by refixico

Hooray and Hallelujah
I am so thrilled to see Secretary Hillary Clinton win the Democratic Primary Election to become the candidate for President
of the United States. I am a 68 year old Seminole Maroon Descendant who in 2009 was selected by the Smithsonian Institution to be featured in the National Museum of the American Indian and National Museum of African American History and Culture’s book and exhibit,entitled : “indiVisible”: African-Native American Lives in the Americas.

Speaking of the Clinton Family, I recently had the distinguished honor of meeting and speaking to past President William “Bill” Clinton on June 4th 2016 in Inglewood, Ca..I was at a rally dressed in my Chapter uniform as a 12 year member of the Buffalo Soldiers 9th & 10th (horse) Cavalry. When President Clinton took the stage he saluted me . It was surreal, I anxiously returned his salute, feeling a little guilty because, even though I am the Chapter Bugler and a long time Color Guard member I am a Non-Veteran and I usually put my cap and hand over my heart during the National Anthem and the pledge of Allegiance . When I got a chance to shake President Clinton’s hand I looked into his eyes and thanked him for the National Underground Railroad /Network to Freedom 1998 Act that passed during his term in office.

The 1998 NUGRR/NTF Act is a Public Law and the National Manager of the program is Diane Miller, of the National Parks Service. The law says that the U.S, Government must educate the country about the Underground Railroad and the Network to Freedom as part of the country’s policy of “RECONCILIATION”. I am a Private Sector Partner for the program and Founder/President of the Semiroon Historical Society. My job as a Partner is to “Spread the Word” about the 1998 Act and it’s upcoming annual conference which takes place this year on June 13th-16th 2016 on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina (I will leave a link below). Scholars and presenters come from around the world to participate in this magnificent event.

I included in the title of this Blog :The Families of Fort Negro.
The Bicentennial for the Battle and the Massacre at Fort Negro is about to take place this July 27th, 2016. I believe that this tragic incident should be added to the U.S. History lessons of students who are High School and above. We need to see just how far we have come. For those who don’t know the details , I am supplying links below that speak about it, as the NUGRR/NTF 1998 Act says
“educate the country and preserve sites, artifacts and locations” this helps us avoid a toxic cultural amnesia about our history. We never forget the words of Philosopher George Santayana , who said:”THOSE WHO CANNOT REMEMBER THE PAST ARE CONDEMnED TO REPEAT IT”. The NUGRR/NTF
is an important LAW that protects us from making the same mistakes over again.

For a few years now I have as a Seminole Maroon Activist spoke, written and informed as many people as I could about The Fort Negro tragedy where 270 Maroons and indigenous people were blown up by the actions of Combined U.S. Forces dispatched by the White House of 1816. It was a tax-payer sponsored Slave-Hunting Expedition ,that violated the territorial sovereignty of Spanish Florida.Two hundred of the, escaped from Slavery Black Maroons were women and children with about 70 male defenders approximately 30 of whom were Seminole and Choctaw Indians. They all were blown to bits by the cannon fire from a U.S. Gunboat on the Appalachicola River.

A year ago , I posted a Blog asking for a Boycott of the then upcoming “ROOTS” remake if it did not mention FORT NEGRO. I have not seen the current version, but I am told by someone that I trust that there was only a brief reference to Blacks escaping to the Indians. I don’t want to harm this production of “Roots”, I am an Alumnus of C. Bernard Jackson’s Inner City Cultural Center and a few of the Actors in the new mini series are co-starring in it, also have strong ICCC ties. However, I am requesting that until Hollywood makes a serious attempt, (Yes Mr. Steven Spielberg did make Amistad, however it was about African Freedom Fighters) at portraying the Maroon and Indigenous Freedom Fighters of the Fort Negro Era Maroons and the Trail of Tears that the Descendants of these groups should conduct a symbolic BOYCOTT of the “ROOTS” remake. I have a sister in the Struggle a Facebook Friend who said that we strive to tell the WHOLE Story. In my view
that would include much more history than a “ROOTS” remake, So Actors Producers, Crew members and Directors do a “BEYOND ROOTS”.

All this history is in the Congressional Record, in addtion there are books such as the Smithsonian Institution’s “indiVisible” : African-Native American Lives in the Americas,Dr. Kevin Mulroy’s
“Freedom on the Border”, “The Seminole Freedmen” ,Congressman Josha Giddings: “The Exiles of Florida” and Mr. William L. Katz ,”Black Indians” A Hidden Heritage.

Honor and Respect,
Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant