by refixico

Good Morning America !!!

In these last hours leading up to the 2016 UNITED STATES Presidential Election, I feel the need to APOLOGIZE to former Governor Mitt Romney. May I say that I am a lifelong Democrat and that I have already voted in this years election. My past votes have never been based on race or gender. They were traditionally based on Party Loyalty.

To prove that point, in 2008, when Hillary Clinton was running against Barack Obama, I leaned toward Candidate Clinton because of former President Bill Clinton’s vast amount of experience. I wasn’t convinced that America was ready for an African-American to become President. However, after Barack Obama won the right to represent the the Democratic Party as the nominee, I again stayed loyal to the Democratic Party. In retrospect, I am proud of President Obama  and his family’s tenure in the White House. They maintained an inspiring example of our 1st American Family . The First Lady Michelle Obama has truly been a CLASS ACT !!!

As I look back on the 2012 campaign, I must make an apology to former Governor Mitt Romney  and his family. During the days leading up to the election, I spoke out sharply against Candidate Mitt Romney. May I now say: “Governor Romney, I apologize for any sharp statements that I made against you while speaking on Mr. Stevie Wonder’s Radio Station during the airing of the “FRONTPAGE” talk Show.  “Dear Sir, the reason that I am compelled  to render you this public apology, is because ,while I am sure that even to this day we have political differences with each other. However, I must admit that you are a true statesman of great integrity and have proven that fact by your refusal to participate in your party’s recent support of it’s current Presidential Nominee”

I remember your concession speech, when you said: “I still believe in the people of America and so Ann and I join you to earnestly pray for this Great Nation. Thank you and God Bless America” I firmly believe that if the REPUBLICAN PARTY had nominated you as it’s candidate it would have made for a more honorable contest.

Yours Truly,                                                                                                             Phil “Pompey” Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant/Activist, President and Founder of the Semiroon Historical Society