentennial Commemoration of the Massacre at Fort Negro”.

“Many things about our History are coming out now that have been    have been hidden like  Georgetown University. Fort Negro was a place where hundreds of Blacks who had escaped from U.S. Slavery had taken refuge in Spanish Florida. At Fort Negro even the women and children were fighting for their FREEDOM. When US Forces along with their Indian Allies attacked Fort Negro the defenders shouted …”No, we won’t be taken back ! Liberty or Death” . They then were destroyed by a heated cannon ball fired by a U.S. ship that landed in the powder magazine and instantly destroyed 270 of the people inside. 200 of them were Black Women and Children the other 100 defenders who eventually died were predominantly Black males and about 30 Seminole and Choctaw warriors. What do you think about this ,Ms. Angela “?  Ms. Angela answers :”I think it’s wonderful ,congratulations..and I want to know more about it after your trip”. Call ends.

Over the last year ,before I even was invited by  Ms. Rhonda Kimbrough and Ms. Erica Davis both high-ranking US Forestry         Service Officials I had been speaking on several national and local radio shows, such as WOLDC-RADIO Hosted by Mr. Carl Nelson, in June of 2015, (Thanks to Social Activist Queen Mother Mollie Bell) I did a one hour interview on Mr. Nelson’s Show heard ,across the Nation. In November of 2015,  in Suriname, South America, I spoke for an hour on the Maroon Radio Station’s Apintie Hour (Thanks to Her Excellency Dr. Ambassador Fidelia Graand-Galon and the MWCoC). It was heard through out the Caribbean and the calls came pouring into the station. Earlier this year, I was interviewed by Sister Charlene Muhammad on the Liberated Sister’s Show and Lesley Gist, The Gist of Freedom Show Thanks to Mr. William L. Katz ,author of :”Black Indians”,A Hidden Heritage. I have constantly mentioned the topic as a call-in  numerous times,  I also, spoke about it on Reverend Jesse Jackson’s National “Keep Hope Alive Show, not to exclude whenever I do public speaking. I want to thank everyone listed above and many more who have contributed in helping to bring out this long hidden and forbidden truth known only among Descendants and a few Scholars.  Listed below are a couple of Links of importance:

Honor and Respect,                                                                                          Phil “Pompey” Fixico,                                                                                     Seminole Maroon Descendant and “Fort Negro Era” Descendant.     P.S. In addition to all of the above,I have one year ago, sent a request to U.S. President Barack Obama, via my Congresswoman Maxine Waters asked that the President recognize the British Post Historical Landmark . I have also wrote published and distributed 14 Blogs on Facebook and made countless mega-blast emails .

The First U.S. Foreign Invasion: Seizing Florida in 1816