by refixico

Last night  June 5th, 2015 at the A-Man. Inc., Tom Bradley 24th Anniversary Recognition Dinner, held in Inglewood, Ca. at the A-MAN Science Discovery Centre next door to the Inglewood City Hall and Police Station, I was one of two Troopers of the L.A. Chapter of Buffalo Soldiers 9th & 10th (horse) Cavalry to attend. Traditionally, our chapter provides the Color Guard, this year that assignment was handled by Inglewood Police Department Cadets and we manned a Historical Display. The event is always well attended by a variety of government officials, corporate officers,church leaders, fraternity/sorority members and others. It was fortunate, for me that my Congresswoman Maxine Waters was there, in my recent blogs I have requested that President Obama pubically recognizes the Fort Negro Maroon Massacre and I also, made that statement on The Carl Nelson Show on Radio station WoL DC. Therefore I needed information from her, on how to make a formal request.

I am a 67 year old, African-Native American who has been featured in the Smithsonian Institution’s book and exhibit, entitled : “indiVisible” African-Native American Lives in the Americas”. My Smithsonian Researcher was Dr. Kevin Mulroy and Wm. L Katz author of “Black Indians” added my name to his dedication and acknowledgement. The research findings of my genealogy indicate that some of my Ancestors were more than likely in or around Fort Negro. My African Creek relatives would have needed to pass that way escaping Alabama from Gen. Andrew Jackson’s wrath following the Red Stick/Creek Civil War in 1814. My Seminole Maroon and By-Blood Seminole Ancestors reeling from the failed U.S. backed “Patriot War” (of 1812-1814) quickly learned that even though, they were in Spanish Florida,  Territorial Sovereignty would not protect them from a U.S. military attack,  The U.S, government was determined not to have a Haitian style revolt due to the Maroons of Fort Negro with it’s wealth of war materials provided and left by the British. 270 mostly black women and children, part of the forts occupants would be sacrificed for the right of Southern Slave owners to get a good nights sleep.

The United States of America has made great strides and notable progress in the area of Civil Rights. A Black man and his Black family now sleep in the White House where  Slave owners once reposed. Amazingly so, this Black Man is our President with a stated policy of “Reconciliation”. In 2012 I was chosen by the National Underground Railroad/Network to Freedom  1998 Act, to attend their annual conference, that year in St. Augustine, Fl.  it was dedicated to the Black Seminoles and Gullah Geechees, eleven V.I.P. Descendants were chosen from our Western Hemisphere Diaspora. I was surprised by the great hospitality and special treatment that we were accorded. I asked, Mr Guy Washington the then Pacific West Manager for the NURR/NTF program, that is under the Department of Interior/National Parks Service, was our treatment “Reparations” ? His answer was “No the U.S. Government, does not use the term “Reparations” to described things like this . Reparations is a legal term like “Affirmative Action”. The U.S. uses the term “Reconciliation”, which means that the government recognizes that they did something wrong and that they should do something about it”.

Bravo, for the current United States of America, here’s a chance for our Lady of Freedom, symbolized by the statue of Liberty, to say that , Slavery was wrong, Manifest Destiny was wrong and that it was wrong and illegal for the administration of that era to destroy Fort Negro and it’s Black and Indian occupants. I am requesting that either President Barack Obama or the lovely First Lady herself Michelle Obama, give a brief statement recognizing what happened to THOSE WHO DARED TO TAKE REFUGE IN FORT NEGRO. What this will do is to put this tragic event in history books and school curriculums throughout our great country and say that we are not perfect, but we have undeniably  made progress in the area of Civil Rights. I have written the White House with this request just as I was instructed by my duly elected Congresswoman Maxine Waters. The story is already in our Congressional Record, put there by Ohio Congressman Joshua Giddings.

“Through Warm Tears Of Gratitude”, Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant and Private-Sector-Partner for the National Underground Railroad/Network to Freedom 1998 Act