KJLH Broadcast, Sends Ex-Gang Member to Rain Forest Maroons”

by refixico

Hooray and Hallelujah,

Yes, God is Good and Greatly, to be Praised! Again, I was allowed, to speak for approximately, 50 seconds on Mr. Stevie Wonder’s Award winning radio show, “Frontpage”. The continuing theme, that I re-visited, was about the Maroon Women Chamber of Cooperation. It is a Cultural Initiative designed to improve social, educational and economic conditions among the Caribbean Islands and Countries, by using historic Maroon techniques of cooperation. I was blessed to have met her Excellency Dr. Fidelia Graand-Galon , (Okanisi/Ndyuka) Suriname’s Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago and Dr. Merina Jessamy-Edwards (Saamaka) these meetings ,of course are both by electronic means.The charismatic Co-founder Mama G ,Gloria Simms, of the Trewlany Maroons of Jamiaca is, also  a driving force in the group.

I started, posting, Blogs about my experiences, concerning this positive movement in early December 2014. A detailed major article, including photos, captions and an a full copy of the signed, “Memorandum of Cooperation”, appeared in the January 2015 edition of http://www.indianvoices.net. Below is an approximate transcript of my  KJLH, Radio Station, “Frontpage” program statement:

” Good morning, “Frontpage Family”, Mr. Avi Bernard and Mr. Stevie Wonder ! I have some local news. I must thank Mr. Stevie Wonder, for having a radio station, for the Community. Recently, on “Frontpage”, I spoke about news coming out of our Caribbean Diaspora. In the form of the “Maroon Women Chamber of Cooperation”. As a result of my Activism as a North American Maroon descendant, I have been chosen by the group to be sent to the Republic of Suriname, in South America, for “Maroon Day” in October of 2015. There I will meet, the Rain Forest Maroon Chiefs of the 6 Maroon nations. This is of local importance, because I am a former L.A. Gang Member and Youthful Offender from Watts. I ask all Gang Members to turn your lives around.

“Through Warm Tears of Gratitude”, Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico, North American Maroon.