President Obama, a Caribbean Mt. Rushmore and Maroon Women

by refixico

When the old World of Europe and Africa came to the New World of the Americas, one of the most powerful institutions, that was brought to this Hemisphere was Slavery. To be sure ,the Indigenous Peoples, already here, can attest to other devastating  plagues, while, the Colonizers and the Settlers Children, praise the progress that has been made. I believe, that the time has come, for a monument, to be created, to stand as a symbol ,that the “Big Event” of  approximately 11 million people being kidnapped and transported to, the New Atlantic World has ended. While there is much work to be done, we must celebrate, the fact, that country by country Humanity has triumphed over Institutionalized Slavery.

How and where do we create, such a tribute ? The name of this article, telegraphs, the Who and the Where. President Obama’s name, was mentioned, because he is the elected President of the United States of America, he is Leader of the Western World and also, an African-American in the true sense of the word. For a Human Being with his demographics to have attained this level, bears witness to our advancement. The Maroon Women were included, in the title because, recently, I spoke on Mr. Stevie Wonder’s Radio Station KJLH, about ,the “Maroon Women Chamber of Cooperation”. This is a coalition of Maroon Women, from Suriname, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago , who intend to use their Ancestors principles of cooperation to improve social, cultural and economic development in the Caribbean. The historic Maroons, were able to achieve and maintain their Freedom in several places throughout the New World in spite of, all the odds being against them.

Now, the what, comes in. What is… a Mt. Rushmore type monument, built somewhere in the Caribbean area. A monument ,that would increase, Trade  Tourism and a  generally, feel good sense that we have finally had our, “Coming to the Americas”. There are many, Heroes and Sheroes whose likeness’, could appear on , this “New” wonder of the World, such as , Martin Luther King, Bob Marley, Queen Nanny, Marcus Garvey, President Barack Obama, etc.. All of these luminaries’,achievements, signal a triumph over Slavery and Man’s Lessor Angels.

So, let the Feasibility Studies, begin. It is not yet, time for the Tour Ships to line up for their Scenic and Photo-Op, pass of our “Air-Castle” Tourist Paradise.  However, it is very true, that it is possible. All we need, is to give each country a share of the venue. In the form of musuems, parks , walks and so on. Miracles can come true with  International Cooperation.

Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant