by refixico


The photo above was taken on January 17th, 2017 at the city of Inglewood’s 34th recognition of the  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. The City of Inglewood hosted their first celebration in 1987 at Darby Park. Since that day the occasion has grown in size, stature and importance for the world famous municipality that was named in 1989 “THE ALL-AMERICA CITY” by the the National Civic League.

Inglewood was officially incorporated Feb.14th, 1908. It is located in the Grater Los Angeles area known as the South Bay . To many that means it is close to the Beach ,LAX Airport, Freeway Access and downtown Los Angeles.  Now, with it’s meteoric rise in fortuitous SUPER-DEVELOPMENT projects in high gear,”The Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park ” is scheduled to be completed in 2019. There are literally Billions of dollars surging into the South Bay area as a result of  The CITY OF CHAMPIONS , both the NFL Franchise teams the RAMS and the CHARGERS will both call the new stadium home.

The current Mayor Mr. James Butts and the City Council, George Dotson Dist. 1, Alex Padilla Dist. 2, Eloy Morales,jr. Dist. 3 and Ralph L. Franklin Dist. 4  are all distinguished veteran Public Servants who work tirelessly for their constituency. The solid chemistry under the seasoned well honed leadership of one of America’s Most Dynamic and Successful Mayors has worked discernible MAGIC for the City. This crew should be teaching others all across our great land how they did it.

The area that would become the city of Inglewood, has the same typical history as many other California cities. Which includes, the those eras of : pre-contact (Indigenous), pre-America (Colonial)and American (historical,modern and contemporary). It developed from a permanent human settlement into a highly populated complex metropolis, that morphed into a mecca of diversity. It is a City of Champions because it continues to overcome those obstacles that other locations are overwhelmed by. I know I lived in Inglewood for 35 years and I am a witness to it’s durability.

Mr. Stevie Wonder’s name is mentioned in the title because he is a very important part  asset to the City of Inglewood. A good part of his contribution is made by his radio station KJLH 102.3 FM. His programming and community out-reach is way above and beyond what any other radio station has made in Southern Californian History as a station that serves the African-American community. Mr. Wonder was not only at the program held at The Tabernacle of the Faithful Central Bible Church located at 321 N. Eucalyptus Ave. Ing. Ca. He spoke and performed at both the The Tabernacle service and at the KingFest activities at the Forum. Which was very fitting and quite appropriated since Mr. Stevie Wonder played a major role in the successful FIGHT to obtain a  National Holiday  in recognition of  Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr.’s Birthday. The Master of Ceremonies was Mr. Kevin Nash of KJLH and the Parade Grand Marshals were Actress Saniyya Sidney and Donnell Turner.

The whole community came out in force with many smiling faces along the parade route. Special Mention should go to the wonderful program including the traditional speeches made by the students, the choirs that sung and young people that performed. Inglewood High School’s JROTC  ( Sargent Davis) and Morningside and Inglewood High’s parade participation was all to be praised to name a few. We cannot forget our Veterans there in the form of the Montford Point Marine Association ( Lead by Chapter President L.E. Michael Johnson), the Tuskegee Airman and the Buffalo Soldiers.

The photo above includes Two Black Indians (Lt.) Trooper Fixico , Seminole Maroon Descendant and (Rt.) Mayor James Butts ,African-Cherokee Descendant. The Buffalo Soldiers Chapter that meets at  Will Rogers Park in Inglewood , Ca, presented Mayor James Butts with a copy of Author Professor William L. Katz All-Time-Classic Book “BLACK INDIANS”: A HIDDEN HERITAGE. I am proud as a Black Indian to know Mayor James Butts  and “I predict that based on his background, training, education, experience and amazing track record as a Police Chief and Mayor that he will be approached to become a presidential or vice presidential candidate in the coming years.  America needs his brand of proven leadership.