Los Dos Cimarrones/Two Maroons, Garifuna and Fixico

by refixico

garifunaGarifuna 001

This picture was taken at the UCLA Charles Young Research Library, at a reception for the “Ballet Nacional Folklorico Garifuna” de Honduras in 2011.I was invited there by Dr. Kevin Mulroy, my Smithsonian Institution Researcher for the book and exhibit, entitled : “indiVisible”: African-Native American Lives in the Americas. Here, I’m honored to be photographed with Ms. Ashanty Crisanto, the Principle Dancer and Actress for the World Famous “Ballet Nacional Folkorico Garifuna” de Honduras. In addition to a dream come true photo-op, I had the esteemed privilege of meeting Director Ejecutivo en Centro de Cultura Garinagu de Honduras Sr. Armando Crisanto Melendez. His books are pictured below, we exchanged gifts and Director Ejecutivo Melendez presented me with his books about Garifuna History and their National Hero/Leader Joseph Shatuyer who was killed in 1795. I was allowed to dance with the incredibly talented Performance Company. The Garinagu/Garifina People hold the distinction of earning the United Nations ,UNESCO’s prestigious : “PROCLAMATION OF MASTERPIECES OF THE ORAL INTANGIBLE HERITAGE OF HUMANITY AWARD”.In the links below, I am including Dr. Joseph O. Palacio’s ((Garifuna) lecture held at the Smithsonian’s N.M.A.I.,entitled “Beyond Extinction”:Caribbean Indigeneity and another link, that explains the importance of the “Proclamation of Masterpieces of Oral Intangible Heritage of Humanity Award” .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0of211RUgghttp://www.unesco.org/bpi/intangible_heritage/index.htm “Through Warm Tears of Gratitude” Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico, North American Maroon Representative, to Suriname’s 2015 National Maroon Day.