by refixico

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This morning Friday, April 8th 2016 , on Mr. Stevie Wonder’s Radio Station KJLH”Frontpage” Talk Show hosted by the Emmy Award winning Ms. Dominic DiPrima, I experienced a Dream Come True 4 minute Interview Spot. In past years I had been a “Regular Caller”, however, recently I haven’t had the opportunity to call and share my 1 minute on any subject of my choice during “Hot Topic Tuesday” or on “Radio Free Friday”. This week, I did call to contribute to the wonderful and informing show that Mr. Stevie Wonder has so generously provide. Below is a  paraphrased transcript  of my call on Tuesday’s show:

“GOOD MORNING DOMINQUE AND FRONTPAGE FAMILY,  I’d like to inform the community that this year is the Bicentennial of the Massacre at Fort Negro, which took place July 27th,1816 on the Appalachicola River in Florida. Approximately 200 Black women and children were killed . There were about 100  defenders of the fort and they  were comprised of African Americans and some Choctaw and Seminole Warriors 70 of the defenders were also killed in an explosion of the Fort’s ammunition dump caused by a U.S. gunship that fired on the fort . This tragedy occurred as a result of a taxpayer sponsored “slave hunting expedition of U.S. Forces who were ordered to violate Spanish Territorial Sovereignty. We have made much progress since then , we now have an African-American President, so it wouldn’t happen today. But, the president of that era ordered General  Andrew Jackson to: “Destroy the fort and return the stolen Negros to their rightful owners”. So, there were escaped African-Americans inside the fort using it as a place of refuge after coming off the  Underground Rail Road that ran South”.

DOMINIQUE, THEN REPLIED: “Fixico I’d like to get your take on the Cable TV Series “UNDERGROUND”.

FIXICO: “Dominique, I don’t watch TV, I only do the Internet and watch”.

DOMINIQUE: “You can watch it on the Internet.

FIXICO: Great, thanks Dominique I’ll get back to you. (call ends).


Th e following is a paraphrased transcript of my April 8th, 2016 call:

“Good morning Dominique and “FRONTPAGE Family”. Dominique Thank you for inviting me to give my take on the Cable TV Series “UNDERGROUND”. Before I give it, I have to confess that I am a Private-Sector-Partner for the National Underground Railroad/Network to Freedom 1998 Act. It’s a law passed to promote, preserve and educate the country about the Underground Railroad and the Network to Freedom. The producers, cast and crew delivered a superb entertainment vehicle that helps the public learn about the sacrifices made by those who used the Underground Railroad and those people who helped to operate it. It represented one of the most significant American Civil Rights movements. It bridged differences of race, religion and nationality. A production like this can help America to achieve a better spirit of racial harmony and national reconciliation”.

Before the on-air conversation ended, I added that everyone involved with the production  should be proud of the series in all area (meaning technical (behind the Camera and in front of it) and that the cast and crew all achieved their roles in and outstanding manner. I added that I believed the series would become a major and enduring success because it was “PALATABLE”. I meant that the obligatory scenes of Slavery harshness fell short of being over the top and there was an absence of Paul Lawrence Dunbar/Negro Dialect. I feel that with TV’s power of influencing society that it is wise that this admitted entertainment series is only produced using Slavery and the Plantation as a setting and not a History lesson, is the right way to go. The restraint from focusing on graphic torture scenes allows Dominant Culture young people a chance to watch it with their parents . For example, when “Rosalee” was whipped by the Overseer, she was not dragged to the Whipping Post/Hanging Tree where she was strung up with her blouse torn open before she was lashed into unconsciousness. Not at all, she was whipped on her exposed forearms. The logic sufficed that she had to serve dinner for the plantation’s house guest that evening.  “Underground” will I believe be used as a gateway film about Slavery  before naive viewers move on to other more graphic depictions of the true horrors of Slavery.

I offered  my hope that the series would have a long enough run to include expanding the characters and plots that would introduce the warrior Abolitionists like John Brown and Jim Lane. I am a direct Descendant of Seminole Maroons who after fighting in the U.S. Civil War, they returned to Indian Territory and took on names  of the John Brown and Jim Lane Oklahoma Seminole Indian Band name. Both Seminole Maroon bands would later change their names to the Caesar Bruner Band (named after my g-grandfather and Dosar Barkus another Freedman leader). I have long held the view, that America could be well served by a Multi-Cultural Renaissance similar to the Harlem Renaissance instead of using the  “New Negro” as the protagonist, we should use Maroons/Black Indians and Indigenous Native Freedom Fighters and re-tell Western Hemisphere History through the lives of those people and descendants who suffered the Trans-Atlantic-Slave Trade , Indigenous Genocide including those who helped them. We can and should use the Humanites to portray them as true heros and heroines and equal to those who today we admire as Founding Fathers. I believe, if we are to one day see the children of the oppressed embrace the children of the oppressors our pathway to racial harmony and reconciliation is possible and can only be accomplished by using Culture, being Traditions, Customs and Habits that govern our behavior. Using these techniques we can work toward finding Common Ground while building an all-inclusive American Society based on full-disclosure and Reconciliation.

With Much Respect, Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico                                      Seminole Maroon Descsendant,Private-Sector-                                    Partner for the National Underground Railroad/                                      Network to Freedom and North American Maroon                                   Representative to Suriname’s 2015 Maroon Day

P.S. In the photo above I appear with Frontpage Host                            Ms. Dominique Diprima , I am presenting her with a                             copy of Mr. William L. Katz book , Black Indians,  a Hidden                   History