by refixico


Today is May 2nd, 2017, yesterday, I read on the internet that President Trump, in an interview with a reporter said that He believed that, had Andrew Jackson been president in the era leading up to the Civil War that he would have avoided it. Before, I continue I should admit that I didn’t vote for you and that I, for years have been a constituent of the Honorable Congresswoman Maxine Waters, I’m so glad that we have her as a fearless Champion of our community. She tells it like it is. I now am quite sure that you were speaking from your heart when you spoke about Andrew Jackson your views on him concern me greatly.

Last year , just after your  the election, I called in to Mr. Stevie Wonder’s radio station, on his early morning #1 Black Community Talk show, “Frontpage” . Below is a brief transcript of a small portion of my call:

(My call begins:) “Good Morning Mr. Avi Bernard, Hallelujah Brother ! Voting is important ,especially voting for the President. Now about the election, what scares me the most is that Newt Gingrich has said : “That the president, that President Elect Trump is most like is Andrew Jackson”. Who was a Slave-Owning, Indian Killing President, who took land from Indians and created “COTTON PRISONS” for Black Families. He caused the Fort Negro Massacre ( that led to 3 wars 42 years of hostilities),  The Massacre at Horseshoe Bend (hundreds were slaughtered), The Trail of Tears (thousands perished) and he chose Chief Justice Roger Taney for the Supreme Court. Who ruled in the “Dred Scott” decision that : “Blacks have NO rights that Whites need to Respect”.

General Andrew Jackson, colluded with President James Madison to, without congressional approval and at tax-payer’s expense illegally send a US military Slave -hunting expedition into Spanish Florida. There hundreds of Blacks who were fortunate enough to have escaped U.S. Slavery were starting new lives in a neighboring state that gave them asylum. To the U.S. Slavocracy, they were considered as “Banditti/ Terrorist”, therefore President Madison and General Andrew Jackson, issued orders to the U.S. Military to violate the Territorial Sovereignty of Spanish Florida to: “Destroy the negro fort and return the stolen property to their rightful owners”. I guess that’s when “America was Great”.

Entire Black Families and remnants of families were doomed to perpetual enslavement in “Cotton, Cane and Rice Prisons” sentenced for life or until some untimely end freed them brought on by being worked or whipped to death”. Each time, I see a Cotton Field populated with Slave Corporation Inmates, I always ask myself how many Indians did Andrew Jackson have to kill to clear the land for “planting time”. We must never forget, that when the colonizers first came to America and they wondered how they would get the land. It was decided then that :”Indians have no rights that they as CONQUERORS need to respect”. These were the “GOOD OLD DAYS ” for Andrew Jackson and his contemporaries.

It is time for a Cultural Renaissance similar to the Harlem Renaissance, except instead of using the “New Negro” as our role model , we use Indigenous and  Maroon Freedom Fighters as our Heros and Sheroes and re-tell Western Hemisphere History through their lives.  Let us tell the true story of what Discovery, Colonization, TransAtlanticSlavery, Removal, Manifest Destiny, and etc. really meant. As far as Andrew Jackson’s views about the Civil War are concerned being a “Man of his Time”, the Pro Slavery proponents of that era wanted to expand Slavery not just on the North American continent, they also wanted to expand it into the Caribbean, Central and South America.

Honor and Respect, Phil “Pompey”Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant and President of the Semiroon Historical Society.