Suriname’s Maroon Day, Mollie Bell, Watts and Fixico’s Peace Mission

by refixico

Hoooray and Hallelujah, This morning on Mr. Stevie Wonder’s number one Black oriented Talk Show for Southern California, “Frontpage” hosted by Dominique Diprima. Nationally known Social Activist Queen Mother Mollie Bell, who “gives God the Glory” and who is “Straight Out’ ta Compton”, mentioned my name in her community report. She said : “Fixico is from Watts and he is representing the U.S. in Suriname at their National Maroon Day”.

Queen Mother Mollie Bell, champions so many important causes in the struggle, and her de facto endorsement by speaking on the coming event , is much appreciated. It was Mollie Bell , that gave  the nod for me to be interviewed by National Radio Host show Mr. Carl Nelson of WOL.DC radio. On Mr. Nelson’s Show I addressed the “Fort Negro Massarce”. As a result of that broadcast, I was contacted by a number of Radio Hosts such as, Barry T. Leverette, LovellFireWalker “Talking Stick”, Marcus “Million Man” Jackson and the “Chilimost” Radio show.  Mollie Bell is a Community Leader and stanch Church Activist (she puts God First!) However, a few of her other causes include: “Mr. Peoples Reparations Now”, “Black Lives Matter” Mr. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network and Dr. Maulana Karenga’s Kwaanza Organization.

My Cultural Exchange Mission to Paramaribo, Suriname, South America , as the North American Maroon Representative, has this now become a “PEACE MISSION”. Just this week, I have been informed by Her Excellency Dr. Fidellia Graand-Galon Suriname’s Ambassador to Trinidad & Tobago, That I have been invited to the island of Diitabiki, Suriname, where I will pay respects to Paramount Chief/King of the Okanisi Kondermas Da Bono at the Royal Palace. I have been given permission to perform the “Seminole Maroon Peace Belt Ceremony”, that commemorates the “Articles of Capitulation” of the 2nd Seminole War (1835-42) signed in 1837, that gave the Black Seminole Maroons of Florida their Freedom to go to Indian Territory. I will perform this ceremony in tribute to 255th Anniversary of the Peace Treaty that in 1760 the Dutch Colonial Government signed with the Okanisi/Ndyuka Maroons in order to end the hostilities and have PEACE.

October 10th, is National Maroon day in Suriname, and as a national holiday it is recognized by the entire country whose diverse population is over a half million people, with more than 6 Maroon nations , amounting to 120 thousand plus Maroons. I thank Aida Nading of the Surinamese Parliament who is the liason to the Royal Palace. My being chosen as the North American Maroon representative, was facilitated by the members of Maroon Women Chamber of Cooperation. The members who co-signed my acceptance were: Dr. Fidelia Graand-Galon, (Okanisi/Ndyuka),Dr. Merina Jessamy-Eduards  (Saamaka), Dr. Cynthia Leune-Alendy (Okanisi/Ndyuka) and Gloria Simms the Paramount Chief of the Maroons of Jamaica.

Dr. Richard Price of Harvard University, who is the World’s leading authority on Maroons, in his landmark book; “Maroon Societies” Rebel Slave Communities in the Americas, he  described pre-requisites (I’m paraphrasing) for one level of Maroon classifications as, those enslaved peoples who escaped into hinterlands or  crossed borders gaining asylum. They then could be required to turn and fight their pursuing oppressors, oftentimes while in alliances with other oppressed peoples as a result of these actions, they would maintain their freedom and in some cases, this freedom would be evidenced by a Treaty. Dr. Price is a Legendary friend of Maroon Peoples and is referred to in Academic Circles as the “GREAT ONE”. Dr. Price currently resides on the island of Martinique with his lovely wife Dr. Sally Price.

I’m from Watts, Ca. where the devastating civil Rebellion of 1965 took place. Ironically, the rebellion was ignited when a Law enforcement Traffic stop went bad. The two people that many members of the Dominant Culture has blamed for starting the Rebellion. Which included violence (34 dead) that led to mass destruction, looting and burning were Black Seminoles from Lima, Oklahoma. After a tip from a Oral history interview, I learned that Lena Frye and her son Marquette Frye, (just as I am) are descendants of the Black Seminoles Maroons who won their Freedom to go to Indian territory, which now is known as Oklahoma. Upon further research, i discovered and confirmed that we are cousins both descendants of the Dosar-Barkus Band of the Oklahoma Seminoles.

In the over 900 times that I have spoken for the Ancestors and attempted to expand the world’s knowledge of Seminole Maroon History with truth and dignity, I have included on very special occasions the Semiroon Peace Belt Ceremony, a  few notable, ceremony locations were at the : Smithsonian Institution’s  National Museum of the American Indian , the opening of the book and exhibit, entitled : “indiVisible”: African-Native American Lives in the Americas, Wash. DC,, the National Underground Railroad Conference /Network to Freedom St. Augustine, Fl. conference on the Black Seminole and the Gullah/Geechee. The ceremony was performed to symbolically reunify the Black Seminole/Gullah/Geechee descendants with Yamassaee/Seminole Descendants who were separated by the Yamassee War of 1712 and I performed in the United States Virgin Islands at the Inaugural Sacred Maroon Ridge Ceremony and Conference. I have also, performed this ceremony for the local community every year at the Bilbrew Library’s Black Resource Center in Los Angeles County near Compton for many years.  I further would like to thank Dr. Kevin Mulroy, the “World’s Leading Authority on Seminole Maroons and and Smithsonian Institution Researcher and Mr. William Katz, the authors of “Black Indians”, who I call the “Father of Black Indian Studies in the United States”

Truth, Honor and Respect,

Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico, North American Maroon Representative and Private-Sector-Partner for the National Underground Railroad/Network to freedom 1998 Actbuffalo pictureTribute to Beah 2