by refixico

Friday October 7, 2016, I called in to Radio Station WOLDC and  spoke to the award winning Host Mr. Carl Nelson. He has been so generous in allowing me the opportunity, to inform the public about my upcoming “PEACE MISSION” to “Fort Negro”. below is a paraphrased transcript of my words on Friday.

“Greetings Bro Carl, Hillary Clinton  may not be Eleanor Roosevelt, but her presidency would be much less disastrous than Mr. Trump’s. I agree with Mr. Trump that no matter what he does or says , there is a voting block that will remain loyal to him. Due to changing demographics society is approaching the end of the White Male Political Dominance Era”. (I don’t Blame White Males for voting for Mr. Trump).

“As far as the Nate Turner Uprising Movie is concerned, that story has always been allowed because it FAILED”! (The paragraph below is not part of the transcript, it was added after Ms. Mitchell was offended by my use of the word failure.)

A Writer by the name of Juliette Porter took issue with my characterization that the Nat Turner Uprising Failed. My answer to her, is to alter my Blog, by saying , any show of RESISTANCE in the face of Oppressors,should not be described as a failure by the Freedom Fighters who put their lives on the line. Ms. Porter is a native Virginian and was twice offended by my treatment of the Nat Turner Uprising. I was wrong to call it a failure and I apologize to any and all, who were offended  by my statement. I don’t want to spoil anyone’s day at the movie. Transcript begins again, below:

“The most successful Black Uprising in our history happened when Black Seminoles won their FREEDOM to go to Indian Territory under “General Jesup’s Proclamation”, which was the 1st Emancipation Proclamation”.  I will end this transcript here.

As a caller on a Radio Show you really don’t have much time to make comparisons. I have been frustrated for many years by the fact that the Victors write History and  tend to showcase not only uprisings that failed but, almost all that weren’t successful didn’t succeed because one of the members informed on the others. This gives me a chance to mention Fort Negro, readers of the details can certainly say that since Fort Negro was destroyed, that the uprising also failed. I think that one of the many things that made the defenders of Fort Negro victorious is that they refused to surrender

When I speak about the changing demographics, I mean that as the immigrant’s children become voter’s and as the population shifts, White interests will become less guaranteed . This is obvious and the words that Mr. Trump said to another Dominant White Male on a “Hot Mic” shows that as my Great Acting Teacher, Academy Award Nominated Beah Richards intimates  in her Signature Monologue, “A Black Woman Speaks” that the White Woman herself was included in Slavery.

In memory, of Beah Richards, I ask the question : “What did Thomas Jefferson tell George Washington about the 14 year old child and female Sally Hemings , after all HE OWNED HER?

Never Forget, Fort Negro or the fact that the U.S. Forest Service will put on a Bicentennial Ceremony at the British Fort Historic Landmark on the Apalachicola River in the Apalachicola Forest. We must thank people like Rhonda Kimbrough, Erika Davis and Kelly Russell who are high ranking officials of a United States Government Agency. They are working tirelessly to allow this much needed eventto happen. I fervently believe that it’s occurence will lead our country towards the Healing and reconciliation of a part of our History that is overdue .

Honor and Respect,

Phil “Pompey” Fixico ,

Seminole Maroon Descendant