by refixico

Below is a transcript, as I spoke it this morning on Mr. Stevie Wonder’s Radio station. I spoke on L.A.’s number 1 Black Talk show “Frontpage”, it was hosted by Mr. Avi Bernard :

“Good morning, Mr. Avi Bernard, Frontpage Family and Mr. Stevie Wonder.  I have made an official request to the White House that either President Obama or the lovely First Lady Michelle Obama, will in their media interviews, mention the Battle at and Massacre of Fort Negro. One hundred and ninety-nine years ago 270 mostly Black people, 200 of them  were Black women and children, were blown to bits in a “U.S. taxpayer sponsored Slave Hunting Expedition gone wrong, which violated the sovereignty  of Spanish Florida”.

We have made much progress here in the United states, think about it if Barack Obama had of been President in 1816 this never would have taken place. Approximately, 30 plus of the occupants of Fort Negro were Seminole andChoctaw Indians. Gen. Andrew Jackson’s orders to his troops were to “Destroy Fort Negro and return the stolen negros and property to their rightful owners”.

If this event finally becomes widely known ,we can then get it into textbooks and curriculums and re-tell History through the eyes and lives of African-Americans and Indigenous Peoples. Go to Phil Fixico on Facebook” (end of statement and transcript).

The defenders and innocent women and children who occupied Fort Negro, were Maroons and Indigenous People seeking liberty from oppression. Just as the Founding Fathers of the United States, had said ,”Give me Liberty or Death” so too, had those who manned the fort and took refuge behind those seemingly impregnable walls. They too, echoed “Give me Liberty or Death”. Where is their Honor Guard?

Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant, Private-Sector-Partner for the National Underground Railroad/Network to Freedom 1998 Act.