by refixico


The time of  the year has come along again, when we seriously need to count our blessings and Praise God. On this day , of November 22nd, 2016, let us pause to appreciate what we already have and take time to enjoy it and share it with others. It’s always a blessing to speak on Mr. Stevie Wonder’s FrontPage Radio Show. Today, it was hosted by Mr. Avi Bernard. Mr. Avi Bernard is Passionate, Principled and Professional. The topic was the 2016 Presidential Election and the importance of voting. Below is an approximate transcript of my words that were spoken on “HOT TOPIC TUESDAY”:

(My call begins:) Good Morning Mr. Avi Bernard, Hallelujah Brother ! Voting is important ,especially voting for the President. Now about the election, what scares me the most is that Newt Gingrich has said : “That the president, that President Elect Trump is most like is Andrew Jackson”. Who was a Slave-Owning, Indian Killing President, who took land from Indians and created “COTTON PRISONS” for Black Families. He caused the Fort Negro (Massacre), The Trail of Tears and he chose Chief Justice Roger Taney for the Supreme Court. Who ruled in the “Dred Scott” decision that : “Blacks have NO rights that Whites need to Respect”.

However, I have a solution for everything. If Mr. Stevie Wonder will record a new version of “We Shall Overcome” and give it to the Protestors, it would go a long way towards bringing things together. (Call ends).

In another Blog, I said “Protest …Yes, Riot…No”! The election is over and even our role model President Barack Obama has said that “ensuring a smooth transition of Power is a top priority”. “So the country can come together after a hard fought election”. We must ultimately abide by that , because again as President Obama has said: “THE COUNTRY HAS SPOKEN”.

Newt Gingrich is a Dominant Culture White Male, he sees Andrew Jackson as one of America’s Greatest President’s and Military Hero’s. When my Ancestor’s who escaped the the U.S. Slave Plantations of the South , took refuge and asylum in Spanish Florida, they were viewed as the Terrorist of that age and in truth some who had escaped Enslavement did return on rescue missions to free their wives and children . They were Heros, Sheroes and dedicated Freedom Fighters .

There is, I believe an Irish staying that goes like this “THE WINNERS WRITE HISTORY AND THE LOSERS WRITE THE SONGS”. Well, winners can write both history and the songs. We must vote to WIN. It’s a fact that  President Elect  Donald Trump won the election. It’s also a fact that we, because of our right to Free Speech can peacefully protest and sing Protest Songs. It’s time for us to remember the discipline of those Brave and dedicated Civil Rights Protestors of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Honor and Respect, Phil Pompey Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant and Activist.