“Freedom Mountain”, a Caribbean Mt. Rushmore, Maroon Dream

by refixico

“Nothing Can Stop an Idea ,Whose Time Has Come”… Freedom Mountain, is but an idea, that has morphed into an Air Castle. I am the  Contemporary Maroon ,who dreams about it, especially, in the daytime. My thesis for this, DREAM, is that : “The Western Hemisphere should have a symbolic monument, representing the fact that Humanity has triumphed over Institutionalized Slavery”.

Why qualify that statement, with a Caribbean Mt. Rushmore, designation ? The United States of America, has the Statue of Liberty and Mt. Rushmore, Why not ,synthesize these two extremely popular venue concepts, with the hypnotic beauty of a Caribbean location. It is historically correct to say that this region was a main dumping ground for the helpless victims of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. Therefore, it has, earned, a right to be a site. This area is also, the birthplace of the historic Maroons, who were able to achieve and maintain various degrees of Freedom in the New World Slave System, against all odds. Maroon Sheroes and Heroes, must have a prominent place in this tribute. In December of 2014, I  met  the Suriname Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago Dr. Fidelia Graand-Galon. The Ambassador introduced me to the, Maroon Women Chamber of Cooperation. They are dedicated to improving socio-economic advancement among the Caribbean countries, using Maroon Culture’s, cooperation traditions.

My proposal, is to ask, for input on how this , sculpted, constructed or converted “Wonder” of the Hemisphere, could become a reality. In the 90’s while, helping my children with a school Art project. We created a silk screen, that we called , “Dream Mountain”. All we did ,was to exchange, the faces on Mt. Rushmore, using Black History icons, we used , Marcus Garvey, MLK, Jr., Malcom X and Elijah Muhammad on our version. The same principle could be applied, at the waters edge of a balmy Caribbean location. As a work in progress for a permanent edifice, we could begin by finding, 7 story buildings, then create Murals, using portraits of people like, Queen Nanny, Bob Marley, Marcus Garvey, MLK,Jr., President Obama and etc.. “If we build it”…the Cruise Ships will come! Which will, pay for the investment through increased Tourism.

I want to thank, Ambassador Graand-Galon, the MWoCC, Mr. Stevie Wonder of Radio Station KJLH, Rose Davis, publisher of indianvoices.net newspaper, the Smithsonian Institution, Dr. Kevin Mulroy,Dean of Claremont Colleges Library Sciences and special mention goes to ,Social Activist Mollie Bell of Chief John Willy Peoples “Reparations Now”, who unintentionally gave the Work-in-Progress, it’s name, when in a phone conversation, she said: “Congratulations on your “Freedom Mountain” project. The Ancestors, are smiling.

Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico, North American Maroon