by refixico


I extend this greeting to all, whether they agree with me or not. On  August 19th, 2016. I called into the Award Winning Host Carl Nelson’s open call Friday Show on Catherine Hughes “INFORMATION IS POWER” radio station. Callers were welcome to air their grievances, ask questions or state their positions. I listened to the show, not intending to join in because I had spoken earlier in the week. However, when a secession of calls came in saying that they would not salute the U.S. Flag, I felt impelled to add my voice in support of the Star and Stripes.

In the photo above, I’m standing next to the U.S. Flag wearing a Greater Los Angeles Chapter Buffalo Soldier 9th & 10th (horse) Cavalry Uniform. As a non-veteran I qualify to be an associate member of an Official Army Unit Association on two counts, one is that my grandfather Pompey Bruner Fixico served in France during WW 1 in the “Buffalo” 92nd Division and the other reason is that I gave considerable “Public Service” in President Lyndon Johnson’s 1960’s War on Poverty. While many members of my generation were caught up in the Vietnam War, (I was given a : married with children deferment) I did feel an intense desire to serve my country, so I gave up a Civil Service jobs with benefits to become a “Soldier in the War on Poverty”. I worked in the Post-Rebellion Watts Community as a Neighborhood Youth Corp representation working with what the Government called “Hardcore Underprivileged Youth in the Watts Target Area”.

Years later after discovering my Ancestry, I joined the Buffalo Soldiers to help Keep their Legacy Alive. I have been an active member for 12 years. During my tenure with the chapter I have been a member of the Color Guard and lately I have become the Chapter’s Buglar. To participate in these activities I must maintain a healthy respect for the revered symbols of the country that I am blessed to be a Citizen of .

Back to the WOLDC Carl Nelson Show, Below is a transcript of my  call into the show:

“Hi Carl, I will salute the American Flag and work to change the system. Everyone in power is not a racist, we must have hope and  make hard choices. Africa is my Grandmother and “like it or not” America is my MAMA ! We are undeniably  making progress. Now, we have a Black President. America was a Slavocracy  that openly perpetuated Indian Genocide, African Slavery and Manifest Destiny…and it ain’t perfect yet.

Recently, I have been invited by the United States Forestry Service to perform a “Peace Belt Ceremony” in behalf of the 300 hundred Maroon and Indian victims , who were destroyed by U.S. Forces and their allies at Fort Negro in Spanish Territory 200 years ago. If I refuse to participate, then I won’t be able to make my point for my Ancestors and to show how much progress that we have made, I even get to tell the world on the Carl Nelson show about the corrupt U.S. system of that era ”

Carl Nelson speaks: “So Fixico, you think that things have gotten better?” I speak” Carl I think that things are definitely better than my Ancestor’s time, they escaped slavery and went into Spanish Territory, once there, they thought that they were safe, however the corrupt administration of U.S. President James Madison, along with General Andrew Jackson and Indian Agent Benjamin Hawkins, all Slave owners colluded to send U.S. Troops and their Creek Indian Allies into Spanish sovereign territory to destroy Fort Negro and return the Maroons to slavery. Their plan went wrong and they destroyed them instead”. Carl Said “OK Fixico thanks for the call”.

Honor and Respect,                                                                                           Phil “Pompey ” Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant

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