by refixico


Hello everybody, it’s June 14th, 2017. GOD IS STILL GOOD and GREATLY TO BE PRAISED’. As I sit here in Southern California, it’s a beautiful day, not just because the weather is 10+ on a scale of 10 but because of the wonderful invitation that I  have received from the Black Association of Black Film makers-West. I have known about this prestigious Association of Black Film makers for some time. I even a few years ago attended one of their meetings. However, I never imagined that I would one day be asked  by them to participate at one of their major events as a panelists. An invitation of this magnitude at a world-class industry venue somehow makes all my years of DISCOVERY, RESEARCH and ACTIVISM all worth it.

Below are a few excerpts that explain my feelings of exhilaration:

Dear Mr. Fixico,

The Black Association of Documentary Filmmakers-West invites you to participate as a panel member at our annual “Day of Black Docs” taking place at the American Film Institute on June 24th, 2017 from 12-4 pm.. We are inviting you to be a panel member to discuss the film “By Blood” following it’s screening.”By  Blood” chronicles American Indians of African descent as they battle in court to regain tribal citizenship.


“The American Film Insititute (AFI) is an American film organization that educates filmmakers and honors the heritage of the motion picture arts in the United States”

The photo above was taken in New York City ,New York at the American Hotel in 1852. I call it the “Six Chiefs”. Five of the Indigenous people capyured in this photo are “By Blood” Seminoles and one, the Warrior Chief that is an African-Phenotype, is standing in back on the right. He is Prophet Abraham to the the Black Seminoles, but his Seminole name is Souanaffe Tustenukke (Suwanee Warrior), it is a warrior title designating that he is a Tribal member at the highest level of Seminole Society. This picture proves that Blacks were in the Seminole Tribe as equals and as Tribal Leaders.

I know this to be true because my g-grandfather was Caesar Bruner who was the band Leader of the Oklahoma Seminole Freedmen, a Band that still carries his name today. “Papa” Caesar was married to Prophet Abraham’s  daughter Nancy.  They had 8 children together. however since “Papa” Caesar was a Maroon Leader just like Prophet Abraham they both had a right and a duty to have children outside of their Maroon marriages. For the women who were the mothers of these children by powerful Head Men it insured a social Safety net for their entire families.

My g-grandmother was Dinah Fixico, a Wind Clan, Full-Blood, Mikasuki Seminole Woman # 900 on the Dawes Rolls. Dinah Fixico’s son was Pompey Fixico # 902 was my grandfather. While he was listed as a fullblood in truth he was the son of Maroon Leader Caesar Bruner. Dinah and Caesar’s son  was meant to be an “Anchor Baby” for the Tribe. In other words a mixed  race child that was conceived to strengthen the bond between the Indigenous and Maroon Seminole Peoples. Below an is excerpt taken from , ” Mixed Race in the Seminole Nation”, written by Dr. Kevin Mulroy who is the “World’s Leading expert on Seminole Maroons”:

Dr. Kevin Mulroy

“This is a story of two hidden identities, it focuses on the family history of Phil Wilkes Fixico (aka Philip Vincent Wilkes and Pompey Bruner Fixico), a contemporary Seminole Maroon Descendant of mixed race who lives in Los Angeles. Phil is one-eight Seminole Indian, one-quarter Seminole Freedman, one–eighth Creek Freedman, one-quarter Cherokee-Freedman, and one-quarter African-American-White. His family history records that  his grandfather was the offspring of a seminole Indian woman and a Seminole Freedman, but that this “intermarriage” was kept secret from the Dawes Commission and the boy was enrolled as a Fullblood-Indian”. I look forward to being a panelist at this historic event.


Honor and Respect, Phil “PompeyBruner” Fixico ,Seminole Maroon Descendant and Activist. P.S. Dr. Kevin Mulroy’s book is, entitled: “The Seminole Freedmen” “A History”. for those who are interested in the topic of Black Indians should also read author William L. Katz  book, entitled: “Black Indians” “A Hidden Heritage”.