Darlene Donloe/LA STAGE TIMES

by refixico

      Congratulations, Darlene Donloe on your incalculable and unending accomplishments. Your professional credits, fairly won, by working with , World Class and Historical giants, such as President Nelson Mandela, Mr. Michael Jackson, the Tobin & Associates, and etc., speaks to your gifts, talents and destiny. I am , so proud to be , included in your Bio..

       I well, remember when you came to the Bilbrew Library(Rose Mithell) , near Compton, Ca. , for my ,” Work-In Progress “, Performance Art Presentation for Black History Month in 2010. I had no idea, that the piece ,that you wrote about me, would  , not only be translated into several languages, but would , receive the : L.A. Multicultural Leadership Network/ New American Media, Inter-Ethnic Relations Award for 2011. Your story , entitled: “Phil Wilkes Fixico- A True Native Son” which appeared in the LA Watts Times/L.A. Sentinel, has for some multicultural communities, become a Classic.

       Your foundational research, established during  your interview with Dr. Gabrielle Tayac, of the Smithsonian Institution’s, National Museum of the American Indian, only adds to the legend of your storybook career and writing techniques . Dr. Tayac , is of course ,the Chief Editor and Head Curator for, the book and exhibit, entitled : “indiVisible”: African-Native American Lives in the  Americas, which is currently touring America. It has been said that ,when you asked , Dr. Tayac :Why did the Smithsonian choose, Phil Wilkes Fixico, to be featured in “indiVisible”, that her answer was : “Because ,we could tell the story of the Seminole People, through his Genealogy”.

       Dr. Kevin Mulroy, UCLA, the World’s Leading Authority on Seminole Maroons , wrote and documented a 16,000 word essay that was edited into a 1,500 word essay for the “indiVisible”. Dr. Kevin Mulroy, is currently, the Dean of Library Sciences for the Claremont Colleges of California.

     I have so many, people to thank, for their help toward the furtherance of  my Activism. I know exactly where to begin, however, time and space does not afford me the opportunity , at this time, to do  it, correctly. I will say to one and all, that your work in behalf of my goal, which is, to  help expand the World’s Body of knowledge about my people’s history with Truth and Dignity, has had palpable contributions. I would like to inform everyone that as a result of our combined efforts, that the , “Semiroon Historical Society”, a one-man organization, for which, I am the Founder and President of, has , as of  Janurary 4th, 2013 been confirmed as a : Private-Sector partner with the National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Act/National Parks Sevice/US Dept. of the Interior. Again, Darlene Donloe, thank you for all that you have done for the world at large and will do in the future.

“Through Warm Tears of Gratitude”, Phil Wilkes Fixico, AKA, Phil “Pompey Bruner” Fixico, Seminole Maroon Descendant, California Semiroon Mico (Nation of One) and Heniha for the Wildcat/John Horse Band of the  Seminoles of Texas and Old Mexico.

P.S. I have been included, in a panel that will convene, following the Nov. 3rd ,2013 performance, of a Play ,written by Mr. Marcus Gardley and directed by, Shirley Jo Finney, the subject matter, of which, deals with Seminole People in Indian Territory ,circa 1850 to 1856. I will join two other prestigious panel members, including , Rev. Dr. Cecil “Chip” Murray ,(USC) and Professor Hanay Geiogamah (UCLA) . This award winning play is ,entitled : “the road weeps, the well runs dry”and  it will be presented at the, Los Angeles Theatre Center, 514 S. Spring Street.