by refixico

Hooray and Hallelujah for Catherine Hughes owner of WOLDC Radio Station. Today August 9th, 2016, I called -in to the Carl Nelson show which broadcasts out of Washington , DC. Carl’s guest today was the legendary scholar and Historian Dr. Runoko Rashidi, who is also famous for his exciting and informative tours throughout the world.

Dr. Rashidi  recounted a long list of beautiful and historic locations that he has taken his tour groups to. When he spoke about visiting the Maroons of Suriname, I couldn’t resist calling in. Below is a brief transcript of my call:

” Greetings Brother Carl Nelson and Professor Rashidi. I have some important information to share.  Last year I was brought to the Republic of Suriname by the Maroon Women Chamber of Cooperation as the “The North American Maroon Representative” to their 2015 National Maroon Day Celebration.

While there I visited 10 Maroon Villages in the Rain Forest on three rivers by canoe. There are 120,000 Maroons in Suriname and i visited the Okanisi/Ndyuka ” Dr. Rashidi said, “It sounds like it was a wonderful trip”. Carl Nelson . asked “How did you deal with the language” Dr. Rashidi said, “I had a translator”. I said that , “Her Excellency Dr. Ambassador Fidelia Graand-Galon accompanied me as my Protocol Officer and Interpreter”. Carl said “Thanks for the call Fixico”. this ended my call.

Interestingly Dr. Rashidi went on to speak about future tours that he would like to set-up.  He then went in-depth about other Western Hemisphere Maroon groups , he added that in the future he wanted to visit Maroon sites where the Maroons had shown great resistance. This statement, of course made me think of Staff Officer Erica Davis and Heritage program Manager Rhonda Kimbrough of the U.S. Forestry Service, who are working to diligently and with great passion to prepare for the British Post/Negro Fort Commemorative Event on October 22nd, 2016 to be held at prospect Bluff on the Apalachicola river in Florida.

I have been invited to attend and participate. Hopefully, I will be allowed to perform the “Seminole Maroon Peace Belt Ceremony” in tribute to the Maroons and Indigenous occupants of the Negro fort that gave their lives in it’s defense 200 years ago on July 27th, 1816.

The photo above pictures Her Excellency Dr. Ambassador Fidelia Graand-Galon. It was taken by UCLA Grad. student Jeremy Peretz, on October 10th 2015 at the Okanisi/Ndyuka’s Parliamentary House “The Kintie” on the Royal island Diitabiki in the Suriname Rain Forest.  I’d like to thank the the United States government and President Barack Obama’s Administration for allowing this event to take place. Special mention should also be given to Mr. Thomas Mitchell of the Hyde Park Descendant’s Group and to Historian Dr. Madelaine Carr.

Honor and respect,

Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico,                                                            Negro Fort “ERA” Descendant