Ethnohistory, Dawes Rolls, and Fixico

by refixico

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Unidentified Man on Lt. and my grandfather Pompey Bruner Fixico on the Rt. He is listed on the Dawes Rolls as a Full-Blood Mikasuki Seminole # 902. In truth his biological father was Seminole Maroon Leader Caesar Bruner. Pompey’s Mother ,Dinah Fixico is listed as Dawes Rolls 900 Octiarche Band which was Wind Clan. Pompey Fixico Married Seminole Maroon Mariah Renti/Renty my grandmother, she was Dosar Barkus Band, I have Seminole Maroon on both sides. Photo # 2 is my picture on the cover of the American Journal of Ethnohistory. It is the most prestigious Journal on Ethnohistory in the World. It’s illustrious members often decide what goes into many textbooks. My Smithsonian Institution Researcher Dr. Kevin Mulroy is recognized as the “World’s Leading Authority on Seminole Maroons”. Dr. Mulroy is currently the Dean of Claremont Colleges Library Systems. He authored a 16,000 word essay about my family’s genealogy, for this reason author Wm. L.Katz as his revised edition of the Classic book ,”Black Indians” was going to press, added my name to it’s dedication.…/a-tale-of-two-seminole-co…/