by refixico

Hooray and Hallelujah,

It’s Sunday morning, April 30th, 2017 and Reverend Jesse Jackson and his daughter Co-host (daughter) Santita Jackson are again airing their powerful and precisely presented “Live” radio show. They always have informed callers, a topical “Topic”, plus a panel of knowledgeable experts, giving their “Take” on things. Today’s subject was a combination of  the: “Environment and President Trump’s 100 day”. Below is a transcript of my call:

“Greetings Reverend Jackson, Santita and guests, “When we forget History ,we are in danger of repeating it’. Last year, I as a Descendant participated in the 1st official recognition of the “Fort Negro Battle and Massacre”. 200 years ago President James Madison and President Trump’s role model General Andrew Jackson illegally and without permission from congress sent a military force into Spanish Florida, where hundreds of Blacks were taking asylum from U.S. Slavery. Their orders were to “Destroy the Negro Fort and return the stolen property to their rightful owners”.

“The Blacks taking refuge in  an abandoned and fully stocked fort , refused to be dragged back into Slavery. A U.S. Gunship heated a cannon ball and fired it into the fort’s ammunition and 270 occupant’s were instantly destroyed. 200 of the victims were Black Women and Children and 70 were male defenders both Black and Indian.” ( Reverend Jackson speaks:

“Fixico stay on the line buddy, I want you to send me everything that you have on that” (1st hour call ends)

That call was made in the 1st hour of the show, at the beginning of the 2nd hour Reverend Jackson came back to me again and I repeated the basics of my earlier statement. I have also forwarded the links to him of articles, by scholars William L. Katz and Andrew Wasserman ,plus videos. What should be emphasized here is that the action taken to destroy “Fort Negro “precipitated a conflict that lasted for 42 years, which included 3 wars and non-stop hostilities. I believe that what the Fort Negro Battle and Massacre” tells us is that we must use caution, patience and diplomacy and avoid making Korea another “Fort Negro”.

Honor and Respect, Phil “Pompey” Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant. President of the Semiroon Historical Society.