by refixico

In my last wordpress.com blog dated May 28th, 2015 entitled, FORT NEGRO MASSACRE vs.  CUSTER’S LAST STAND I connected a little known event with one that most people in the country and many around the world have heard about. In this posting I will elaborate upon the lessor known of the two, which is “Fort Negro”. Hallelujah, and Praise God’s Merciful Name, for two days ago on June 2nd 2015, “Dr. Queen Mother Mollie Bell”, a nationally known Social Activist, who is a regular fill-in host on one of America’s Top Black Radio Talk Shows, wasn’t available  and she recommended “Fixico”…me. That Top Radio Talk show was  “The Carl Nelson Show” on Radio WOL  DC 1450 am. Mr. Carl Nelson, graciously accepted the suggestion( he was familiar with me as a call-in contributor) and THE REST IS HISTORY!

I would be discussing, History yet I’m not a proper Historian. However, I am a self-described “Informed-Descendant”. As a Seminole Maroon Descendant, who has been featured in the Smithsonian Institution’s book and exhibit, entitled: African-Native American Lives in the Americas, it is my responsibility to speak on this subject. I spent 52 years of my life (16 years ago), not knowing my father’s identity or my genealogy . The Smithsonian’s Researcher Dr. Kevin Mulroy, (currently Dean of Claremont Colleges Library Sciences) for the ground-breaking “indiVisible” event fixed, that by writing a 16,000 word essay about my and my family’s ancestry. Not only do I now know, many other interested people on the planet, know too.

To be sure, there are others who are interested in this story, within minutes of my one hour interview with Mr. Carl Nelson after giving my Facebook contact information, friend requests poured in from: Maryland, Alabama, Kansas, Georgia, South Carolina,Florida, Ohio, Wash. DC, North Carolina and California. Mr. Carl Nelson who is an award winning host uses what indigenous people call ,the” two ears and one mouth technique”. He listens twice as much as he talks, I was able to speak freely and unhindered about the topic and other related subjects plus take calls. The veteran host, took my prior blog concept of the Fort Negro Massacre vs. Custer’s Last Stand and synthesized it into, what worked for his listeners, by referring to our discussion as  “Fort Negro’s Last Stand”.

Mr. Nelson’s morphed version of my original idea took the dialogue in the right direction. So many pertinent facts came out, it allowed me to better understand what really took place on the Appalachicola River, in the Spanish Territory of Florida 2 centuries ago. That’s when U.S. forces with their Creek Indian allies sent there by Gen Andrew Jackson blew up and stormed Fort Negro. I now understand, that of the approximate 330 occupants ,200 of them were Black women and children connected to the Seminole Indians and the rest of the defenders, composed of Black men, possibly some former Black British Colonial Marines plus a lessor number of Choctaw and Seminole Indians. 270 were counted as dead by the attackers (mostly women and children).   It also, came out that I have been chosen by the Maroon Women’s Chamber of Cooperation, to go to Paramaribo, Suriname, South America on Oct. 10th 2015, to represent North American Maroons at their National Maroon Day Celebration. October 10th, 1760, marks the signing of the first lasting peace treaty between the colonial Dutch government and the Maroons of Suriname equaling 255 years of Maroon Freedom.

I’d like to thank Mr. Wm. L. Katz Author of “Black Indians” for promoting my mission to celebrate with my Cultural Cousins of the Rain Forest on his official website. My congratulations to him for receiving the Semiroon Historical Society’s John Brown Lifetime Achievement Award. Documented research, shows, that some of the survivors of the Fort Negro Era, were my ancestors who went on as Seminole Maroons and African Creeks to fight in the 2nd Seminole War and U.S. War Against Slavery. After Freedom was won and recognized, they named themselves the John Brown and the Jim Lane Band, in honor of 2 Warrior Abolitionists.

I now understand, that the occupants of and around Fort Negro were members of a Maroon Community, that the U.S. feared that after the success of the Maroons of the Haitian Revolution   they could not allow for a major Maroon Settlement to exist that close to the South’s Slave system. U.S. Naval Reconniassance reported that this community had started farms for 50 miles along the river. The U.S. border was only 60 miles to the north of the Maroons at Fort Negro. My final statement was that I hoped that President Barack Obama under his policy of “Reconciliation” would recognize the Maroons of Fort Negro on the bicentennial of their Sacrifice for Freedom,  giving meaning to their Descendants and America’s ultimate legacy.

“Through Warm Tears of Gratitude” Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant, North American Maroon and Private-Sector-Partner for the National Underground Railroad/Network to Freedom 1998 Act.