Stevie Wonder’s “Frontpage” and Maroon Cooperation

by refixico

Hooray and Hallelujah

Happy New Year for 2015.   2014 was another big year for the “Great Man” of Music and Social Activism, Mr. Stevie Wonder. Besides, fathering his 9th child ,President Barack Obama, gave Mr. Wonder, America’s highest civilian award, the Medal of Freedom.  Also, his 102.3 fm radio station and his “Frontpage” Talk Show , keep entertaining and informing listeners on the West Coast and around the world.

This morning ,on 12/31/14, I had the privilege of speaking on-air, again. The theme was “Wellness Wednesday”. It was Co-Hosted by Mr. Avi “Media Icon” Bernard and by Angela “Golden Lady” Hoffman. The guest was Dr. Cheryl Lynn Lee, Mr. Micheal Jackson’s Nurse and Nutritionist at the time of his passing. Although, it was a show, on Health, Co-Host, Mr. Avi Bernard, did tell the listening audience that , some, off-topic calls would be accepted.

Below is an approximate, transcript of my call:

“Thanks “Frontpage”, for all the wonderful moments ,that KJLH, shared with us in 2014. I last, spoke, about the “Maroon Women Chamber of Cooperation”, coming out of the Caribbean. Learning about, “Maroon Cooperation”, is important for us in North America. The Maroons were, those enslaved Africans, who after, they completed, the Middle Passage of the Trans Atlantic Slave Journey,  they refused to accept Slavery in the New World. Maroons escaped and went wherever, they could find Freedom. No matter how treacherous the landscape, they made alliances with Indigenous peoples in the area. They then, fought their former enslavers and they won and maintained, their Freedom, all throughout the Americas. Their greatest, achievement was that, they cooperated with other fugitive enslaved people and created (in many cases) villages, towns and societies, that lasted for generations. I’m proud to be a Seminole Maroon Descendant and I’m proud of KJLH, Frontpage and Mr. Stevie Wonder, for allowing me to speak about my Ancestors and I hope this information, is helpful to the Community.  God Bless You”

“Through Warm Tears of Gratitude”

Phil “Pompey” Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant