by refixico

It is more than interesting that the National Anthem Boycott and the Bicentennial anniversary of the Massacre at Fort Negro are occurring simultaneously. The irony that I am personally experiencing is quite intriguing. I am the Bugler for the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers 9th & 10th (horse) Chapter and a Color Guard member, that means that I play the “Star Spangle Banner” and I participate in posting the American Flag. What makes this stunningly unique is that I’m also a Fort Negro Era Descendant.

Concerning the boycott, 17 years ago at the age of 52 , I finally uncovered the details of my genealogy. In 2008 it was investigated in detail by Dr. Kevin Mulroy the Smithsonian Institution’s Researcher, he wrote a 16,000 word essay which included information on 6 generations of my family. His work was published in the Smithsonian’s book and exhibit entitled: “indiVisble”: African- Native Lives in the Americas and in the  American Journal of Ethnohistory. Two important things that were discovered about my  Ancestor’s sojourn in the Americas were , #1 while in Florida as Seminoles and Maroons, they fought 4 wars against the United States and won their freedom by treaty, signed on March 6th, 1837. However, 12 years later the U.S. Gov’t went back on Jesup’s Proclamation and Chief Wildcat and John Horse led half of my  Ancestor’s out of the United States into the asylum of Mexico in 1850 where Slavery was illegal.

# 2 I also learned, that after the Civil war was over and Slavery was now illegal in the U.S. . The same U.S. military that our people had fought against for decades sent a delegation into Mexico and asked  the Black Seminoles now known as the Mascogos, to return to the U.S. as Army Scouts. They made them a promise of Land that they have never kept till this very day. Not knowing that the “PROMISE” would not be kept, they made “A hard choice and they CHOSE America and returned to be Special Forces for the Buffalo Soldiers”. Winning 4 Congressional Medals of Honor in defense of their country the United States of America. My g-grandfather Caesar Bruner fought with the “Loyal Indians” that became the First Indian Guard during the Civil War which participated in 21 battles.

My grandfather Pompey Bruner Fixico, during WW 1 served with the 92nd Buffalo Division in France. In 1925, in Wewoka,Oklahoma he was unarmed when he was shot down by the Clan in front of witnesses. The judge  ruled that there was no evidence that a crime had been committed. I am a non-veteran because during the Vietnam War I was a Boy (17 yrs old) husband and a teenage father. All though I had a family to take care of, I also had a sense of wanting to help my community and my country, I became a “Soldier in the War on Poverty”. As an underprivileged Youth, a Trainee, a Graduate an a Civil Service employee. I quit a position with full-benefits to return to work in my community. It was time for my “Hard Choice”.

Back to the Ancestors and the Boycott by some. For me there is a rock solid connection between the 3 stanza of the National Anthem, the burning of Washington, DC by Black British Troops and the Massacre at fort Negro.

Francis Scott Key the author of the National Anthem , 3 weeks before he wrote it, was being held hostage on a British ship of war. Key 3 weeks earlier as a U.S. Militia  Lt. He was at the Battle of Bladensburg. Historians say the he and his troops were routed by formerly enslaved Blacks fighting along side British Regulars as Colonial Marines. This U.S. loss allowed for the burning of the Capital Building, the White House and the Treasury Building. It was in a time of  REQUIRED HONOR  a major blow to America’s National esteem.

Even though Great Britain lost the War of 1812, they kept their promise to their Troops of Color to either give them freedom or take them to other British colonies. When Britains fleet sailed away the ships were full and some were left behind. However great Britain left them in a fully stocked Fort in Spanish Florida, called the British Post. It was left in the hands of a company of Black Colonial Marines, hundreds of other Blacks who had escaped U.S. Slavery and others who had already been living in Florida including Seminole and  Choctaw Indians.

I respectively submit as an informed Descendant and Activist who has long studied ,researched and corresponded with noted Historians, that I believe that both President Madison and Major General Andrew Jackson had Intelligence Reports from Admiral Patterson that the Former Black Colonial Marines were in possession of the Fort and that they were flying the British flag and wearing British uniforms in addition to it been a beacon of Freedom for other Blacks on Southern Plantations . It was verified to me by noted area historian Mr. Dale Cox, that there were a few former marines at the British Fort that had actually served in companies that participated in the Battle of Bladensburg that lead up to the Burning of Washington.

In all likelihood the order came from  President Madison in Washington via Major General Andrew was “Destroy the Fort and return the stolen Negros to their rightful owners”. I have been invited by Ms. Rhonda Kimbrough and Ms. Erica Davis high ranking U.S. Forestry Officials to take part in the Planning of the event and the ceremony coming up at the British Fort National Historical Landmark also known as the Negro Fort. I’m proud to be an American and I believe that my Ancestors decisions to remain loyal to the United States was the right investment.

Honor and Respect,                                                                                           Phil Pompey Fixico                                                                                            Seminole Maroon Descendant

The photo above is by Trooper Ron Jones and was taken at the Disneyland Hotel in Orange County California:                                         Trooper with cap on is Phil Fixico shaking hands with Trooper Bobby Mc Donald the Organizer of the event.