by refixico


This morning May 20th 2016, I called into Mr. Stevie Wonder’s early morning “Frontpage” talk show on Radio Station 102.3 AM, it is Southern California’s # one morning show serving the Black Community. Last week a female spokesperson from the local Garifuna
community called in to announce an upcoming Garifuna Culture Celebration and Festival. When the spokesperson came on, the show was winding down and the “short Version” spot needed some minor clarifications. The Emmy Award winning Host of “Frontpage”, Ms. Dominic Di Prima found out that I had pertinent information to share on the subject she on-the-air, requested that I call in on “Radio Free Friday” to help with the listening public’s learning curve on the subject. Below is a transcript of my call:

“Good morning Dominic, Frontpage Family and Mr. Stevie Wonder. Thank you Dominic for inviting me to call and say a few words about the Garifuna. Scholars recognize them as a legitimate Maroon Society. Their History runs parallel to the Seminole Maroons as far as mixing with and being in alliance with Indigenous Indians. They were both Warrior groups that maintained their Freedom through the use of Creative Resistance.

The UN has given the Garifunas a “UNESCO Proclamation of the Garifuna Lauguage as a: “Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” designation.

Dr. Kevin Mulroy the current Dean of the Claremont Colleges Library System was my Smithsonian Instituion Researcher. In 2011 while Dr. Mulroy was was an Associate Librarian at UCLA he invited me on campus to meet the “Ballet Nacional Folkloricade Garifuna from Honduras. Some Scholars claim that the Africans came to St. Vinect in a Ship that sunk. While others say that the Garifuna are Descencants of the survivors of the Abubakari Expedition that from
came from Mali in the early 1300’s. What do you think Dominic?. End of transcript”. Dominic then went on to expound on the subject.

Honor and Respect,
Phil “Pompey Fixico” Seminole Maroon Descendant and Private-Sector-Partner for the National Underground Railroad/Network to Freedom 1998 Act