by refixico

Hooray and Hallelujah, This morning Tuesday, December 1st, 2015, I was heard on Mr. Stevie Wonder’s radio station KJLH 102.3 FM. I called in to Southern California’s #1 Black Talk show “Frontpage” hosted by Ms. Dominique Diprima ,who happens to be the daughter of the Legendary Poet, Author, Playwright and Political Activist Mr. Amiri Baraka. Amiri Baraka and Mualana Karenga are known to be, two of Black America’s foremost Cultural Nationalists.

The transcript of my call went like this:

“Good morning Dominique, Frontpage and Mr. Stevie Wonder (who is said to regularly listen to the show). I’d like to thank the Compton Library for allowing me to do a presentation for Native American Heritage Month.

“My PURPOSE is to help expand the world’s body of knowlwdge about my Ancestors who were Indigenous Homeland Security Defenders and Maroon Freedom fighters. My goaGOAL is to help inspire a Cultural Renaissance similar to the Harlem Renaissance except instead of using the “New Negro” as the protagonist we use Indigenous People and Maroons as the heroes and sheroes. And finally my DREAM is that one day after Full Disclosure and Reconciliation of Western Hemisphere History, the descendants of the Oppressed and the Oppressors will come together to form an All-Inclusive American Culture dedicated to FREEDOM,JUSTICE and EQUALITY”. (end of transcript)

Over the years I’ve spoken as a caller over a hundred times, however this time the award winning Host Ms. Dominique Diprima, asked me a question a about Maroons. After answering her question she commented that: “I think that this will make a great topic for a show during Black History”. Her words were heaven to my ears, it would indeed expand the world’s body of knowledge about my Ancestors if Mr. Stevie wonder’s Radio Station does a program on Maroons. It is Ms. Diprima’s call and for her to even suggest on-air that it is being considered is astronomical. “Through Warm Tears of Gratitude”Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico, North American Maroon Representative to “Operation Suriname :Maroon Day 2015. The photo includes myself and Ms. Dominique Diprima holding a copy of the “CLASSIC” book : “Black Indians” A Hidden Heritage by Mr. William L. Katz.

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