by refixico


Today is June 16th, 2017, it’s a beautiful sunny day in Southern California. In the photo above you see 4 people enjoying themselves at the A C Bilbrew Los Angeles County Library’s Black Resource Center, located at 150 E. El Segundo Blvd, Los Angeles ,Ca. 90061 within walking distance of Compton, California. The occasion is a presentation, performed by me entitled: “The Black Seminoles and the Underground Railroad”.

This event was hosted by Librarian Ms. Rose Mitchell at the “Black Resource Center”. The photo above was taken on Nov. 23rd, 2013, you see pictured here: 1. (on the far Lt. ) an unidentified female attendee, 2. Mr. John Peoples Founder of “Mr. Peoples” Reparations Group, 3. Ms. “Straight Outta’ Compton” Mollie Bell (the Spokesperson for the group) and 4.(far Rt.) Phil “Pompey” Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant and Private-Sector-Partner for the National Underground Railroad/Network to Freedom 1998 Act. In addition to my Performance Art Presentation “Installation” that covered all 4 walls of the event Room , we are standing in front of Mr. Peoples Famous “SLAVE SHIP”  (in back on the Rt.).

The beloved Mr. Peoples has passed on to Glory , as of yesterday June 15th, 2017. There is now a “NEW” Black Resource Center the old center has been totally re-modeled. When I learned of Mr. People’s demise , I immediately contacted Ms. Rose Mitchell  whose is the the “Guardian Angel” of the A C Bilbrew Black Resource Center and I asked her, if needed could the facility be used to hold a Memorial for Mr. John Peoples and she agreed that if there was no other options for the group that arrangements could be made to allow the community to come together and give honor to this worthy personage.

A bit later after speaking with Ms. Rose Mitchell , I received a phone call from Ms. Mollie Bell. Since tomorrow she will be working on her job at the USPS, she needed someone to announce it on the National Radio Show Hosted by Carl Nelson WOLDC 1450 broadcasting from Wash. D.C. , Carl Nelson  suggested to “Have Fixico Call and make the announcement”. Below is a Transcript of my call :

“Greetings brother Carl Nelson and African-Americans everywhere.  I have news about a great man who has made his transition. His name is Mr. John Peoples, he was one one of the most dedicated “Reparations” champions that ever lived.

I met Mr. Peoples during the early 70’s,we were both working in the Los Angeles Black Night Club District, known as the “Chit’lin Circuit”. This was a man with a 4th grade education, however as an Impressionist he was superb. He gave up a promising show business career to become a hard-core, stomp-down “Reparations ” Gladiator. He Lived it ! He drove an old truck with a big Red, Green and Black Flag flying proudly on it. Behind the truck he towed his Famous “SLAVE SHIP”.

Those of us who knew him personally , were acquainted with the fact that he was haunted by a childhood memory of the Ku Klux Klan burning a cross on his family’s lawn. Later in life he lived a semi-homeless existence  he was tortured by what his Ancestors suffered and he somehow was attempting to recreate it in his own life. He was a True Warrior who “never” bowed his head when it came to demanding Reparations.

He has passed on , and we celebrate his life and the fact that he got out of this world with his Dignity and in every battle he ever fought …”He never retreated”. Let us salute Mr. John Peoples a local FATHER of the Reparations Movement.

Honor and Respect, Phil “Pompey”Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant