by refixico

kuntaTribute to Beah 2
I published this Blog on July 22nd, 2015. My intention as a Seminole Maroon Activist was to connect the hidden and forbidden history of Fort Negro and the epic struggle put on by Black Indians. Below is my original blog. I don’t want to hurt the production of the “ROOTS” remake in anyway. I am requesting a limited Boycott to draw attention to another important chapter in American History that should feature not only the TransAtlanticSlave but also Indian Removal (ByBlood and Black) and Manifest Destiny.

A “ROOTS” remake should not be made if it is limited to the Alex Haley family’s version of Slavery in America. In my opinion the community needs more than to see and hear Kunta Kinte being whipped until he says TOBEY. This time, we need the producers  of this series to know upfront that the “Fort Negro” era must be included in any such series. Bringing it in as a subplot, is acceptable as long as it is made perfectly clear that the defenders and victims of “Fort Negro” stood for “Liberty or Death” just like Americas Founding Fathers did. Including this reality is not departing from the truth it is showing what was really going on in those desperate times. It is not Hollywood’s mandate to be historically correct. However, the public as consumers should expect a modicum of accuracy. The United States in their efforts to confront our past, cannot reach the Reconciliation Policy of President Obama’s Administration without examining what Fort Negro meant to both oppressed Native-Americans and enslaved African-Americans.

Fort Negro on the Appalachicola River in Spanish Territory was destroyed by the United States Army,Navy and Marine Corp on July 27th 1816. It was a beacon of hope to both oppressed Indigenous Americans pushed off their land and African-Americans hoping to finally make good their flight from Slavery. During the Battle of and Massacre at Fort Negro both Blacks and Indians gave their lives for the right to be free.

If the truth about what “Fort Negro” meant to the enslaved and oppressed Peoples of Color of the Southeastern part of the United States, is not included, I will ask the Descendants to Boycott the series. They don’t have to protest, picket or challenge those viewers who want to enjoy the production for it’s entertainment value. It is a free country. As much as we love Kunta Kinte we need more assurances than to be informed that Mr. Levar Burton is involved. I’m asking for a Silent Boycott by the Descendants of the Fort Negro Era, The Trail of Tears and the Underground Railroad that ran South to not watch  “Roots” the remake, until we are assured that these critically important events are included.